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  1. Better Name Pending, Shy... and Potato for adult news. Many of the others play pied piper to the community sometimes (and do it badly) just doing so when they feel bored and upload. After such videos, I got bored of seeing in the comments sections how easy and boring the game is for everyone in rather shonky attempts to impress the individual they follow (usually someone who has been playing most of the duration the game has been available) or the comments section in general. There are a few more unknown YouTubers away from the aforementioned, one of them's a bit like CS:GO 2kliksphilip (if you know he) type of vibe but with Warframe. TheKengineer. I think fellows like him are sort of why I liked to play initially.
  2. edit: honestly, I think the recent changes have opened up the game for me. I like to solo a lot and ended up with a Dojo and a Railjack, it was unfarmable before somehow. Still a grind, but I'm liking it.
  3. edit: I'll leave what I wrote because below I deserve to look like a fool, but I'll leave most of it in italics so my apology makes sense if anyone reads it. I apologizse for posting that below, I was very, very wrong and I hope it hadn't left a negative impression on anyone looking to enter the this game mode solo. It's entirely do-able now from what I can tell, I've managed to begin scraping resources together (like the Gallos Rods and Iso Thingamajigs) I could never obtain in order to upgrade the Railjack. Haven't ranked up yet, but done a few missions. It was great fun! I was being rather petulant because I'd sort of felt locked out of a large part of the game for a long time because of the way I play. I like to be able to do things solo in the game mainly to prove I understand the abilities first, I never used to learn much dropping in squads at times early on. Too hectic and you didn't know exactly what you were contributing. Once you know what you're doing when you do play in a squad the experience is better. So cheers for any update that has allowed solo players to get into Railjack. I don't feel like going solo in building the Dojo and the Dry Dock was a waste of time afterall! Seems quite viable to do so now. No Limbo/Amesha cheese! Hi, I've had my solo Dojo/Railjack built for some months now (Dojo longer), so just a heads up before you begin your journey perhaps. I've looked in 'alternative ways' of farming solo for this gamemode and that there may be some out there, but it's pretty clear that they want you to play this in squads. It's always been that way. Maybe I need to check again, but isn't it essentially set up to be impossible to solo farm materials for upgrades once you have built your Dry Dock and the Railjack itself. I have all MK research and dependencies funded sitting there waiting, including each Tellurium required, but cannot continue further. In solo play (this would mean not jumping in on others RJ missions to obtain said resources), unless you go to the market and spend, or farm the materials the 'alternative way', you will get almost inevitably be overcome and more often than not the mission will fail and you'll lose any bonuses and rewards. Regardless of player workarounds, that's how it's set up and structured to me. i.e it's not letting me put my foot in the door in order to gather gated off resources to play Railjack solo according to game design. Even the initial nodes. This is intentional I feel. Shame, the feeling isn't really mutual (although it's becoming quite reciprocal), but there you go. I expected to be with it another year or two maybe. Edit: A solo Dojo is nice, I decided to build one since I'd knew I'd be in for a long haul game, but I don't think they are supposed to function that way (seem obv when building), if you want to engage with (well, look at) what content the game has to offer in a couple of months turnaround to max MR and 'complete the game' (which seems to be the expected way of late) you'd have to join an established Dojo. If I had a couple of forma spare (I've never have around more than 3 at a time) I'd build a room that day or something. Took about a month maybe. Though, aye, I don't think it is meant to work like that perhaps. Also, decorating is pretty fun if you can manage to overcome the editor. You can turn off all the lights and fill every room with cosmic dust, fog and lightning or farm for colour pigments and light them from one of a meager selection they have you grind for (really they're just therapy rooms for playing the game I think). Although, one of the boons is not suffering a virtual Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen like me. THANKS, SCOTT! For letting us play with your toys!
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