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  1. Bump. Another problem that's never been sorted. Losing Radiant relics for this is rather tedious (much like bumping old threads). That is 100 traces, I think solo it takes me about 8-12 minutes to gather 6-15 or so while farming and exploring rooms (sometimes slightly more if your RNG feels like it). The more I feel the game wastes my time the more I want to give it up really. Does that make sense?
  2. Bump, problem's come back last couple of days. 100Mbps this time and everything 'tinternet otherwise is working fine. UK. Your servers for logging in don't work like matchmaking do they? Sorry, not a ComSci. Edit: just like to add, buying anything like boosters for plat (paid for by cash) on the market will be a big no, no while the game is like this (as I will not be able to use them of course). It happens far too frequently, sometimes for days at a time and simply logs you out immediately after it has hung with the Network Error message. I have tried numerous settings that are adv
  3. Hey, is this thread closed? It was created in 2014... 2021 this is still a problem for me. It's extremely tedious and locks me out of Task Manager, I suppose I've lived with it for the few years I've been playing, but it forced me to hard reset my machine recently and lost some important work. I mean I shouldn't have had word pad opened I suppose to take a break on Warframe, but yeah, this process crashes your PC. It's always done it no matter the hardware changes. Usually closing Steam in Task Manager is the only way out of it. Even sometimes then Warframe keeps running somewhere in Ta
  4. I should rename my Dojo 'Sitting in a Corner on Hydron', for players who bark at others about how easy a grind everything is or how others should catch up. All research complete.
  5. Well, I just finished my Dojo and Railjack solo I guess I should have just piggybacked a dojo and used to the time to build a Necramech. Not a leech, don't see the point in encouraging taxis, so I don't think I'll be taking part. What am I really going to really contribute with the borked ones they provide? It's like forgetting your PE outfit as a kid at school and having to wear the mouldy, dangle berry infested ones at the bottom of the washing basket. Nope, I'll give it a miss and have a doobie behind the playing fields. I think I might be good, got the essentials I think I neede
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