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  1. Zephyr :- Rock you like a Hurricane - Scorpions Moment of Glory. Gauss:- Super Charger Heaven - White Zombie.
  2. This needs to be a thing, even if it was an extension of the Modular Archwing system there talking about. Hell Archwings need to be able to take an Aura+Exlius with Arcane slots because I want six revives in space.
  3. Speaking of which, something I have been curious about. How does Pablo do reworks exactly. Is it on a case by case basis or when he is asked by management or when he feels like doing it ???
  4. I haven't read the entire thread but this post stands out. By my count there are at least quarter of frames that need a rework and at least another handfull that need a minor touch-up here and there.
  5. I honestly wanted Kuva Dubba Roggas to go with the Kuva Zarr that I'm going to be rocking with my Nami Skyla Prime that I use with my Hydroid Prime when I'm doing Railjack. Because space ninjas being space pirates.
  6. Okay, tell me exactly how I'm supposed to get conclave standing without either waiting to get a game or getting utterly trounced. I see Warframe as a series of content islands. Islands on there own are all well and good, but it's more rewarding when it has a series of interconnecting bridges.
  7. *Happy Pirate Noises* At long last, the dread captain will have a suitable weapon.
  8. Where do I go to tell someone about something that could be improved upon in the latest update ?????
  9. When ever I run spy, I usually check the Minimap and see where people are heading. If not l say where I'm going an I keep a finger above an air support charge if I need to bail out the genius who makes a mistake. But then again I run a prowl Ivara so I don't trip it up.
  10. I'm a firm believer in straight forward simple solutions to every problem. Index/Rathuum & Steel Path should give conclave standing. My reason is that Index/Rathuum are arena style game types with bots and that the Conclave sigil is always on the screen behind the scores at end of match. Steel Path is simple, it's Teshin's guild. And from a technical standpoint it should be easy to implement, so no getting stuck on certification standards of console companies. Now that is a damn fine idea, it needs to be a thing. But it's the sort of thing that comes along with. And for
  11. Index/Rathuum/Steel Path should give conclave standing. It's the easiest and most straightforward answer to accessing it. And anything that serves as a bridge between content is always a good thing. And it's the sort of thing that wouldn't be held up by console companies in cert.
  12. I wonder if they are actually going to pay attention to any of this ?????
  13. Any idea when the Epic Store Skins are coming to console if at all ???? Kind regards, Prag
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