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  1. As the title says. I'm wondering how these 2 things interact ????
  2. I've scratched my head 7 ways from Sunday, trying to work out how to make best use of Loki. Be it a rework/light tinkering. I'd like to use him more, his prime does look very slick thou.
  3. Have it as a search string in the market/codex. Same for typing in vaulted in the relics/codex
  4. I'd sell it for 100-120p and I'm on PS4 as well
  5. I'll use wfmarket for median price indexing in trying to get a fair price (where fair price is what both parties agree on). At the moment I'm chasing Spring-loaded Blade and I don't feel like dropping 70p average on it. I think that trading would go alot smother if the process of navigating trade chat was streamlined into different channels operating on specific items for example rivens being there own thing, primes being there own thing, weapon sets being there own thing. The market on each platform would eventually level itself out and still allow for wfmark to compete.
  6. I turned my Rhino into The Doom Slayer. Tigris Prime, Sicaris Prime and Ghoul saw. And I run him as such.
  7. My take on Chroma's Passive, First and Forth:- Passive:- Selected element grants percentage of effectiveness (Elemental abilities do more for less - Multiplicative) to all allies in affinity range (works with focus school passive). First:- Already implemented. Augment would allow for temp boosted of blended element for X seconds (Kinda like a cut down Lavos) Forth:- Chroma pulls a Hildryn and starts exalted screaming on things (would have the same stats of the Ignis Wraith, with all the limitations of other exalted rifle type weapons)
  8. My two cents on reworks after reading the thread so far:- Out of all the base frames currently available, about a third (15 or so) need some form of improvement. Now out of that 15 or so (rough count of the top of my head) I can break it down into roughly 3 sorts catagories. 1. Small change/light tinkering:- Real minor things that could be done in an hour or 3 not needing any new assets, just moving a few numbers round. 2. Intermediate changes:- Things that need a few days to a week to repurpose an ability using what is already available in-game or using assets that are near ready for integration. 3. Complete Overhauls:- Taking a base frame (and it's prime equivalent were possible) completely back to bare metal foundations and rebuilding it from the ground up with new assets built upon core game mechanics. Think Ember and heat status. When ever I have suggested any reworks. It has always come from a perspective of common sense because it's easier to repurpose already pre-existing assets than produce new ones.
  9. The only other thing that comes to mind is increasing the time on a max rank of Primary Merciless from 3 and a bit seconds to 6 and a bit seconds
  10. I'm still waiting for some sort of hard indication of whether the galvanized mods are working properly on PS4 ????
  11. Plague Star consumable, Plague Star Emblem, Ghoul Saw bits+stance, Enough forma to make it melt SP acolytes and anything else, the. Enough forma to get everything else done.
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