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  1. sooo i dont know whats going on but i go to cetus and for 6+ times i get the teralyst hunt bounty go to the plains and no teralyst it keeps telling me to wait for nightfall and it never shows up what is going on is the bounty is broke if so why and how long as it been broken i can understand once being a glitch but 6+ times i dont get it
  2. the nightwave was a half baked idea they came up with with zero thought on how to do this right repetitive challenges some that are way to over to top hard and unnecessary this was one of the worst concepts that they ever brought into the game yeah lets remove alerts minus gift of the lotus alerts so we can have this half baked under developed game mode and when the first season over with lets end it remove the shop for those who gathered a ton of wolf creds sucks to be you because your sol as well as lets decide to make a bullet sponge assassin that can show up at random and oh by the way the last week of the season where going to give you two tactical alerts to face him in for 2 days making the whole assassin part pointless all so we can get parts to get his sledge hammer witch is only worth it for mastery rank points so if this thing was to never come back and they actually took the time to think of something good to replace it would be fine by me this was terrible and never should be brought back period
  3. really wanna get this i really do just cant bummer really wanted to see what the void trader relay was like
  4. on another note all weapons blueprints you can find in the alerts or the cred shop honestly should be able to be acquired in the market all of them are MR fodder so they really serve no purpose as a reward either way
  5. first off if that's what they thought then their clearly only listen to their founders pass players that would be the dumbest reason to remove them and if it was antiquated then why[ have so many players spoken out and asked for them back second how has if fixed the flaws of the old system is has divided the fan bases more then anything and many have felt like this new system makes the game not worth playing and anything added to the game causing this is a bad move 3rd clearly nightwave was not ready to be released it is very very flawed and this is something that was not needed in the game until it was good and right now it really isnt 4th tell me how it increases players work load you dont have to do alerts if you dont want to but nightwave you have to if you want these awards and honestly rewards like the umbra forma should not be in the game that was only added so you crybabies who aren't happy their will most likely be only one umbra frame in the game period can use umbra polarity on other frames which is lame as can be all i have seen is bs excuses from the community i want a real answer form the devs the reason they wont answer is simple their is no good reason they just decided to take the game and cater it to those who are mater rank 20+ forget the rest
  6. barely but what would it hurt to have a little more incentive to play them i'd be all over them if like 5 to 15 oxium or like 100 to 200 alloy plates etc was attached to a syndicate missions just a thought help bring more fun to the game since they foolishly took alerts out and still have given zero valid reason why i don't want to hear form vet players who have everything who say alerts where not needed or whatever excuse they have new and causal players had good use for the alerts and they have yer to gibe a vaild reason or a good alternative and night wave is not it
  7. still waiting on the valid reason behind alerts being removed when its been proven they both can coexist
  8. i dont get why the credits is even called wolf creds and has an expiration since from what i see only 1 thing in the shop is exclusive to the wolf of Saturn six take that out of the shop and make that one of the rewards in your tier list and everything else is just going to be in rotation so making the credit exclusive to this series makes no sense outside of the one ornament i would make it nightwave credit take the expiration off and it would be just like plat for the market or ducts for the void trader etc
  9. it seems like he hides out on different planets a day i saw him in the same mission on ceres twice yesterday so if you see him in a mission hit that one again and again and see if he shows up i could be wrong but thats what i got from it
  10. heres a solution make syndicate missions worth something more then then just a little bit of extra standing honestly i don't play the missions since all i use my standing for is random relic packs every other day give me more incentive to play the missions if you want to leave alerts which still is a bonehead decisions and alienates your players ik triers 3 per syndicate but if you are apart of two or 3 syndicates you have up to 9 a day and give us some awards and make things like a nitain extract or even aura mods available but only if your a level 5 in your syndicate seems you could of did away with random syndicate missions before random alerts those served a purpose where as syndicate missions outside a riven mod and a weekly challange once really dont need to be in the game and dont give me you can pick up your syndicates symbol to get more standing because to me thats not enough
  11. sooo gift from the lotus alerts pop up for once and those are OK but you couldn't keep random alerts REALLY keeping the gift from the lotus alerts in PROVES that alerts and nightwave CAN be in the game at the same time so again tell me WHY DID YOU REMOVE ALERTS still waiting on a valid reason and response from DE why they where removed
  12. items like Vauban can stay in wolf creds store he was a pain getting from alerts but random items like 1 nitain extract or like 100 alloy plates where great to go after but aura mods can be in both why not have a difficult alert to get the aura mods we want or if you have to wolf cred you can buy it when its on rotation in the shop still waiting for a valid reason why alerts where done away with and still waiting for someone from DE to respond and give me a valid reason
  13. first the only reason i feel they put umbra forma in thier is so they can quiet those asking for new umbra frames to me Excalibur umbra was added due to the fact that prime version was founders exclusive and they wont make a second prime for everyone else second agreed DE pretty much tells new players you dont want to play our way then go play something else its a bad look for this game
  14. i''ve been marked by stalker twice in the last week just do assassination missions and you get them not that hard never got one for anyone but stalker and the Three
  15. what is the deal with stalker lately he shows up way more then before nightwave started i swear i see him atleast 6 to 7 times a day when before it would maybe once a day or every few days and he usually drops only dread or nothing at all
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