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  1. Is there any hope for ever being able to interact with ours and our friend’s pets while in the dojo?
  2. This is just bad. There is literally no way a human being looked at this at any point prior to implementing this armor in the game. How on earth does one leg plate end up correct and the other end up ON THE BACK OF THE LEG ENTIRELY. This is just bad and needs to be fixed. Someone fell asleep at the wheel here. Final edit: It is currently like this on EVERY frame. Not limited to any of the frames pictured below. The right Kuva Stragh Leg Plate is bugged on every frame in the game currently and is facing backwards. Fun stuff. Editing because it's like this on Nezha as well
  3. The drop rate stated in the PC drop tables for Protea Chassis is 11.11% rotation C of Extended Granum Void. I have now ran the Extended Granum Void 55 times with no drops of Protea Chassis. This photo shows I have obtained the Velox Receiver (29.63%) 15 times, Stahlta Stock (29.63%) 17 times, Stropha Receiver (29.63%) 23 times, Exemplar Granum Crown Decoration (16.67%) 12 times, Corpus Ship Hanger Scene (16.67%) 10 times and Protea Chassis (11.11%) ZERO times. Comparing my results to the drop tables shows my experienced drops results of Velox Reiver 27.27%, Stahlta Stock 30.9%, Stropha Re
  4. I am unable to complete Octavia's Anthem. The lights that indicate the correct notes in the simulation cannot be seen. They are supposed to be a bright yellow as seen in multiple online videos and images. Here is a video showing bright yellow orbs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpD0RnDaLdU. Here is what is currently looks like in my game: https://i.imgur.com/S0aksjg.jpg All you see are VERY faint green wisps. This combined with the color scheme make the quest literally unplayable for me as it stands. I cannot complete this quest due to this visual issue.
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