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  1. This is exactly why I continue to support Warframe. The bridge between the development team and the community is well done. I’m impressed. Not many free to play games do this. Keep up the good work DE.
  2. Completely unplayable on my system until the resolution and color is fixed.
  3. I’m still incapable of playing due to the resolution and color problems.
  4. I was first shocked with the screen resolution as I usually play Borderless Windowed. The cursor and anything related to text was blown out of proportions. Colors are also... strange... makes my potato laptop look even more potato. 😆 Tried to change it to full screen resolution in hoping to fix the issue... nope. Things just got worse. Thanks for noticing this bug DE. Looking forward to the fix so that I can play the new content.
  5. Thank you for this. Much appreciated!
  6. This one really helped out a lot. Looking forward to the next reward.
  7. My screen resolution doesn't feel so good Mr. Stark. 😞 Thank you, DE for working on the bugs. Looking forward to getting my hands on all this new content! - Make clans great again (We need more clan related content and dojo things).
  8. Hi there! Come check us out. We are newbie friendly and we also have a variety of players from South East Asia. Including the Philippines. We are also a part of a South East Asian gaming community. Happy hunting, Tenno.
  9. More fashion to put on my frame. Me likey.
  10. As the clan grows closer to 30 members, we will close all incoming applications and postpone recruitment until all members have been properly evaluated. What we evaluate: • Team play. • Etiquette & Friendliness • Overall activity on Discord & in-game. • Contributions towards the Dojo. Once we are done with this phase, we will expand our clan tier to Storm which can house a total of 100 members. With that said, our clan emblem is still in the works.
  11. Hi there. As per our rules, we only accept ages 17 and above.
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