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  1. In the campaign announcement it says it's every 20 minutes for a card.
  2. In the end of mission screen, items found in Exterminate caches are not separated from the duplicates you earn through regular gameplay and are not showing the "Identified" label. The following EoM screenshot is from Kuva Fortress, Dakata node after all caches were found (Orokin Cells dropping only from the 3rd cache). As you can see, only the Orokin Cell and Rubedo have the "Identified" label, not also the 10000 credits which are guaranteed to drop from first cache. From my play sessions it doesn't matter which resource is found in caches, all the situations have the same issu
  3. @TheOlright I saw on Reddit that [DE] Pablo mentioned that all Warframe Simaris BPs will have their costs halved. So it'll still be a grind but not so obnoxious like it is currently. And here's other details about the Helminth:
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