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  1. It's pointless anyway. At a point I used Umbral Intensify and Umbral Vitality and Frost was as tanky as Ivara vs. level 160s. If I add Umbral Fiber then it won't makes any difference vs. the infinite scaling anyway. Magus Lockdown, Protective Dash, spam 4 with Natural Talent and 25.35m range, refresh my Ice Wave Impendance at the Snow Globe with 18 seconds duration, refresh my 4 seconds invincibility window of my 3, or the likes ACTUALLY have far more success to keep Frost and the Excavator alive more than mere stats. But goddamn, it took so much of what I mentioned to make Frost top tier and it's frustratingly bad that he needs a rework to make him more satisfying to play, especially for newer players who pick him up and realized he's brittle as thin ice.
  2. His 1 need to be updated to be just more than "I need to pop that Snow Globe I misplace" and actually worth using in areas that his 4 or 2 can't really do. I would love it if his 2 and 2 augment combined into one ability, make it 90 degrees max, and duration buff to 20 seconds, and make a new augment. Otherwise, this ability have no place over using the rest of his kit. Complete rework to give him a REAL tanking tool since right now without kiddo, he only survive solely by CC everything by spamming his 4 and/or cower behind his Snow Globe. (His 4 augment don't count nor practical) 15 Formas of trials and errors done things to me...
  3. With Dizzying Rounds, I couldn't care less about the damage. Weapons like it and Kuva Brakk are generally utility anyway 'cause why would I gimp myself using mediocrity over roomwipe melees and/or nuking? Well since no one have the augment yet, we'll see if the finisher enabler works better than Zakti.
  4. Mesa is what you take in heavy kill mission that don't have shtty tileset to make the best use of her 4 and open world. Nova is what you take to make interception and stall-based missions a joke.
  5. Gonna break down each mod reasoning since you woke af: 105 DUR 175 EFF 190 RANGE 100 STRENGTH Hit minimal drain to make the abuse of her abilities last longer. I had tried the 40 DUR 190 EFF but the lack of duration cucked out the DoT from her 4 too much so I settle for that with Primed Continuity. 225 max energy is still too small for the sheer inconsistency before and after the Energize procs so bigger pool also means that the pool don't get instantly cucked by energy leech eximus. Exothermic self-explained as makes as much Energy Orb rolls for Arcane Energize. Instead of building flat ability strength that don't give much. It's better to get more indirect ability strengh via her passive: Enemies within 50m of her that are heat proccing grants her +5% ability strength, so range mods that can hit enemies up to 50m like her 4 already suits well and complement the fire spread as she gain better damage in higher enemy density environments. Natural Talent is just basically the attack speed mod for nuke frames. Change my mind. Any valid criticisms? EDIT: At 110% Strength via burning 2 enemies at least Ember already that 90% DR cap OR... use Growing Power.
  6. Tried it in one hour Requiem Kuva Survival, still higher kills than Saryn by 400 difference. Arbi Survival for the same time and more kills than my Equinox and Saryn combined. But never mind that. Any valid crititism that I can improve my build since you know better?
  7. Exothermic and Arcane Energize synergy. Fck "managing" your heat bar and end up being mediocre. Aura whatever, Cunning Drift Both R4 Streamline and Fleeting Expertise, Primed Flow, Exothermic Stretch, Augur Reach, Primed Continuity, Natural Talent Arcane Energize and whatever 2nd Arcane Vazarin school. The trick to play new Ember is to hard spam your 4 and use your 3 every 10 seconds or so to reset the exponential drain (and strip all armor to whoever unlucky). If you're nuking the map well then energy management is never a problem as those synergy I mentioned above along with minimal drain already do more than enough for her. Since she can't use Zenurik if she want to keep her perma-4 anyway, Vazarin school will covered the part that she can get easy maxed overshield with the constant uptime of her 90% DR OR Protective Dash vs. level 300s or above. Syndicate procs from Suda or Red Veil, Exodia Brave, etc. So typical TLDR: Git gud minmaxing a frame with synergy of your entire loadout then your criticism might be valid to my ears.
  8. She is the most proper generalist support since Oberon. She have all this bullshts and each aspect doesn't replace other frames. Examples: 1: Four-man hp/dmg/CC buffs all in one, not exactly better than Trinity 4, Volt 2, or other light CC frames but it's overloaded in one. 2: Lowkey this ability is heavily underrated. You can spam 2 twice fast for a 3 seconds invincibility that is refreshable, similar to a mini-protective dash from Vazarin without the need to run Vazarin lol. It means that she just won't die at all and never feel the need to run tank mods and have more room for better modding for the rest of her abilities. This ability alone kinda disrespectful for most tank frames IMO. 3: Blind is never bad at least. Free CC in case you feel tired spamming 2 and double down as a free melee stealth damage bonus. The chain damages are nice I guess. 4: IMO her "weakest" ability even though it have its uses with her mote synergy. Overall, I do think her 2 need to be nerfed. Nothing beat the sweet price of infinite EHP by just spamming 2 while retain full movement freedom and at a low energy cost.
  9. Same, I got all 10 waybounds unlocked and all the mandatory nodes from each school that isn't fkin Void Radiance a month ago. Wish those excess focus be converted into something meaningful.
  10. From all the response so far, it's pretty funny that some of the best exalted weapons in the game that can compete with other top tier weapons with rivens are those...that act less weapon and more ability. (Mesa 4 and Baruuk 4) Mesa 4 have autoaim, insane fire rate, no reload or magazine, and 50m detection range unscaled with mods means those fundamentals alone already made it outclassed most guns and melees...from 50m away. Baruuk 4, even though it takes a lot of 2 spam and near-perfect modding to keep it perma-up, is a god melee exalted weapon that use no melee combo. It have infinite punch through on both bodies and terrains, something that all melees kinda struggle with. Easily reach 100% SC and 160% CC ain't huge by melee standard, but his 4 can reach that without the need of things like range or combo duration means you can go balls deep into attack speed, CD, and shts. Only exalted weapons that truly sucks are Wukong 4 and Valkyr 4 simply they don't have the right mechanics to wipe room better than god melees with a riven.
  11. If I can have as much agency to not let my pet die the same way as my frames in Arbitration then I'm down for that.
  12. I didn't know that I need it until now, FOCUS NUT.
  13. Ever since the Arbitration revised, I'm just gonna guess why DE implement a 3% drop rate for each drone killed: It's because they know that Defense and Survival missions suck balls before. They have some of the slowest reward rotation compared to other game modes in term of reward rotation. So instead of making those game modes be a bit faster, DE decide that Survival is the best Vitus farm game mode and leave Defense still pretty shtty without a draft 4-man comp.
  14. I have come to accept that there is no difficulty in WF a while ago. Not just because DE no longer know to make a challenge, but the community hates challenge and I am too OP anyway lol. It's true that old content should be fixed like the upcoming Corpus Ship tileset rework and Jackal boss so as always, I just play WF to be immersed in story and lore.
  15. Even if that is the case, information to know where enemies are so that I can extert my OPness is power. I like power that is earned.
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