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  1. Make Warframe no longer be a power fantasy game.
  2. EDIT: I meant Equinox 4, Frost 2, Ash 1, Rhino 1 or the such. Abilities that are unusable without mandatory augments, though with Equinox 4's case it's more on the thematic side.
  3. 1. Fix the massive power difference between melees and all other weapon class in the game. 2. Mordernize dogsht abilities like make Decoy don't have health or combine Equinox 2 and her augment and other frames with similar problems . 3. Give real incentives to use x status over all other statuses in given y situation where overall that no status would truly be worthless *looking at magnetic procs when toxin procs exist*.
  4. As long as I don't have to deal with the same stale generic build, I like to have a bit more frequent meta shifts since it's easy to solve what's meta within days.
  5. Ever tried Arbitration excavation or disruption? Fastest modes for reward rotations and ever since SP Ophelia and Vodyanoi exist for the best Kuva and Endo farm respectively, those Arbitration modes makes it that you can farm indirect Kuva, Endo, mods like Adaptation or Aerodynamic, and Arcane Tanker or Arcane Pistoleer, all in one gameplay session.
  6. Question: What is Wisp/Protea weakest ability? If the system would go live, there would be a majority of minor abilities would not be practical to donate but the few frames that never had a bad ability would be meta for the rest to use like for examples: Wisp 1 is too iconic and too OP, so it can't be donate candidate. Wisp 2 have the least impressive animation but its power lies in the 3 seconds invincibility so it can make any frame unkillable so I don't think something like that can be donated. Wisp 3 is an AOE blind+headshot chains so it's her weakest ability that have good uses
  7. I just bring chroma and a kronen prime, solo'd in 9 mins 3 secs, just bring your best shts, even if i could've done better EDIT: at least we have the tools to even melt bullet sponge, but a BUGGY bullet sponge like the chicken eidolon, yeah takes mental to do solo
  8. Seen almost no one uses the following strat, can't blame then since it relies on AI in general to function properly and pets dont't live long enough for the entire mission which we don't have the luxury: A sentinel weapon (prefer Artax or Cryotra), Synth Fiber (enable to pick up health orbs even full HP), Synth Deconstruct (25% chance of health orb), and Equilibrium. Basically an alternate way to restore your energy without using pizzas since some frame can't affort to deactivate their perma-channeling ability, without the need of enemies hit you to as eventually their levels get too
  9. DE think that slapping 10K Kuva onto any new content is considered "Done! We solved rewards lol." There is a majority of players rather farm Kuva somewhere else which provide far better efficiency doing so or hate the riven system in general and want no part in dealing wih rivens so I hope that DE give rewards that worth doing over tridolon, arbitration, requiem kuva survival, lich hunting, etc.
  10. Fun in Waframe are earned, not given. It have been like that since the beginning of its creation. Crappy new players experience and full reliance on wiki are the few factors contribute to this. When the game was newly released, it didn't exactly have high rating. So fast forward to this year, someone need to make it clear that Warframe isn't for everyone.
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