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  1. Nerf CO into a 150% base damage which is effectively worse than PPP by 15%? So glad you're not in charge of WF balance.
  2. Proposed: BASE*(1+1.65+3.4+3.25)=9.3*BASE This part might have issues when making enemies squishier. Let's pretend that your proposed change goes live. Since that 3.4 is basically a 340% base damage compare to 165%, it would leave the similar issue on why people don't stack PPP and CO: diminishing return. People will no longer run Serration on weapons with decent CC since if x weapon can crit reliably *look at Blood Rush and Kuva Bramma*, which leave Serration become niche for weapons that can't crit. Because running Serration is no longer optimal for crit weapons, which make go
  3. In term of power and versatility, easily the best frame of 2021. Oh 14 Mini-Mesas that kinda play the game for you isn't good enough? Accuse shame the sht out of Nyx 1 and Revenant 1 for being strictly better fit for mind-control theme (which also cheese Necramechs), Gaze capable of deploying an AOE full defense strip which makes stationary mission types trivial when paired with GoL, and The Vast Untime is Catabomb 2.0 and...you probably know the rest. The last overloaded frame released was Wisp but Xaku takes the cake for capable of doing a lot of things a bit too well with minimal
  4. These days with the braindead power fantasy, Space Demigods sound most appropriate than anything else.
  5. Mission 2.0 Overhaul the entirety of mission types.
  6. Often long missions means more murmurs per minute but it's up to the mission loop to know if it complements or contradicts your MPM. IMO best to worst: Survival and Mobile Defense net you 10 murmurs if your KPS is optimal with less than 6 mins clear time. Defense net you 7 murmurs but as long as your clear time is around 5 minutes then it shouldn't be too insulting to do. Interception is tricky to do but rewarding if you can pull it off right cuz you need to get good MPM while allowing mobs to control 2 nodes. Exterminate, Capture, Rescue are fast missions that don't c
  7. If you had seen Breach Surge Mag with a hybrid build Stropha, your eyes would bleed at the mere sight of everything else mediocre and dogsht that Mag can use. She doesn't need buffs when spheres of pseudo-Ensnare shred SP Grineer in 3-4 seconds without armor strip then the explosion one shot anything. But if I to nitpick QOL or slight adjustments, few suggestions: Flat armor strip that only scales in power strength and comes in low amount from her 3 is no longer viable in 2021, especially how it's useless in SP. Since DE intended this kind of armor strip to be more effective vs. anyt
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