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  1. Normally, there is a maximum cap to how many life support can exist at the same time. It can vary from 6 to 9 based on the tileset. Of course, life support no longer spawns when it hit the cap. In SP Mot solo 60 minutes in, life support decide to no longer spawn even though on the tileset I play with the maximum being 8. EDIT: Decide to test out SP survival on Selkie, turns out that after I activate life support pods 12 times, then the bug starts: no more life supports for the rest of the mission.
  2. Slap Energy Siphon on her then she joined the "infinite EHP club" with the likes of Revenant, shield gating abusers, and stealth frames. Why even bother playing Inaros?
  3. Let's try to predict what's the next Necramech's kit going to be based on what we currently have: Voidrig is just a clunkier Mesa based on the key abilities of its 2 and 4, with no autoaim and better damage. Bonewidow is like the worst version of any melee exalted weapon user ever. We have a gun-based and a melee-based Necramech so likely the next one will be a support-based Necramech that if implement well, will be mandatory pick just like Amesha vs all other Archwing except for Itzal.
  4. Seeing the trend that Grendel (Inaros and Atlas maybe too) have higher than average armor and health (to compensate for the fact that he have a really shtty kit), turns out he's one of the worst Warframe by the community. Being a fat Mesa with so much downsides just isn't fun or practical. A source from the devstream shows that Lavos have really high base armor so safe to say that the frame will be utter sht tbh.
  5. Once you craft tons of pizzas, bind a hotkey for instant pizza delivery, and be trigger-happy to use them, then energy leech eximus are just mild annoyances unless you're using something like Ember 2 or Equinox 4 then my condolences lol.
  6. The existence of Necramech is a mistake on how DE implement it. DE just setup scenarios of loses that none of them will make Necramechs be truly good for what they are. Remember Archwing and no one would give a sht about it once you cleared the starchart until DE made it usable in open world (glorified speed boost and the Itzal's sheer speed prior to DE giving universal blink)? Released RJ in 2019 and Amesha is the absolute top pick until RJ becomes easy, who would've guessed? Necramech will just be another dissapointment, especially so since their kit is DIRECTLY competing with
  7. Like melees rn are fundamentally broken OP, not just in raw CO+BR+WW W+E spams or heavy attacks/hybrid in general. Unless you can chains enemies well like the Kuva Nukor or have big AOE like the Kuva Bramma, the very nature of most guns in WF is that they have narrow hitbox to kill enemies and the fact that you have to invest into punch-through mods (which cost you a real damage mod) and need enemies to line up/grouped up perfectly makes them very inconvient to wipe rooms. Without punch-through and use something like the Braton Prime, you would aim and shoot at target A then switch your a
  8. My counter-arguement for using Speedva over Normalva is this: Subsume Resonator with Conductor augment and build for high range. Deploy the ball and make it camp at the defense pod in Hydron/Helene. By the time enemies would get close enough to attack the pod, their AI would get turned off. Though the build isn't too friendly for protecting ally Warframes lol. Nova is a frame that naturally build high/max duration anyway so open room for range to make Resonator works should compensate for loose Null Stars that fly away.
  9. You need the religion of Stropha.
  10. Good demonstration. I'll give advices on how you can improve your modding and potential better weapons on Mag: Dump Redirection and Adaptation, you can read how shield gating works in the wiki but the TLDR is that if you want that 1.3 secs invincibility back after your shield breaks in the fastest way possible, then you don't build max shield or any DR, instead you build tools that generate your shield to full like use your 3 or 4. Use Natural Talent to make your ability rotations goes faster and less clunk for your 4. Rolling Guard exist so you can cleanse unwanted procs and breathing ro
  11. I'll put this out as politely as I can on how to play Octavia: If you use your 1 and 2 without Conductor, not only you lose out consistent DPS from your 1 since it would move all over the place and enemies would have a harder time racking up the damage, but your 2 would try to kill Octavia *laugh as the ball decide to come close when an incoming Bombard's attack would hit both Octavia and Mallet*. Use the helminth to dump her 2 something like Empower or maybe Pillage is nice for the armor strip which the blast damage from your 1 may struggle and shield gating refresh. Her 2 is a gods
  12. Endless mission? Defense Non-endless? Most boss fights, my most hated are Ambulas, Ropalolyst, Vay Hek's little basterd form, etc.
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