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  1. I love the corpus ship remaster. Looks amazing. How did DE and Panic Button manage to pull this off? More complex geometry, lighting, reflection maps everywhere, plus great looking materials and somehow the resolution and fps didn't suffer. Only downside is I'm still stuck in limbo most of the time unable to matchmake properly, so I just tether with my phone if I need to be invatable for trades =[
  2. I strongly recommend you forward your findings and workaround to someone at [DE]. I know they are listening and watching, I was contacted by DE (i wont say who) to help me fix it and we did a bunch of tests which I felt like helped them diagnose the problem but it's been a few months since and radio silence. I understand dev cycles and even known problems may not be fixed immediately, but i am hopeful. They are our biggest ally and it was very pleasant dealing with DE. They are canadians after all 🙂
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