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  1. Switching and out of Mesa Prime's #4, I sometimes get locked in a 'hold up' "hands up" animation and is unable to do anything (can't swap to primary/secondary or use any other abilities) unless I reset myself by dying. The game says I'm locked out as "ability is in use" It seems to occur while in traversing and switching out of Regulators Prime/Peacemaker. I also have Mesa's Waltz equipped. I don't equip a melee weapon on mesa so it's possible I could get myself out of the locked ability mode by engaging my melee weapon if I have one equipping. But since this gimps Mesa's passive is there any way to fix this?
  2. Haven't noticed framerate issues, actually it feels smoother since I started in February.
  3. I just close my Warframe app completetly when I'm done playing and boot from Scratch. You don't save that much time anyways as the game always reloads from near the beginning. That said, I do wish they fix it so we can just put our Switch to sleep without logging out of Warframe completely. It's more of a convenience issue.
  4. What a great deal this one was. The Guandao was a godsend for a newb and carried me on a lot of content. Looking forward to the next pack.
  5. Yep I'm getting this as well. I fell asleep one time with Warframe running so when I went back in, the game was attempting to reload the game (i assume because connection was lost when Switch went into sleep mode) and it stalled. I exited to home screen and tried to close app, this caused the whole Switch to lock up. Had to do a full reset/power cycle. I've been closing my Warframe each time I exit, but kind of wish we could go back to the old day s when waking it from sleep just brings up back to the load screen and it would reload the game. Pls fix 😞 also Love the game on Switch 🙂
  6. Same. If I had the warframe app open prior to sleep, returning to the app used to reconnect to the servers with a normal boot up sequence. After 8.0 it just hangs prior to loading into the game. Going back to Home menu to close the app after waking the Switch from sleep (with the app previously open) while it is hanging can also cause the Switch to stall for a few seconds before the app closes.
  7. Recently got hooked. Amazing game and an amazing port. Keep working on the bugs and performance, it will be perfect.
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