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  1. Noticed the same thing. Looks like an animation issue. I can still destroy them, so hitbox is fine i think (?)
  2. I'm using Nintendo branded/Switch branded Sandisk cards. They 128 and 256 GB variants are pretty common and not too expensive. This is one component you wouldn't want to cheap out on, and I've always had Warframe installed via SD since day 1 in 2018. The load times are a tad longer (i'll notice some squad members loading much faster) but not significantly so.
  3. I tried this on the one replicatable mission I'm aware of (Pago Kuva Fortress) and can confirm disabling Bloom fixes the issue for me. I did two runs. Same set-up, same play session Pago run #1 / Bloom disabled = No black boxes Pago run #2 / Bloom enabled 73% intensity = yes on black boxes. Gets really bad heading to the underground vault (usually Vault C in the run)
  4. Getting the same black screens on Pago Spy mission (Kuva Fortrees) going for the underground vault They appear as brief flashes of black squares around the scene, and obscure 1/3 of the screen . I thought it was my Switch glitching out but spamming the same mission 3x for Nightwave points proved it's entirely repeatable. appears to be a rendering bug?
  5. Their solutions don't work. Best bet is to hotspot your Switch wifi via a phone and use your phone data for some of your play sessions I've had the same issue and DE support eventually just gave up on me. I'm convinced its certain isp/connections not playing nice with DEs matchmaking server and they either can't figure out the issue or can't fix it easily
  6. Is this mod (untraceable ) suppose to stack and add 15s to existing invisibility timer or does it merely grant 15s invisibility while not invisible? I tried hacking consoles in the Kuva Fortress with and without ciphers and on both types of attempts my invisibility timer did not refresh. On Switch. I noted the hotfix to fix the refresh issue was done in 2019 for PC, we ought to be caught up right? Edit: nevermind! it's a separate buff! I guess not as useful as I had hoped but it guarantees 15s invisibility after every su
  7. Haven't noticed framerate issues, actually it feels smoother since I started in February.
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