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  1. Pretty sure there is an icon bug that's affecting more than just vendors.
  2. Done a lot, seems fixed today, but over the weekend was running into issues where the pods would stop dropping so we had to pick of stray infested spawns fromn the cyst. The missions were still completable, just a bit slower. Did 3 runs today, no issues.
  3. Still having this issue , it's especially bad in the NPC selling items in exchange for famem, where icons don't load so I have no idea what i'm buying and have to keep checking on wiki to see if i selected the right thing.
  4. Warframe is a living game they fix one thing and next patch something is broken. This also happens on PC and other platforms btw, there's always outstandign bugs and things they don't get to. I've been playing since near launch and the game is in a much better place on Switch than it was at launch. performance wise and visually. The game looks way better than it did at launch. It's obvious a ton of work as gone into optimizing the game. Content has also kept pace with PC since then. I'd like to see these things fixed. The Konzu/vey hek bug in particularly troublesome visually as I see both alot running plague star. But they're not as critical as other bugs the game has facxed.
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