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  1. This is going to be fixed i think. they just didn't get it into the last patch.
  2. My dojo's main hall is populated with grass and foliage and is quite blurry but I think it looks rather nice if the resolution didn't crash so much. Perhaps since it is the dojo is it possible to enable an option for quality mode just in the not gameplay/test room areas Just a brain wave
  3. Had this issue, for a long time now. Seems to be map independent but it did happen to me on Hydron and some missions. and it seems to happen the most with my Mesa with Mesa's Waltz mod since it makes her regulators an insta cast ability so you can be doing things back to back really quicklly. I find it tends to happens the most while switching really quickly between my #4 ability (regulator's prime) , going into operator mode for energy , and back. At some point the controls will bug out and I'll be stuck unable to use my abilities and need to die to reset ability use.
  4. Ok just ruling out certian things that may be interfering with the ports as I troubleshoot this myself. Do you like live in an apartment complex by any chance? is your internet cable/dsl? I assume you're not on a wire internet to your Switch. Also wen did you start experiencing this? Since empyrean back in January?
  5. This happens from time to time where the map marker will not show where the exit is. Usually happens to me when i'm in a squad and someone will get the exit and will drop a waypoint. I wish there was a menu toggle to force the game to update markers. I assume it's a rare bug that's usually not an issue with other people as they can lead the way. But can be distressing when you're solo or low man and both people fail to get the marker.
  6. I'm having the same issue but turning off the iPad Air2 (not mine) used for wechat voip from the Wifi networks seems to fix it. Did you or someone using the same wifi router own an iPad device? and more generally do you have devices that are using chat, especially voip stuff like Wechat or skype?
  7. Yeah, I am affected by the matchmaking issue as well and have been having the same problems as well. Though with me, I can sometimes luck into a good connection Out of curiousty, any ipads in the home ? are those other wireless devices using chat programs like skype/wechat/viber? One option is to turn those devices off to see if that's what's causing it. One fix I'm testing is going into my router/modem's port forwarding section , make a small change save, and try logging into Warframe. Doing a 'change and save' on port forwarding on router/modem seems to free up the ports warframe uses for matchmaking. Very early testing on my end but seems to work. If you're in there and see ports for skype/wechat or some other chat programs , try disabling those rules (not delete) , then save. Leave the Toredo one alone, as I think my Switch set that one up by itself.
  8. I get the same. Eximus shields also exhibit pinkness, the yellow experience orbs also have some pinkness and and the defense objective in Uranus (?) Stephano has pinkess. Edit: looks like a fix is coming 🙂
  9. I manage to beat it by using Itzal and using the drones to take out the shield generators.
  10. IIRC this freeze has always been there since i started playing last year. Is it worse than before?
  11. Can confirm cant hit or damage the drones and they seem to have these weird large orbits its very hard to figure out which transport they belong to. The beams dont seem to point to a transport buy into their general vicinity. clearing my map and Kepler was always such a huge difficulty spike/PITA mission. I feel like they should just remove the orbiters...
  12. There are no memory limitations. The current build of warframe can be downloaded to a fresh off the shelf switch with no SD, as the Switch has a basic 32GB internal memory, of which around 25GB is available . The rest is OS and there is some space required for save data, which is saved ON THE CONSOLE , not the SD. Moving forward, the game size will grow beyond this space, so they are just future proofing to make sure people can keep playing. What i'm unclear on is if people will be required to download the whole game to SD or if only the overflow data goes into the SD.
  13. @[DE]JoshB Like last week when I got in (Tuesday/Wednesday) was able to get another set of 'working' sessions on Monday, Wednesday night and this (thursday) morning (i didn't play this morning as I am supported to be working from home but just wanted to see if it worked) . In both cases, logging out of the game and back in and I'm back into a broken state. So it's very much a hit or miss thing If i log into a broken state or not. I suspect (agian) that due to my login hours yesterday and today, low network traffic to Warframe may have helped me get a working sessions. As I've tried multiple reconnects on weekends and never drops me into a good session. I also noted there's 2 types of broken states. in one case, checking the clan list, everyone appears offline including myself (it will say last online 2m on initial check). In another case, checking the clan list, it will show 1 person online (me), outside of that the broken states are the same. Cannot see people online, can only host but not join open squads, cannot invite or be invited I also got off support with my ISP and they confirmed my current modem does not support ipv6, and never did. Only their newest modem does. So when I was playing Warframe most of last year with no issues, I was on the same ipv4 connection. I haven't changed modems, or Switch consoles or ISPs. Still on my cable 300mbps down 15mbps up connection. I'm with Shaw internet which is one of the big providers out west in Canada. My game is also saved to a Nintendo branded SanDisk 128GB sd card. I recall some older patch notes referencing a performance fix to SD cards in relation to matchmaking. Again not sure if that may have caused the issue. Hope this helps you. I will continue to limp along for now. i am out of ideas.
  14. Has this been corrected? I haven't played Archwing in a while and trying to make use of my affinity booster with my new Amesha archwing. Vetrux melee weapon felt off. I was slashing but the enemy was taking no damage?
  15. Is it fixed for you? It still isn't for me. I can sometimes log into a 'good' session, just my quitting and logging in multiple times and checking to see if my clan lists load properly. if it does, then I know i'm good. More luck during the weekdays, weekends Ive tried it never works and i give up after 10 attempts.
  16. I'll see what i can do, still very strange it worked fine for months and a cluster of problems similar to mine popped up after an update and has persisted since.
  17. I have a 300mpbs down / 15mpbs up connection, i should have enough bandwidth Also router is or was fine with the game up unti I last played in October before I took a break. Issue only started when i came back, at which point searches, showed a lot of people has the same issue.
  18. I considered that, but why are so many people having the same issue? At exactly the same timeframe? I played fine until October. From what I can tell old blood update started this issue, which occured after i took a break. A quick search shows that my isp only has some models rolled out with ipv6 support.
  19. Just want to post it here but the very specific matchmaking bug where people appear off-line, clans are shown to be all offline, friends all offline, people cant invite you, you can't invite others etc is still unfixed. I've tried - Deleting save data - Full power cycle my modem - Setting DNS from auto to manual with spefici entries i believe it was primarmy and secondary escapes me. - Full reinstall of Warframe on Switch - DE support wants me to mess with my modems and ports and per my linked post below, others with the same issue have tried and didn't work for them and don't recommend it. I am unwilling to try it when 99% of my network applications work just fine. The strange thing is I am occasionally able to get a good session, maybe 1 out of 50 logins- more luck on weekdays (including today Monday, which took me about 8 attempts). So i feel like some of false positive 'it worked' after deleting save data, or rebooting modem may just be lucky logins . Also I noted using my phone as a hotspot allows me to matchmake fine. Nothing changed for me on the hardware side and I played for 6+ month swithout issues, I returned in March to realize this issue and noted many others had it. Some very specific network issue is preventing a subset of players from playing correctly. More details in my response to [DE]Josh
  20. @[DE]JoshB Not looking good, no change in status. Tried the most basic thing which was to delete save data. I'm about to do hail many hour long redownload of the whole game. That fixed the issue for me for 1 session last time i tried before breaking agian. After that I am out of ideas. Update - full reinstall did not fix the issue. I am feeling like I lucked into a good session last time i did a full reinstall just because i had to reconnect to the game (see my notes below) Some notes on my end. That may help you troubleshoot - although friendlist and matchmaking is mostly broken, I can still host games and see people in maroos. -I tried using hotspot with my phone for my Internet and was able to see the friendlist and matchmake normally (this idea came from the Xbox matchmaking bug forums) - My phone mobile internet supports ipv6, my home cable moden does not though my ISP does. Does that change things in any way? -Last week, (Tuesday/Wednesday) I was randomly able to get sessions where friendlist worked and I was able to matchmake fine. Tuesday/Wednesday being worknights may explain why I able able to get on if the below theory from Rick Saissore is correct. -Update - today, after multiple failed sessions being broken, I tried one last time and on my 8th try, I lucked into a good session. (but never had this kind of luck on the weekends) This feels like a network issue. @(NSW)Rick_Saissore mentioned in the matchmaking bugs thread something about apartments and DE servers perhaps not realizing multiple connections could come from the same source. I do live in an apartment. The 'last thing' Rick is referring to in the quote before is the same fix DE support is asking me to do, which is to play around with my modem. This poster doesn't recommend it and I'm not technical enough to want to try. And to him, it did not fix the issue. Direct link to his post
  21. Thanks Josh. I've been playing since March 2019 with no issues. Stopped briefly in Novembrr to February this year to face the friendlist matchmaking issue on exactly the same hardware. So I was very sad about it. I've been limping along hostnig my own squads on busy nodes and trading in Maroos. My help ticket just gets copypaste reply from support to try solutions that others matchmaking bug forums day don't work. Some I've tried myself. On that note matchmaking forum see full of posts with my issue. I am heading home to test to see if I'm fine , hope this fixes it
  22. Can anyone with the unable to see friends/clan online, can't invite or be invited, must host own node bug cities confirm if it's fixed ?
  23. No my issue isn't going Away. And is very bad. I can still run missions but have to host and I can only trade in maroos. I show up as offline to my clan and FL. That's the issue Im talking about. Not the sleep mode issue
  24. Question on the 2x affinity weekend. I currently have affinity boosts through Sunday Will the weekend boost just extend my time with the boosts? Also can someone kindly confirm if the matchmaking (unable to invite /see clan online) bug has been fixed?
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