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  1. 1) It being DE chat is not the reason that is being given by DE for it's removal. If it was I woundn't be posting. 2) Guilt by association then? 3) Slang Baro, WTB, WTS, PMO, [while not region chat is common slang] PL, bp, various other things. Disclaimer: We seem to have strong difference of views so I will no longer respond as this isn't very productive.
  2. The term discussed here is listed as Spam. I do not understand where your bring slang into the mix. The standard definition of spam is A message that is unwanted, a message that is repeated frequently (with the possible intent to annoy). The term does not meet these criteria as; 1) Region chat is exactly that, there is no way DE can "know/mind read" what all users want within region chat. 2) A single instance does not constitute spam only multiple repeated post do. The term slang refers to short hand communication in informal setting, or an insult directed at a person. The above does not relevant because; 1) short hand message, there are many slang phases in the game so why single out this one? So saying it's not allowed cause it's slang isn't valid 2) It isn't insulting anyone because it's a character in a video game, they do not exist. It's also a joke.
  3. Disclaimer: I have Dypsraxia so please try to understand that I mean this with the best intentions for the heath of the game and community within. A single instance of "Nezha is a Trap" is a meme and shouldn't even be a block able offence anyway. Spamming is repeated content so calling a meme spam is flawed, unless the user is constantly posting the same message over and over. There have also been talk about people with anti-feminist views being hit. What again if true shouldn't be the preview of a chat filter. Unless it falls under user harassment e.g. a person was making fun of the person/user because of a political viewpoint. As anti-feminism is a topic that is discussed from time in gaming communities it seems extreme to include this in a chat filter. It be more logical to say No Politics in Region Chat, if you want to not be biased to one side. What would be a more acceptable rule. The tone of moderation decisions seems a bit aggressive, dismissive of valid criticism from users and mean. This system comes off more that DE has it's own political echo chamber and staff are shutting down outsiders, e.g. dissenting voices and people having fun (jokes/banter). What is interesting because of a "youtube" video DE conflated personal attacks to "criticism with supported evidence". including the reaction that DE Staff where not happy when a Warframe Partner agreed there was issues. (Context being that, the WFP should have been on DE side regardless and had stepped outside the echo chamber and therefore committed a sin against DE.) What let's just say isn't good for the health of the game/community in the long run. As you appear to be persecuting one part of your community for idealogical reasons, while in (hopefully the past) enabling others (to harass, bully, threaten, ban, etc). Side Note: Even if the ToS has a "we can ban/restrict access to the service for any reason" statement, the ACT of enforcing that position is yeah...things would escalate quickly in that case. The main reasons is it reduces the desire to involve oneself in region chat and making friends if you randomly hit the minefield because you said something [not politically correct] even if it is scientifically and factually correct. The WORSE aspect of this is not knowing what IS and isn't crossing the line. An it makes it even less likely I want talk in region chat or to support the game with buying Prime Access Packs. I understand that having a system to deal with bad actors while being fair to normal players is a difficult technological challenge. Including the concept of it's a "privilege" not "rights" to chat.
  4. The Moa should Lay a robotic Egg, that hatches into a baby Moa, the Baby Moa will follow the parent for a duration [based on technical limitations] I stated this in stream.
  5. Sorry if answered before but my question is how does this apply to PS4 Controls?
  6. My questions and concerns for this is the following. 1: What are the challenges like, as someone who played Destiny Year 1, This system sounds a lot like the quests they had in that game and the faction reputation system. The context is the issue with this system depends on how "hard/easy or how tedious these challenge is." Whereby you have to jump through artificial hoops to gain what you need. This can end up feeling a chore rather than "Fun-Factor/Narrative". An worse taking time away from the rest of the game (star chart for new players), farming something valuable (existing players). That system drastically increased player burn out cause you spend your entire gaming on doing these tasks, rather than you know playing the game/missions/whatever you want. An it kind of forces you to play if you want [insert x reward in the current rotation, if not evergreen] 2: In simple terms, is this change going to HELP or Hinder new players compared to the existing system. As for me those Aura Mods seem the most important.
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