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  1. So i've been watching a dude named Josh Strife Hayes, a guy who makes reviews on popular mmorpgs. The videos that made me interested however are his reviews on bad mmorpgs, basically mmorpgs that are considered objectively bad. This made me remember about warframe who has some similar recurring patterns that are prevalent in those mmorpgs that he considered bad. So i talked to him about this game and he told me that he is interested in playing warframe in the future. Let's just say, if he did end up playing warframe and reviewed it, i really do hope our game don't end up in "Worst of MMOs
  2. Perhaps the content doesn't have to be something that signifies the end of warframe, just something that gives more value of grinding extra content like the necramechs
  3. So, while i was leveling up my necramech, i started thinking, why am i doing this? We already have powerful frames from the start, the mechs are just a bigger frame with more firepower. It would only be really useful when fighting orphixes because they nullify warframe usage in its vicinity. Since the game is still a WIP, i can understand that these are just elements that would build up into a bigger masterpiece. However, my fear is that there is no bigger masterpiece, just a hodge podge of random elements that are mashed together without meaning. I can slightly see where they're going, s
  4. So after my friends suggested me to get the morgha arch weapon, i'm kinda dissapointed. The secondary of this weapon delivers really well on damage but its semi is really weak imo. From my experience, the bullets only explode on impact with walls and tight spaces, making it only viable with corridor typed levels such as salacia. Would it be possible to make it explode on enemy contact as well?
  5. So this train of thought came to me when im playing with lavos. So far, i see no problem with lavos' cool downs whatsoever, and as a utility frame, i'd say his powers are pretty neat. Something that's balanced and can be implemented in other power oriented games. But it got me thinking, what's the supposedly main reason why people collect warframes? To me, it's their powers and gameplay, which made every warframe worth collecting to try out and tweak, to build and experiment with. Which brings us to nuke frames. These frames are highly coveted for their ability to decimate loads of enemie
  6. Is it just me, or is granum void a bit harder than usual? In the past, loads of specters would spawn in a constant rate. Now we only have like 3 stragglers at once and their spawn rates are so slow. what happened?
  7. You have a game that gives you near limitless possibilities to modify your weapons and enhance their strengths to the point of absurdity. You are given frames that broke the boundaries of game balance. Other games have a cool down system that prevented the abuse of ultimate-typed abilities. Meanwhile, warframe has an energy system which is redundant because of coop synergies, not to mention how absurd some abilities are when combined together. It's a game of power fantasies, almost to the equivalent of cheating. The only thing that's keeping us from doing so is the long grind of reaching
  8. Well, Those mods are still not worth the re grind imo, not to mention the whack RNG of the requiem relics. It's better to reward the player a bit more by just having them be permanent or add more charges, giving more bang for your buck ya know?
  9. So, i've just got into kuva lich hunting and i've discovered that this game feature is too tedious. First of all, farming the required requiem mods is heavily randomized. Second of all, murmurs are slow to farm. But the most grueling fact of all that i've just discovered is that requiem mods have a lifetime. It would be great if these mods can last forever. RNG of requiem relics has been not so kind to me, not to mention a lot of void traces are pretty much wasted if the mods run out. It's like farming a prime part that vanishes after a certain period of time. Another extra change that wo
  10. 21st century earth thank you for playing along 🙄
  11. it's- it's just a tier-list typed question for funsies 😶 something to tickle your imagination, wonder, and (perhaps) morbid curiosity. like a who's your warframe waifu/husbando/partner buuuut i get what you guys are saying and i appreciate the insights 🙂 but to respond to all of your seriousness, yes, knowing the laws of the warframe universe don't apply irl, it doesn't matter whether they're illegal or not. They're all lethal in their own absurd mystical ways and can some cases be brutal to a point where conventional laws wouldn't realistically apply to them. I
  12. Before we begin, of course all warframes would be considered illegal in some way to own by the public since they're all weapons of war, but that would make this discussion useless, so let's exclude that fact for now. With that being said, according to you, how illegal is each warframe based on their powers? for example, saryn would probably one of the top illegal warframe due to the fact that her 4 is a widespread viral attack. That makes saryn a walking bio weapon which is considered illegal according to the geneva convention. On the other hand, Rhino would probably be one of the le
  13. So im having trouble with deimos' infested. It seems like they can chew through my health really fast, even with a shatter shield and full rank adaptation. What kind of damage are they packing and why is my mesa weak against them? Most importantly, what are their actual weaknesses? because my status procs doesnt seem to affect their armor fast enough, even with an ignis wraith. What kind of damage are we looking for here? I know it's corrosive and blast, but even level 50 infested didn't flinch. How am i supposed to beat lvl 100 deimos infested?
  14. If yall want me to make more of these lemme know ;)
  15. So i've made 2 emblems for the octavia fandom contest, 1 for the regular octavia and 1 for the prime one. Here they are
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