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  1. if that's the case, let's just hope that in the future, a server would become a possibility. For now, a complete overhaul on the P2P system would be nice.
  2. Which is why this is put in the feedback section don't you think? We all know servers will still have flaws and it is a huge undertaking to be done in one night, but if they succeeded in renting a server in the future, this will help with the data flow and fix the desyncing bugs of warframe, because from my observation, most problems that occur in warframe is due to people not in sync because of far away pings. I'm not forcing them to do this quickly, but im suggesting a possibility to fix the bugs that has been occuring in warframe for a long time. Since renting a server is a long process, i offered another suggestion, which is to brutally optimize the data being sent between players. That way, the data flow will clear up since less data load = less network traffic = speeding up the communication between players = less lag = less bugs. It's not about being a genius, it's about suggesting a solution
  3. I have been asking around about how players connect to each other in warframe PC. If from what im hearing is true where us pc players are the ones hosting, is it possible that due to the immense data traffic between players and between squads, we players experience ultra lag which causes data to be not in sync? If so, then please either rent server nodes to contain all of this data or brutally optimize the data being sent between players to maximize traffic flow and decrease the bugs caused by desynchronizations like players freezing, not loading into the level, or like in scarlet spear, kill codes being not sent for long periods of time.
  4. So, i've just noticed that they added more characters into the Leverian, which means that they are not giving up on telling the background stories of the frames, which is a pretty neat addition to the game i must say. What do you guys think? For me personally, they have to complement some of the leverian stories with cinematic shots
  5. Let us take a moment to appreciate and list useless abilities of warframes because of the existing meta or just abilities you guys don't use a lot because of reasons. Let me begin For me, it's Mesa's ballistic battery. ambitious concept of hurling a high damage bullet towards an enemy, but since weapons are already powerful, this power has become obsolete to me. May you forever be cherished, for all abilities are what makes warframes who they are, no matter how useless they are. What about you guys?
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