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  1. For fun, because im bored and warframe looks like a twist of DnD Characters or MOBA characters
  2. I wonder if we could categorize the warframes one by one into DnD Classes for fun. I dont have much knowledge about them so ill start by the easiest one being Octavia as a bard. What else do you guys have in mind?
  3. When you think about it, the concept of warframe is almost a grimdark like world where you have 3 major factions who all want war with the tenno being bloodthirsty mercenaries who killed millions, corpus being capitalist maniacs, grineer being the vengeful destructive working class, and the sentients being the powerful Big Bad Guy. The only thing that's keeping it from being a grim reality is, imo, that there are innocents in the crossfire who thrived and freedom fighters who are willing to fight. I'm curious, what do you guys think the kind of changes would make warframe a more grimdark experience?
  4. Perhaps, but most runs of mine is mostly because of time outs, not because of being overwhelmed. There's just so little time and the specters are spawning so slowly. I guess that's one of the aspects that's been holding me back.
  5. No, it's not that mesa isn't able to kill the specters it's because of how they decreased the drop rate of the time prisms heavily, we often times ran out of time rather than being overwhelmed
  6. Is it just me, or are the drop rates for the time crystals that are dropped by the specters in granum void really decreased? if so, how do you farm protea nowadays? specters don't spawn that quickly, rescuing solaris is a hassle in a team, even killing them with a mesa is not fast enough. How do you do it?
  7. what about voice actors outside of DE? any candidates?
  8. I wonder, If Rebecca didn't voice the Lotus or if in some way, Rebecca chose to focus on other works in DE, who would be the suitable voice actress for replacing her as the Lotus?
  9. Well, it's good feedback from someone outside the community, a third party opinion, something that warframe could use right now. It's also good to have an advice like that as a sort of mediator between the debates that happen here between players regarding warframe and its game mechanics, something that is an anomaly by itself.
  10. I've seen that he posted another video about 100 hrs being the minimum time required to enjoy a game, something that warframe has trouble of. It's great that he decided to clear that up. But what im waiting for is if he could just dive in deeper to see the lingering problems of warframe like the unbalanced op ness of warframes, non evergreen content, basically i want to see a full 3rd party review to clear up the debates that has been happening regarding this game. Also, so that DE could open their eyes and see what's going on
  11. Heh, im glad i jinxed it. I just watched the video and the review seems accurate so far with the new player experience and the feel of playing warframe. One thing i do hope for is so that he could dive down deeper into the game to review more problems this game has, especially regarding the power creep, grinding, non evergreen content, etc. for now, im just glad we finally have a 3rd party, close to non biased, sort of professional review. Something that perhaps DE can listen to. Im surprised that the comments in the video were mostly positive as well, feels wholesome compared to how warframe's community can be when discussing the game. As for if this review is sponsored or not, i don't think so, i've emailed him way back asking if he's interested in reviewing warframe and he said he did have his eyes on our game for a while now, so this review is to be expected.
  12. So i was wondering, what other game modes besides dog days that we can implement using the no mods method? Seeing how dog days is doing, it seems like it kinda neutralized the power gap between each players, which made the game somewhat made the players have to be active in order to win. I wonder if this kind of mode be feasible to be implemented in other game modes? Perhaps even PVP? Any thoughts?
  13. So i've been watching a dude named Josh Strife Hayes, a guy who makes reviews on popular mmorpgs. The videos that made me interested however are his reviews on bad mmorpgs, basically mmorpgs that are considered objectively bad. This made me remember about warframe who has some similar recurring patterns that are prevalent in those mmorpgs that he considered bad. So i talked to him about this game and he told me that he is interested in playing warframe in the future. Let's just say, if he did end up playing warframe and reviewed it, i really do hope our game don't end up in "Worst of MMOs" (not to mention our game isn't exactly an mmo so...)
  14. You have a game that gives you near limitless possibilities to modify your weapons and enhance their strengths to the point of absurdity. You are given frames that broke the boundaries of game balance. Other games have a cool down system that prevented the abuse of ultimate-typed abilities. Meanwhile, warframe has an energy system which is redundant because of coop synergies, not to mention how absurd some abilities are when combined together. It's a game of power fantasies, almost to the equivalent of cheating. The only thing that's keeping us from doing so is the long grind of reaching to that point. But even so, there comes a point where grinding can be conquered with time and patience. This game is a game where essentially everyone wins, and whenever there's a game where everyone wins, nobody is. Which brings the question, is Warframe fundamentally flawed for endgame? Endgame is a phase in a game where you've basically gotten all you've wanted and now it's time to face ultimate hardships. But there is no ultimate hardship when the game allows you to overcome that hardship by using absurd combinations of modifications that exceeds the limit that other games usually have. This just makes every sort of endgame content redundant in just a matter of weeks. They've tried balancing things up, applying mechanics that other games used to gatekeep some powers, increasing the damage of enemies, and yet here we are, still no permanent endgame content, and the vets are still pouting no matter what like a bunch of scrooges. If there are still hope for any sort of mechanic then DE has to take notes from other games and try to tend to this situation before the game reached its completion. But even so, this game is still young, so let's hope for the best in the future. But if it's truly a fundamental flaw, then what's the point of whining and complaining about endgame if there is no endgame like other MMORPGS? Instead, we should just appreciate the existence of this game itself, enjoy the little things and updates the devs gave us and just have fun for once. Because the only way that to save this game is a change in fundamentals, which means changing the game's concept completely.
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