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  1. They restored the Volumetric Lighting toggle, but still no texture filtering fix. Are the devs aware of this? EDIT: Here are some examples.
  2. Texture filtering appears to have been completely disabled with the Nightwave update. Before I believe it was trilinear(?), but now there are several distinct cascade lines that start almost immediately in front of the player, and texture quality noticeably degrades beyond each one. It’s actually pretty distracting as it’s immediately noticeable on all ground and nearby vertical surface textures. I’m hoping it was just disabled in error and can be re-enabled via a patch or EDIT: Here’s a few more.
  3. It never really seemed to make much of a difference off for me, and it looks nice. I just thought it was interesting that they added the toggle, then removed it. The texture filtering may be the same and I’m just imagining things. A reverse placebo effect, if you will. Lol **EDIT: I’m definitely not imagining it. It seems like they disabled texture filtering entirely. Not only that, but the game seems to run at a lower average resolution now. I’d rather have the spotty performance from before and it not look like a hot mess.** Texture streaming definitely seems better though, and there’s less hitching.
  4. Was texture filtering changed with this update? It seems like the filtering cascades are closer in front of you now than before. Also, it appears they removed the toggle for volumetric lighting?
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