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I just play games. Plain simple. 


Origin of my name:

The tale behind the origins of my name is of mythic proportions of which I must truncate down for the sake of time.


"yuio" was the codename given to me by my superior officer El Capitane Kranny who manned the glorious ship "The Boo Boo". "yuio" is actually an acronym meaning "yellow ultraviolet illuminating octopus" since I'm really a retired octopus marine that's given up on the past of incessant war with the Space Kraken. That devil took too much away from my life, which leads onto the first number in my name.


The "6" represents the 6 months I was lost in the sea of empty space, stuck only in my pathetic and dinky little escape shuttle after The Boo Boo was attacked by the Space Kraken. Unfortunately my master El Capitane Kranny sacrificed himself to save me by sending me away in an escape shuttle. This meant that he was sadly eaten by said monster who attacked us.


The "7" represents the 7th May 4017. It was on this day that Wendy, my then girlfriend decided that she wanted nothing more from me and subsequently declared our relationship over. Needless to say I was sad, very sad. I drank my whiskey while crying about the fact that she was seeing other men. It's not fair, our love knew no bounds regardless of the fact I was an octopus and she was a beautiful, alluring dolphin. *sigh* I guess she wanted to be with her kind......T_T


Finally the "8" is a reminder that with enough conviction and training, I may be able to regrow my eight legs after having them severed by the infamous Harley Blackstain gang. Those ruthless rodents ambushed me while I was on my way to the market for shopping. Tried as I might, those rats overpowered even my skill with the blade. Now I am rendered paralyzed and unable to walk, depending on this infernal contraption called the "Hovero", a space wheel chair if you will. Someday I will regrow my 8 legs and continue the legacy of Kranny by hopefully mastering the hidden sword technique of the "Octagon Heaven Cleave".


In the meantime, I have to wait for my recent surgeries to my spine from my recent hospital visit to heal. So now I pass the time by playing games on my computer, which now primarily consists of playing Warframe under the handle "yuio678" to ease my daily suffering.






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