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  1. yes there is some gear such as kuva weapons and the paracesis that need to be leveled up to 40 in order to gain the maximum mastery from them
  2. nothing new outside of this idea has come up
  3. I have 15 I can use, then I can buy another 20 slots with plat for a total of 35
  4. I can play fine up to 280-300ms but for me anything over 400ms and doors will not open unless i use a Loki decoy to open them and mobs will start to ignore any of my gun shots as if they were never fired.
  5. I wasnt the one who turned this isnt stats and % I just added to it, everything OP complained about has been a mechanic of the game for years now, Im not telling then to not use them, you can use whatever the hell you like, but if you want to whine and complain about a mechanic that has been in the game for years the tough, its the draw back to using them, they deal massive damage to mobs over a large ish area, in return for that nuke there is a trade off of self damage. We dont need another tonkor where you are that brain dead and run into mobs point blanking them with rounds without any risk. but sure, its DEs fault for self damage not the players for failing to comprehend it.
  6. i dont like AoE, I have never had an issue with self damage, but if you want to insinuate that i do go for it kiddo
  7. I dont find them fun, I never have, now everything you complained about with your play time is actually sad that you still dont understand the mechanics of doors and pillars. Not to mention imagine thinking that those % even make sence, I can guarantee i have more hours with the lenz than ogris with also 3x the exp on the lenz, but sure, if you want to write off common sence for, "you dont know what you are on about" fine by me, just keep your whine to yourself
  8. true, but OP never stated it was a nekros summoned one, and again the animation on nekros is long enough where you can avoid them
  9. Doors, thats a personal issue, that if you have played long enough you will know the range they open and close at, not to mention why are you shooting though a doorway with an explosive weapon to begin with anyone smart will tell you that is a dumb idea to begin with unless you are the one controlling the door opening. team mate, the game is in third person, how do you not have the situational awareness or peripheral vision to see them in the first place. Flameblade, sure though again situational awareness you can see them in the room, Its not like they teleport from 4 rooms away. Arctic eximus bubble, why are you that close to begin with and why was it not dead already? sounds like another personal issue. Orokin pillar, see doors. They have a sensor range and if you play even a small amount of time in the void you know where they rise from. nothing suddenly appears in front of you unless you have the situational awareness of a rock, outside of the flameblades everything you listed sounds like a personal issue that you are too oblivious to learn from and deal with.
  10. Just stop. you have gone so far off topic of your original post its not funny. you asked for an explanation of how multishot even makes sense and you got one now you are trying to use modern examples to say its not right, as i said its space magic and a far furtre so it does not have to have ANY correlation with our time or even our universe.
  11. Actually its called Metal Storm, Bullet storm is a game. secondly it is a different concept, where in the barrel is the magazine for metal storm and each barrel fires individual projectiles up to X amount, the concept I was talking about is more like an ICMB with multiple warheads. 1 missile means multiple rounds, now scale that down to a bullet and you have the concept i threw out there for how multishot in warframe works.
  12. Space magic But seriously due to the futuristic time setting of Warframe its not inconceivable that the technology has advanced far enough to allow a bullet to have multiple "warheads" like some of the missile used today so with that in mind yes 1 shell could fire more than one projectile. Granted this really only makes sense for solid shot rifles and for launchers, shotgun styled rounds however would need another explanation though.
  13. Umbral forma should not have been a thing PERIOD.
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