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  1. thats a power creep that does not need to be added, then again i said the same thing about umbral forma and look how well that went
  2. been watching different ones for the past few hours, had them open for an hour or so each, nothing
  3. unless the reset is different on console how did you do back to back sorties? Cause for PC the reset in in ~11 hours
  4. I have, I didnt really like it much, and left
  5. I have very little money hence why i play free 2 play games, apparently you also never learned patience if waiting a few hours is a big deal for you
  6. Welcome to the modern gamer, an entitled person who thinks they deserve everything in a game now. This is how free to play games keep people around by making crafting times that will make people come back if they want to use the item. I too have played since 2013 and the time gating of the foundry has never been an issue to me.
  7. Thank you for telling me, someone who has played since 2013 why I dont enjoy the game. Never mind the fact i have a few thousand hours in the game, and still play a few times a week, but apparently I dont enjoy playing. One thing you didnt add was the dumbing down of content, looks at nightwave, its challenges had promise of being a challenge, then all the casual players let out a massive "but why is it so hard" when it wasnt it just took a little bit of dedication and time to do.
  8. Only reason I can see this not being a thing is copyright. Also the fact you think you are entitled to anything is a joke.
  9. I watched from the start of the stream didn't get the ephemera but I got the Nekros, looks like I still wont get it either 😞
  10. mine took about 12 hours after the stream, im still waiting for the ephemera, there was like 300k people watching so it will take time
  11. I have watched since the start, nothing yet but heres hoping it will show up
  12. I get that, people are too entitled these days and think they should be able to get everything when they say so, waiting is a hard concept for the masses these days. Then again people will also say thats easy for me to say since I have enough, not knowing it took just as long to farm stuff back in the day
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