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  1. You guys really need to get your act together. I love this game, but it's like you guys don't pay attention at all when it comes to bugs, especially on switch. We STILL have the bugs with gear in relation to the new melee system, and many more that still aren't fixed. You guys rarely reply to issues and many of us honestly wonder if you even read these stupid forums or just use them to throw issues under the rug (cause the response a help ticket gets is ALWAYS "use the forums.") Heck, you guys probably aren't even reading the replies to THIS thread. e_e
  2. Is anyone else experiencing a bug where the camera will move on its own (in my case, it'll randomly aim down.) I ask because I don't have this issue on any other game, and it seems some PS4 users are having the same issue. Checking the analog stick in the calibration area shows it thinks it's moving down. If I re-calibrate it, everything shows up as fine. But as soon as I get back to the game, it'll randomly be an issue again. Is this something Warframe is causing? Edit: It seems to happen the most when I am fighting infested.
  3. For me it's the opposite. The sculptures one is saving and everything else isn't!
  4. Nightwave challenges are not saving. Codex is not retaining mod info if you sell a mod. And the equilibrium flawed mod is in the codex for some reason.
  5. I completed one and got three out of 8 rare mods in a mission, and nothing saved. The only one that seems to have saved is outfitting an Ayatan treasure. Though not sure if that will reset on the next mission. Like really?
  6. Yeah, funny as their help desk keeps saying "make a forum post." Getting really annoyed they're shrugging off issues.
  7. Yeeeeeeeeah I'm not accepting that. We can spend money in the game, it's gone gold, it's not in beta. Other people may accept that, I won't. I want a real response.
  8. It's a dumb choice and I agree, the Wolf is NOT fun to fight. Four people should not take an HOUR to kill him because of his insane health. We were all literally resorting to melee as we were all out of ammo. And when we have three jerk offs spamming seriously broken Molotov cocktails that have no business doing that much damage, yeah, people are annoyed.
  9. The amount of crashing this game experiences during these events should honestly be embarrassing to DE. Both this and the buried debts events were so full of crashing and disconnects, that we pretty much expect this to happen now. I don't know who's in charge of this thing, but you honestly should be ashamed of how bad it is.
  10. Will trade 200 plat, Akjara Prime Barrel, and pistol Riven for Rhino Prime.
  11. possibly. though would be nice if it wasn't an issue to begin with. i dont get why they release updates for pc first. if they already have it patched on pc, why not just release the patched version for consoles first?! why must they release the older updates first?
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