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  1. nah, i used to have tons of luck finding parts. it's why i have a perfect lavan shield now and near perfect vidar reactor. but it seems like the last week these suddenly just came to a grinding halt.
  2. I feel like suddenly parts are showing up a LOT less than they used to. Did they nerf them?
  3. Was just pulling up a random combo as an example. Sheesh.
  4. Wasn't specifically saying I wanted that. XD Was just saying it would make for some interesting combos is all if you could give iron skin to different frames. Bad example really.
  5. Appreciated! Though that killed some of my buzz imagining combos. XD
  6. Oh really? I...wasn't aware of that. (Haven't unlocked the ability yet, clearly.) Well that blows. Imagine chroma after maxing out his armor with vex armor, then using iron skin while you have it maxed.
  7. Honestly curious as I haven't seen any videos or images of players trying this, which I'm surprised by since I feel like iron skin would either greatly benefit or mesh with some other frames (maybe chroma for instance.) Also curious if they adapted the iron skin to show on these frames?
  8. So I have maxed out my Vidar reactor to give me 130 capacity. Since that is maxed out, can I not fuse anymore (out of vidar reactors right now) to max out it's flux? Or can I continue until it's flux is maxed out as well?
  9. This should have been fixed a month ago. The third crime scene has been out nearly 2 months and it's still not fixed on switch nor ps4.
  10. Yep, reported it 12 days ago, still no response. Tweeted them many times, nothing. Made a thread, nothing. Quoted multiple devs, nothing. It's like they're literally avoiding fixing the problem.
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