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  1. Palatine helmet, immortal skin, and saturn six knee plates. and yep! the rest is arca parts.
  2. Odd. If you full screen it, it shows up fine to me.
  3. Colors aside, what about the armor?
  4. Also, the funny thing I noticed is that unless you use the eye bleeding combinations like you mentioned, it seems like any color combo will get a "meh" since there's only so much you can do that doesn't look like a clown threw up all over you. Seems like it's a lose/lose either way.
  5. Alright. That's all I was looking for in an answer. XD If you don't like those colors, that's fine. Just was curious on what made it meh.
  6. Yeah, I'm a fan of the more vinbrant but dark greens (which is why I got the infested palette for this.) Also I did check that skin out! But just didn't seem to mesh imo. Nuts. 😛 But yeah, love the green/black combination.
  7. I literally just said I can't choose the axe color and asked how it's generic. Don't start drama.
  8. Was the best word I could think of that wouldn't get me in trouble with the mods. Edit: Guess I'll go with this one. Doesn't have much ring to it though. XD
  9. heh, that's cool. got a screenshot?
  10. I can't choose the axe color. it's just what's presented in the abilities screen. And how is green and black generic? I tend to see far more whites, golds, and reds.
  11. You know you could have just answered the question without being a jerk?
  12. Just curious what everyone thought of his design that I went with? Opinions welcome. 🙂
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