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  1. You know how Ash has this animation scene when you join your clones when they hitting enemies? What if everyone else gets their own? I mean Ash's 4th does give him unvulnerability everytime you mix in your 3rd so I guess that'd be too powerful?
  2. That's pretty much warframe, you should get used to it.
  3. So I was recently leveling up my weapons on Gian Point railjack and when I encountered some crewships I got a haul breach, I fixed it then another haul breach was on the ship, haul breaches kept popping up, This kept going forever, literally, so I hid from the crewships and there was no more haul breach, perhaps this is just a ridiculous bug but who knows...
  4. Try fire blast for more armor strip, his warding halo is a good enough tanking ability.
  5. Each warframe has their own noble and agile animation and those animations change the way those warframes will hold primary weapons and secondary weapons and if idle: will have an animation, but melees will always have the exact same animation and holster style so why not give them different animations? I know that would take a while but I'd wait for that minor change.
  6. Hmm, asked my friend if he's been getting boosters as well and he simply said that he didn't so yeah I guess they don't affect daily logins.
  7. So in the past 5 days I've done nothing but claim daily login rewards and in those 5 days I got resource booster and credit boosters, it's kinda suspicious since if you don't login in a while the game will have a high chance of giving you a coupon...
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