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  1. I recommend doing caracol on saturn, manic spawn early and the objective of the mission isn't that hard with a trin because she can heal the defectors
  2. Augur secrets IMO since you cant farm it 24/7 because bounties dont always have it and bounties have a timer before they get replaced with new rewards
  3. Ive been playing this game for almost a year and ive learned how to do solo everything in the game, missions, void fissures, farming a frame, ect but ive mostly farmed prime weapons and prime warframes alone and it is possible but people always tell me that farming primes with a squad is much better but i dont know if i should keep farming primed solo or should i farm with my friends?
  4. if you're the trinity in the team then you're the one responsible for the lures but if not then let the trinity handle the lures
  5. if weapons that are mr5 higher that are already crafted doeasnt count maybe try crafting another mr5 weapon?
  6. you can farm it from drekar butchers(I think) or buy it in trade chat for 20p
  7. did you check in the right weapon category?
  8. Today i decided to farm zephyr prime solo because my friends already had her and so i did, i only needed systems and bp but its been like 4 hours and i still dont have one of them, i usually open 17-21 radiant relics before i get the rare part but this time i was opening 27-ish of neo z2 relic and 18-ish meso z3 relic the and the traces was taking more time because i was getting very low traces and my smeeta rarely proced the double resource thing. Idk if im unlucky or rng just hates me
  9. What happens if i have all the rewards on nightwave, can i get them again?
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