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  1. Do you have a riven with a -chance to gain combo? If so that might be it. Or do you mean you can't SEE the combo counter?
  2. I can tell your a bit new to the game by looking at your build, you should go learn game mechanics, farm better mods, get better arcanes etc before going to steel path, you won't really get much from the steel path other than more loot, cosmetics and affinity so if I were you I wouldn't prioritize beating the steel path yet.
  3. It's possible, DE has been bringing back some cosmetics that was an event reward before.
  4. I think the necramechs have a nullifying attack, I use khora for ISO vaults and I have the same problem as well.
  5. I was recently trying to do adaro stealthily for xp, I was half way through, no one was alerted yet and everyone was sleeping then all of a sudden the alarms went off, I always make sure that I kill every grineer in one area which means that there would be no grineer left to see the corpses and panic, this has happened twice. Also, I subsumed silence on equinox so nearby enemies couldn't possibly hear my gunshots. and yes silence was pretty much active all the time during the mission.
  6. Titania, use razorwing blitz then watch her go brr
  7. I haven't gotten the mod yet but does it actually scan plants even if it's not in the player's line-of-sight?
  8. Warframe is a game where there are hundreds of enemies in front of you for you to kill, why would chroma need self damage purely for vex armor? Can you really not just afk for 15 seconds and get shot in those 15 seconds and get the buffs you need? Plus it's not like weapons with self stagger are the only weapons that exist oh and there is a mod to decrease stagger and knockback recovery time.
  9. Yes I know steel essence exists and people get over 300 in 2 hours and get a crap ton of kuva but I'll only be talking about kuva survival kuva farming. Farming kuva without a booster is honestly not even worth it, I know smeeta exists but I have terrible luck and all I ever get is crit chance buff, I also am pretty unlucky with the requiem relics and I barely get the 1.2k kuva reward so I have to rely on the resource boost that fissures give. I farmed kuva on the requiem fissure for 57 minutes and all I got at the end was 7k kuva, no boosters and no smeeta buff, to a new or unexperienced pl
  10. 1. Atlas' rubble armor not increasing despite Atlas picking rubble from petrified enemies or from destroyed rumblers, this happens often. 2. This one isn't really "recent" but I had high hopes that it would be fixed but it' still isn't: unable to use melee during profit taker fight, I think it's the archguns fault because the only way to fix this bug is to equip and unequip the archgun. 3. Game thinks that the enemies who have recently been inside a nullifier bubble, is still inside the nullifier bubble, meaning that I can no longer use abilities against those enemies, this happens alot.
  11. If you only have 1 unwanted riven and you already have run out of space for another riven then I suggest you sell them for endo but if you have 4 unwanted rivens then transmute them.
  12. Most likely. Unfortunately you can't disable the rain.
  13. I'm talking about stealth damage multiplier So does this mean that I have to stop attacking every 3 seconds to get the bonus damage or can I keep attacking and still get the bonus damage every 3 seconds? Does distance also affect the consistency of stealth damage multipliers?
  14. Same thing happened to me, tried to extract but for some reason my UI was gone and enemies kept spawning, I think the cryopod didn't die but whenever I try to abort the mission it said something like "Could not abort because mission is already completed!" which is kinda weird.
  15. I think you mean heavy attack/throw and if so just press R3. Also you can still manually block, just hold triangle so you're only using melee, then press L2.
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