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  1. I actually have already reduced particles to minimum, no effect whatsoever.
  2. Staticor is a powerful weapon which i liked very much and i would love to use it more but its explosion simply causes too much lag on my pc and some of my teammates pcs as well. Once my teammates even refused to ressurrect me because my staticor lagged them a lot. My graphic settings are the lowest one can get but it doesn't help. I am no expert and don't know why exactly the weapon does it, but i noticed that without multishot fps drops are not quite as unbearable. I hope staticor can be fixed, but at the moment it's unusable for me. Edit: So, people below mentioned that Simulor and Opticor have the same problem as Staticor. That's already 3 weapons that could make ones screen a slideshow hell. A fix would be appreciated...
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