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  1. Yeah I had the same problem. I have loads of common Floofs and loads of rare Floofs but only 1 of each uncommon. My advice is don't use the lures. All I seemed to get was the rare with these but without I seemed to have a little more luck getting an occasional uncommon. Just persevere!
  2. What region are you? I'm based in Europe but changed it to N America as the former was dead. Much better now.
  3. There are many squishy frames in the game but I wouldn't say wisp is one of them. Stay within your flowers range and you should never go down.
  4. Yep having the same thing on xbox. And when I'm out of normal forma instead of showing my umbra and aura forma it just gives me the option to buy more normal forma.
  5. Take an Atterax with as much reach as you've got. Work a charm for the orbs!
  6. Not sure this will ever be fixed as it's been this way since day 1 but every time I either tranq or use a sleep ability on sawgaws for capture they fall through the mushroom stuck inside it making it impossible to interact and capture them. Please either fix this or at least have them occasionally land on the ground. Yours sincerely One very frustrated floofer!
  7. I can see the QoL reason for Helios to carry on scanning but I don't really find it a problem. I know the Silver Grove quest comes round now and again so if I'm doing a mission on Lua or Mars I just get the scans when I get chance and they build up ready for when the Silver Grove next comes round. No different then always keeping 3 empty sculptures around knowing that challenge will cycle round. Like everything it's about planning ahead.
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