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  1. Sadly I have to agree. You probably couldn't get worse stats for the riven. Kitguns aren't great rivens to sell but fortunately Sporelacer is one of the more sought after ones. Either sell it as it is for about 20ish plat or roll it and pray to Rnjesus
  2. Guessing it will be in about a month from now. As for what it is, nobody knows...
  3. Back on track... It's always been like this. Whether it's armour, syandanas, ephemeras there's just always been a little thing to tempt you to buy the packs. Think of it as buying a collector's edition of a game. And as already been said you can get the packs on the unvaulting for significantly cheaper but just be prepared to wait...
  4. Its just another change. There were pitchforks at melee 2.9999 and pitchforks before and after. Get your pitchforks cleaned up as im sure you'll be needing them again in the future.
  5. Haven't done eidelons for a while but enjoyed them while I did. Sure getting arcanes was a big plus but I also maxed my focus in no time and also just enjoyed them. It felt like one if the only things in the game that required a bit of team effort and planning as opposed to mind numbing EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  6. Maybe not when you've been playing for a while but for starters it is. Especially when you try to prioritise potatoes and slots. Agree you get to a point when 400 is peanuts but remembering back to days of selling Augments to get boosters and catalysts it can feel a grind.
  7. This new twitch thing is a pain in the a***. The warframe page says I'm linked but twitch tells me to link it. I've got half a dozen things there ready to claim but can't. Worked perfectly before for me. Thanks Twitch...
  8. Bring up the appearance menu for Octavia and press RT for mandachord. There you can load songs or make your own. If you ask in game chat, people can link their songs that you should be able to load it into your own.
  9. It's not really a weapon that's used much so rivens aren't really sought after. Even if you got a god roll you could be sitting on it for a while and not get the sort of price you would get for something more popular. Personally I wouldn't waste kuva on it and as has been send transmute it. That's just me though.
  10. I started using health conversion and equilibrium on her and she holds up very well. Synchronises really well with her 3. Never had an energy or survivability issue with her since
  11. I love this game but my only gripe is the islands in game. New content comes out, you grind it out, then within a couple of weeks there's very little reason to go back to it.
  12. I'm having similar problems. Since the change I got the first 1 but haven't received one since. And that's with having claimed the drop first. Had no issues before the change. Just relinked my account so see if it's any better today. Hoping it sorts itself out before the umbra drop
  13. Pretty sure It's just a showcase for the prime access not a 'good old days' prime trailer.
  14. Can recommend ColdScar for fashion frame. Top class videos using captura and details all his fashions in the notes. As for melees the problem is everyone is generally just using 2 builds, condition overload setup or heavy attack and generally they're all the same. Grab a nukor, proc status and go to town with a condition overload build.
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