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  1. Worth hardly anything to be fair. They drop like candy at halloween so I wouldn't say it's a worthwhile investment.
  2. I just love people who respond on players helping players forum posts with such helpful information. Truly players helping players!
  3. Nothing wrong with the quest. Dont want to be the one to say it but git gud. This has been talked about so much over the last couple of days. It's not getting increased. It finishes tomorrow. Get over it and look forward to the next Nightwave.
  4. Have you tried holding down the power button to restart your console? I normally have to do it after an update.
  5. Hey man I'm not defending it, I'm just pointing out the facts. I went a few levels over but I don't have a level of entitlement to demand I'm compensated for my 'hard work'. It's a game. Sure previously they eventually extended the cap but assuming they'll do the same is just that, assumption. Personally I believe there shouldn't be a cap but there is. Shrug your shoulders, put it down to a lost investment and move on my dude.
  6. They won't add more levels. There was a cap and some people went over it expecting it to be extended even though Rebecca said a couple of weeks ago on a dev stream that it won't be. You can't expect to be compensated. You took a gamble and it didn't pay off. Some you win, some you lose but at least you learnt something from it.
  7. Plague zaws only appear with plague star and the deimos halloween event. Hok won't bring them I'm afraid, maybe that will change in the future
  8. I got a coupon the day Yareli came out, saw the quest and though yup I'm buying that. Finally got round to doing it yesterday for the helminth and was surprised by the fact it wasn't that bad. Nothing was a pain to do and only took me just under an hour from start to finish. Worst part was to have to listen to that annoying kid talking
  9. Always been a fan of the giant kavat glitch on railjack. Do miss that glitch...
  10. I love seeing these 'petition' threads. Like DE will act on it because 15 people voted for it. Maybe all meet up on a Saturday and march to their offices with picket boards to hand them in. Changing the world 1 forma blueprint at a time. Sorry I don't mean to be snarky but these petition threads seem to be getting more and more common for stuff that really doesn't matter. So you got a forma for a silver one. Cool, build it and spend another 2 minutes unlocking another relic.
  11. You sent a support ticket for 1100 kuva? Fair play. I've lost more than that in a mission and shrugged and moved on. I wouldn't get too hung up on it. You'll lose much more than that in the future...
  12. I know he did last year because I got Primed Firestorm early (sure it was that mod). Whether it was a bug or not i dont know though.
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