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  1. This! Also you're still gaining affinity towards your next MR so there's very little negative to it. Think of it as time to practice.
  2. Wasn't sure which wisp skin I preferred until I saw the fae syandana on the celestis skin. Winner!
  3. Yeah it's just a rough estimate. If one gets delayed it has a snowball effect on those that follow. I seem to remember Nezha was a bit late so that had a knock on effect. I'd expect it to hit the shelves in time for Xmas
  4. DE seems to be making their way nerfing every way to force light on mirage. We asked for a toggle, DE went all out the other way
  5. Damn I miss those! Haven't seen a decent clan event for what seems like years. Was the Jupiter demolist event last one? No news I'm afraid. And i doubt There's anything planned for the New War
  6. Youre not wasting their time, as has been said its their job. Judging by some of the previous posts ive seen you should get a definitive answer pretty quickly. Also don't belittle yourself by saying a measly 25 plat. When you're starting out 25 plat is not measly. Good luck mate and hope you get the answer you want. 👍
  7. When you feed a frame to the helminth it will list the ability that can be subsumed on another frame. One particular ability per frame. In this game the wiki is your friend! Good luck mate!
  8. Could be something you didn't realise costs plat. An orokin reactor or catalyst maybe? As has been said ask support and they can tell you exactly where your plat went.
  9. Remember when the Kuva Bramma came out and every person was running around with it? The noise, the lights, the pain! Ignis Wraith will always be a crowd favourite. Good Aoe, good ammo economy. If you're running a star chart mission and want to get through it as quickly as possible I can't say I blame them
  10. The thing I love about this game is that you can play for years and still learn something new. You get so used to rushing through missions that you don't notice some of the details. Not many games can boast that.
  11. Knightmare Frame: PSF, Brief Respite, Rolling Guard, Dragon key, Augur mods. Think that just about sums up every one of his builds. Got no problem with YouTube builds but if you just copy them you've learnt nothing. Experiment with your own ideas, you'll learn more and it's certainly more fun.
  12. I've been playing for a few years and can count the amount of times I've had hassle with someone on one hand but unfortunately it does happen especially with a time limited event like eidelons. Sadly with any game you will bump into the occasional Muppet. Ignore them and move on. Don't let them put you off, enjoy the game my friend!
  13. It may be there next time (if it comes back). My credit with Plague Star was still there when it returned from whenever it was there before. Question is will scarlet spear return?
  14. Try unequipping it and levelling it up, then putting back on. Could just be a bit glitchy
  15. Right... I'm stopping it here or we're gonna be the 2 people I mentioned earlier. By the way I've read previous posts you've made, I've seen how you talk to people, I'm not giving you the satisfaction. I'll leave you to return to your bridge. Enjoy mate
  16. Pricing rivens is always difficult. Due to the amount of variables it's never easy to give an exact price. I usually have a look at Semlar.com to get a rough idea. As for your riven crit damage is very good, damage not so much (with the introduction of weapon arcanes many are even taking off Serration) and damage to infested is a better negative than positive as they are already pretty weak. Is it unrolled? That can add to the price. Have you levelled it to max? Can also add to the price. The weapon although good is not the meta and not as sought after which also affects the price. I'm not on PC but on Xbox I'd expect something around 50pl if unrolled.
  17. I put the meme up because this comes up time and time again and we all know how it ends. It goes back and forth, 2 people get too heated, it becomes nothing more than a s*** fest and a moderator closes it for being toxic. Let's see... Oh and I'll add to the discussion. It ain't happening mate. People have been asking for it, others hate the idea. It will split the player base and that's not what DE wants. How do I know? Because this discussion comes up again and again and again and it goes round and round (see previous meme) Back to trade chat my dude!
  18. Yeah no more gladiator mods on sentinels. If you want the benefit of the set you have to find the space on your weapon. Strangely the vigilante mod set on your sentinel still works just fine 🤔
  19. Like it or not railjack is here to stay. It's Steve's baby and will only become more and more fundamental as the game continues. Expect a heavy railjack element in the New War
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