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  1. (XBOX)Obi Wan Dandobi's post in Can't use chat send help pls was marked as the answer   
    In all seriousness there's nothing anyone on the forums can do. You'll have to contact support
  2. (XBOX)Obi Wan Dandobi's post in Veiled Riven Cipher is not being offered this week from Teshin? was marked as the answer   
    Think it resets a week after you bought your 1st one, like rivens for slivers. So if you bought your first ever one on a Wednesday it'll be available every Wednesday.
  3. (XBOX)Obi Wan Dandobi's post in How to Sell Riven Mods? was marked as the answer   
    You can dissolve it for endo or Transmute it if you have 4 and a riven transmutor 
  4. (XBOX)Obi Wan Dandobi's post in Shoulder regalia was marked as the answer   
    Sigils are for the front and back, emblems are for the shoulders. Unfortunately they don't overlap. There are a few of each you can get from events as rewards. For sigils I tend to run a syndicate sigil on the back. For emblems the Ki'teer one from baro is nice or I particularly like the arbitration one you get from the arbiters honors.
    Also glyphs are just that. You can't display them on your frame.
  5. (XBOX)Obi Wan Dandobi's post in For what can use the resource chance booster? was marked as the answer   
    Some things you can't desecrate like arbitration droids that drop vitus essence so a drop chance booster does make a big difference. I run a monthly drop chance booster for this as I do a lot of arbitrations for kuva. Steel essence before the update was another. Also some rare resources are more likely to drop when you use a drop chance booster like orokin cells and argon crystals. Nekros doesn't increase the likelihood of getting a rare drop, just gives you a second chance for something to drop again on desecration.
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