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  1. More of my ideas are on a feedback and idea thread I made for archwing, but I thought that instead of the tracking attacks for this mode, blinking while targeting an enemy in range would make your frame appear right above an enemy fighter and latch onto it. From there, you could use your archmelee to attack a few times before the pilot shook you off. That would at least fix the hitting things problem in this mode, if not the damage
  2. Alright, my personal vision for archwings in railjack contains some pretty extensive additions, so I'll do my best to keep it organized. Please forgive any weird formatting, I am using mobile. --Archwing General Changes-- -Lock on In the same way that railjack cannons can lock on to targets, I believe archwings should be able to do the same. This would allow for lead indicators to help compensate for the slower projectile speed of archguns, easier tracking of individual targets, and easier deployment of certain abilities archwings posess. Additionally, the reticle for targeting could include indicators for the range of the target, useful for this next proposal. -Blink Blink being changed to be a passive for all archwings is a fantastic change in my opinion, and could see some upgrades in functionality now that it is universal. My proposal uses this feature to fix a common complaint about archwing mode in railjack- archmelee. I'd like to suggest that, when within blinking range of an enemy fighter that is currently locked on and within your crosshairs, executing a blink would teleport you directly to that ship. I'm imagining a frame standing/grabbing onto the hull of the enemy fighter while an animation of using your archmeele to attack plays. The player could get several slashes in before being shaken off by the pilot. In an ideal world, if the fighter was killed by the attack, a special finisher would play. This would remove the need for tracking attacks (the currently broken ones) used on normal archwing missions in favor of a more visceral, flashy animation that could deal significant damage at the cost of a relatively shorter range without having to compensate for the extreme speeds of enemy fighters. -Maneuvers Currently, the left, right, and backwards roll maneuvers on archwings are very laggy, don't allow actions during them, and aren't incredibly useful. I'd suggest that archguns should be useable during them and the recovery period afterward is shortened considerably. They should also be able to avoid incoming projectiles if timed right and used in the right direction. If necessary, a small delay could be enforced to prevent them from being spammed, but I'd like to see them be more useful for maneuverability. Additionally, I'd like to see some of the railjack piloting options be translated to archwing to provide more fluid movement options to this mode. -UI The last of my universal changes has to do with the UI-- there are many things that are not communicated well to the player. I would add a different targeting reticle (meaning the red diamonds around enemies) to enemy fighters that are currently attacking your archwing as opposed to the railjack. This gives the ability for the pilot to prioritize these targets as well as decide when and how to use evasive actions to avoid them and loose their aggro. I would also add a way to see the directions that locked on projectiles are coming from and their distance so the player can better decide how to use their defensive archwing abilities and/or the direction and timing of a manual dodge. -Trade-offs To compensate for the power archwings have, they need to be reliant on the railjack so they do not overtake them as the meta way to play. I would remove ways for archwings to regain energy while on their own and tie health and energy regeneration to the ship itself. Additionally, I would add in normal ammo mechanics to archguns and require additional ammo to be gained from the ship as well. Players would have to periodically revisit the ship and allow for a charging time based off of the percentage of materials used before having the full combat abilities of their archwings available again. If a player dies in archwing, they are automatically revived on the ship and have to undergo the full duration of this timer. -Intresniscs A separate intrensics tree could be used for archwing to gradually add the new abilities discussed here. The lock on reticle, energy/ammo recharge time, extra maneuvers, the added blink functionality, and more could all be included in this tree. More ideas will be posted here soon. Please give me your feedback if any of these sound interesting to you Tl;dr: please let us blink at enemy fighters to physically have our frame grab onto them and hit them with big ass swords DE it would be really cool and perfect with how archwings are designed
  3. With the latest devstream, DE discussed their intention to bring multiple improvements, buffs, and nerfs to various archwing systems now that railjack is out. This is obviously very necessary, given the current Amesha/Cygnas meta that's developed over the past few weeks. Seeing how controversial archwing has been with the community since it's inception, I wanted to start a consolidated feeback thread here so hopefully our ideas can be seen and considered by DE after the holidays. I personally have a lot of ideas myself that I'll post down below, please critique them and add your own!
  4. I completely disagree with the feedback saying to put the omni tool on a cooldown or make it inaccessible for any circumstance besides running out of resources for it. Hull breaches occur when the ships health is taken down to zero. Does anyone want to lose a mission because a cooldown didnt go off in time? And without a cooldown or resource cost your ship becomes actually invincible with a half decent engineer. Make pustrels easier to get, sure, but the gameplay loop of gathering resources and converting them into useable items mid fight is fantastic imo. Of course there need to be changes about how those resources are obtained (vaccum, letting archwing collect them, more communication about where to obtain them instead of rng from asteroids) but the concepts here are a net positive for the game mode imo. My only major gripe is that they're also needed for other game elements, they should be exclusive to railjack combat.
  5. I actually love the idea of crafting items for the ship mid combat, it's an interesting role and prevents the ship from being completely invincible with a good engineer. I just think it should be communicated a bit more clearly that a pilot's job is to actively go looking for these resources when not in combat, and have the pustrels needed be visible on the map instead of being a random drop chance from asteroids (i.e. a purple glow or an infested growth on it). Ideally, I would like to see archwings be able to collect these resources as well and have them automatically sent to the ships storage. Finally, the items needed to power the ship mid flight should not be the same ones needed to upgrade it. Players should feel comfortable using all available resources mid combat and, as an engineer, I shouldn't be vilified for making sure everything it topped up mid mission. Perhaps bonuses could be rewarded based on the number of effective uses of these crafted items that reduced resource costs of upgrades, or caches of them were rewarded after battles. Anyway, thank you for the consideration and thank you for delivering this huge and ambitious update for us!
  6. The main thing that I'd like to see now is the long awaited "one hand and and gun" with weapons like longswords and daggers. Im imagining that this would allow us to block instead of ADS while using some of our one handed secondary weapons. That seems like an intuitive option now that manual blocking is back and buffed. It would encourage use of these melee weapons for damage protection while under fire while maintaining ranged gunplay.
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