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  1. So how does this stop solo players from Doing the regular pve. I mean pvp is still in the game tho. Plus warframe requires an internet connection so is forced online from the start.
  2. I guess that’s kind of a fair point but it would be nice to have something like raids or co op forced after you complete your grinds then it gives the player want and need to stay.
  3. (NSW)JJA209


    Sup how are guys doing?
  4. Im a vet that’s not a pro at the game.
  5. Well what’s funny was that for me the mr21 test was actually way easier for me than the mr17 test. You have more time and the enemies all more bunched together from what I experienced or the 21 test. But ya definitely cool video.
  6. Exactly that’s what I mean. That’s why DE should put an automatic kick system in place because of the things that you list. A vote to kick system would be awful.
  7. Vote to kick system would be a bad idea because trolls would just kick everyone out of lobby’s. Simply have an automatic kick system that kicks afk people automatically like in almost every multiplayer game out their heck on Smite another free to play game you get a 1 or 2 minute punishment for leeching in their game. I seriously would like to see DE put that in and troll the afk trolls that way lol
  8. Why would you get rid of reactants? They make these types of missions unique compared to the regular missions.So would you want fissure missions to exactly be the same as regular missions without the void enemies spawning in and dropping reactants? How would you create relics then? See why this doesn’t make sense?
  9. I tried Titania I used the flow mod and ability intensify but her guns were not killing the enemies well at all. Should I have used efficiency mod instead?
  10. Yes it definitely is a main ability for damaging mobs of enemies. I mean I respect your opinion. But for me it’s one of the best abilities in the game and dose a ton of damage especially with umbra. Also not sure what sword you’re referring to as being like the exalted blade but from all the blades I’ve used none of them are like it at all.Also just out of curiosity what augment mod are you referring to?
  11. Not sure why you’re being dic about this but ok whatever I guess. A lot of people from what I’ve seen would want some sort of end game content and I wasn’t just referring to raid but some sort of endgame content in general to do after the player finishes their grinds.
  12. Bruh that’s basically Excalibur’s main ability. His weakest ability is radical javelin definitely needs a buff or a change.
  13. I mean I wouldn’t say it’s brainwashing when that statement is true.
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