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  1. First, they as I remember use “We think it is in current update” Second Xbox don’t get it to, idk PS4.
  2. Hi, I can't comment PC forum (at last path notes part) so I wrote it here. What about introduce of new status, let's name it 'Analysed' (place holder name). It's status for sentient damage (we probably getting new sentient weapon in next operation or new war) Analysed - on first proc reduce target resistance to other proc for 26%, next tier will add 6% up tu 80% (capped) What you think? Isn't good way to introduce statuses to boos fights? Of course some special bosses shuld be immune to this (Like eidolons etc.) status. But rest shouldn't.
  3. Hi, First I'm not sure if I post it in good place. Ok recently released of Warface on switch shows us possibility of making in-game typing without system GUI (this ugly screen with virtual keyboard wich obscure everything). I think it will be very welcome Quality of life change if Warframe adopt way in wich Warface handle text input. Current way obscure chat, we can't react to discussion during typing, we don't see any answers during typing, we don't see anything. Dear DE pleas change it (and add as bonus no virtual keyboard at all for ones using USB keyboard if it's possible).
  4. Now when 'R+Lefy' opens tactical menu, can we get 'R+Right' for repair tool?
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