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  1. Current Combos with Back are extreme difficult to do on consoles (at last for me) it will be easier after update?
  2. Maybe combo counter witch last until you keep stealthy (plus mayby smal amount of decay time to re-stealth). Or 'killstreak' combo counter for example after 5 'stealth kills' your boss start to shoot 3 arrows instead of 1 or get massive + to status chance. Of course witch 2-3 'killstrak abilities' per bow.
  3. Special slots for arguments will be nice, now I don't personally use arguments becourse they are more important mods.
  4. If you talk about archwing underwater exploration/combat... You have 🍻 from me. Mayby some day we can get second set of abilities for each archwing with more synergizes witch underwater. Current ones just look so unnatural during underwater (yeah I know 'natural look' in biocyber space angelic magic ninja-pirates game)
  5. Haha I can't even correctly execute wall attack. Or maybe they always have radical no usable small range.
  6. I think squad link may be used during 3th orb fight.
  7. 1) as autoblock is nice for general play, it's make melee builds boring. Did you plan to make us possible to switch between current controls to 'melee mainly' where you can control blocking? Mayby by holding melee button. 2) same witch channeling, current scheme destroys flow of on/off channeling. 3) current 'chanelling builds' look pointless any plan to make them shiny? 4) did you plan to add more dual wield weapons like glave? Mayby sword and shield* in dual mode will replace sight view witch block? Or dual wield main and offhand weapons like speargun and gun? Technical one specific to Nintendo switch Did you use switch feature knowed as 'bost mode' ( one witch overclock switch during loaning levels etc.) or you plan to start using it? *Image for sword and shield in dual wield mode 😛 Edit: One more question What about Helminth room it's like huge missed opportunity for highly customisable frame, mayby rework for nydus or new 'modular' frame based on infestation.
  8. Mayby we find our own man in the wall. Lotus during ropalyst fight says about 'the voice' of void with is inside teno.
  9. You see. They make nightwave thing witch was horrible grind hell, we start to complain, they fix it. Did you get it? Complain isn't bad. I think intermission shuld be somthing witch always returns between series, with always this same credit type. It's will make no more credits waste. It's bad idea?
  10. It's pretty sad then. What to do with Nora credits?
  11. Same question here, I was thinking they say we will get Nora credits after 15 tier. Now I stuck with 50 credits witch I can't buy anything nice (read potatoes).
  12. Just to get ours more visible. Arbitrations are to long, and boring. Bring it to 5 mins/5 wave.
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