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  1. I don't talk about MOA-frame. I talk about non human frame with can use MOA or zanuka rigs. Biggest NO against no humanoid frames is time and effort to make new rigs, but this rigs already exist in game.
  2. That's the point, non human rigs already exist in game. MOA, orbs, zanuka, infested.
  3. Animal-frame can be transformation ones. We already have hydroid witch transforms into pound. So why not infested theme frame witch by using 4th transform into ball of teeth, claws and death. (Can use exalted weapon slot and akcept dagger/sword mods). Or we have Trinity right?
  4. Mayby we find our own man in the wall. Lotus during ropalyst fight says about 'the voice' of void with is inside teno.
  5. You see. They make nightwave thing witch was horrible grind hell, we start to complain, they fix it. Did you get it? Complain isn't bad. I think intermission shuld be somthing witch always returns between series, with always this same credit type. It's will make no more credits waste. It's bad idea?
  6. It's pretty sad then. What to do with Nora credits?
  7. Same question here, I was thinking they say we will get Nora credits after 15 tier. Now I stuck with 50 credits witch I can't buy anything nice (read potatoes).
  8. Hi, To not spooler to much, new boss don't switch to phase 3 (where it's shuld be simply damaged). It's stays invulnerable forever, and look like have some hiden synovia.
  9. Boys is buggy, 2 of 4 fight don't switch to phase 3 and remain indescribable.
  10. Just to get ours more visible. Arbitrations are to long, and boring. Bring it to 5 mins/5 wave.
  11. I will play some over top content in warframe, mayby not PoE style. But some 'squad command' like teen hammers style.
  12. First sound of ordis telling joke then facepalm using legs connected with sounds of anticlimax, just as random idle animation
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