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  1. In yours culture. In my demons are demons a little evil a little good, mostly like humans. Except they are strongly connected to concepts as love, greed, etc.
  2. New look is bad on iPhone, I don’t have side menu (with staff replies etc.) I don’t like it. Also background image isn’t in properly size so I have huge empty space on right side.
  3. If this be only about old blood, but almost every update is delayed. This and what N do, joy-cons, pro controller, etc. i start to looking at shooting star, maybe the my wish for cross-progress or at last easy migration come true.
  4. I will say, it’s highly probable (in my eyes) they add tier 2, tier 3 ability swap after sacrificing 2th and 3th frame. If this idea hooks.
  5. So No combo bonus at all for Xoris + Abilities at all. why it will reset? Dont will be beter of using Ability will temporally reeneble combo decay for Xoris?
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