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  1. Oh yeah. You were definitely the one who inspired this Warframe. I thought it was me, but not only did you post your concept a month before me, your visuals and Oni aesthetic were also clearly the inspiration as well.
  2. With all those tasty Grineer bothering him while he's trying to fish? Naw. Big boi can maintain his wieght just fine Ohhhh...it just occurred to me!!! What if he gets even bigger when he's full? 😱 We only saw him on an empty stomach. Fill it with a bunch of enemies and... OMG.
  3. If it’s fun to play and scales well at all levels and also happens to be a big boi, then my fat gay butt is gonna main the heck out of it.
  4. Did they say who the concept art was from in the stream? I’m looking and not finding anything.
  5. Well if it was mid last year, my concept was in February (early last year) so there is the possibility my concept inspired his/hers. Not necessarily, but it’d be cool if that was the case. Ohhhh, I wanna ask so bad...
  6. Yeah, the art is clearly based on that. Especially the accompanying weapon. Are Japanese Oni known for eating people though? Honest question. I know Ogres in Western Mythology do, but...
  7. Oh cool. Who made the concept and when? Maybe I can ask them whether my written concept possibly inspired them to make their art concept, or if great minds just think alike. 😉 (Man, I wish I could draw- my art looks like it belongs on a parent’s fridge! 😂) You get it, my dude. Even if it wasn’t my idea that inspired this Warframe, this Warframe still perfectly matches what I described in my concept. So even if it’s not my idea, it’s still something I had thought of and wanted in the game. So I’m PUMPED!! 😊
  8. I’m thinking maybe I should post more in fan concepts then, lol. Naw man, even just knowing that they might’ve used my idea (whether it’s openly admitted or not) is kinda of a huge deal for me. And even if they didn’t, and it’s just coincidence, I’m glad that something resembling my idea is being added. I’ve sort of always been hoping for a thicc boi frame. 😊 Look at my old name- Carnatus means corpulent/fleshy. I’ve always been rocking that fat guy energy, even back on the PS4.
  9. Thank you for not being mocking and at least acknowledging the possibility. Honestly, even if it’s just something they’ve always had in mind, or DE Scott just happened to have the same idea as me, I’m just glad it’s being added. My fat butt is so going to main the heck out of it.
  10. I’m not saying it was my idea but...it’s an idea I had. And shared. Here on the Warframe forums. In 2018. So...
  11. “I'm thinking of a Warframe based purely on overconsumption- on Greed and Decadence. A big effing globular tank, like those Kuva Guardians. His first ability can involve frantically consuming his enemies for added health and armor or various other benefits, and then either slowly digesting them for a steady health regen or expelling them partially digested in either a spray or pool of corrosive stomach acid. For range, perhaps give him a frogs tongue, and let him also grab bunches of nearby enemies with his hands.” An excerpt from the Archived thread.
  12. Did you not read my thread that I linked at the top? 🤔 It’s more than just the build, it’s everything else- eating enemies, carrying them around in it’s stomach, they called it a Kirbyframe so that implies it also spits up it’s enemies, and it digests them.
  13. Back in 2018, before I rage quit the Sony company altogether and abandoned my PS4 account, I submitted this fan concept for a Warframe. Now, in 2019, a Warframe that resembles my concept has just been shown on the Devstream. Described as a “Kirbyframe” who “eats things, devour them, digest them” and “carry them around in his stomach”. I don’t know whether my thread was the inspiration, or if Scott and I just think alike, but I’m HYPED!!!!!!! 😜
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