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  1. Try this setup if you want to spice things up with saryn: -all Umbral forma / adaptation / smite infnusion / venom dose/ regenerative molt -Smite instead of miasma Huge dmg boost because 3x power multiplier Than melee (even ignis wraith) your way through Steel Path I do this setup in mot and its pretty fun. There you go. Saryn aint a nuke
  2. -Arca Plasmor (shotgun) -Corinth prime (shotgun) -Vaykor Hek (shotgun) -Ignis Wraith (Rifleish...) -Dread (bow) -Grinlok/plasma grinlok (fun to do headshot with it) (rifle) -Vectis Prime (sniper)
  3. Was your account linked? if so you had to watch atleast 30min too. i got it
  4. Good Job audio team that was very interesting ! keep it up 😁
  5. Wish i could of participate in these. I played scarlet spear and and plague star which i liked alot but would love to see the old ones come back. Thank you all for taking the time to respond :D
  6. im curious about what your favorite event was and why? Do you think we should have more events and/or recurring event?
  7. yeah same althought id like to see events i havent done yet. which one was your favourite?
  8. i think its time for an event soon... Wish they would bring back old event atleast. i feel like new players and even i who has been playing for 3-4 years now didnt have the chance to participate in events. We probable had like 5 events maybe or so since i started...
  9. Valyria clan is recruiting active players to join our ranks! 100% research done/Drydock/huge dojo/ discord . Part of SoH mega-alliance.Join us now tenno!
  10. Valyria clan is recruiting active player of any Mr! all are welcomed! 100% research/drydock/huge dojo/discord/SoH alliance. Join us now tenno!
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