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  1. For the first time, I actually think that this is not badly designed system and that all aspects have been taken into account. It's designed with veterans in mind and in a way which should not disrupt the meta too much or become mandatory for anything(that's why there are limitations in place). After they revealed it, before describing it deeply I had a few concerns(which have all been adressed) like: 1.Do we need to sacrifice a frame every time we want its ability? NO, once one frame is sacrificed, the ability is stored into the Helminth's library forever. 2.What if I want to go back and forth between no ability change or multiple changes? Simple, ability changes are linked config slots, so I could have one vanilla(A), one with an ability swap(B) and another config(C) with another ability swap. 3. I would assume there are limitations to the number of abilities we could swap and which ones we could get from frames...otherwise it'll just be chaos. Yes, you can only change one ability per config and the abilities are predetermined and not ults/signatures. The only time gate that seemed to exist was the subsuming of one frame, otherwise, it looks like you can swap freely without any downtime. The only cost is resources which is fine. I am fine with it because nobody is going to change abilities like socks. I don't think you have to try all combinations, because you can surely make an educated guess on how 80% of them would work and interact with frames. Take Volt's Shock for example, do you really think you have to test it on everything? It's a boom...electric damage and status ability with a neat augment that gives you weapon damage....it's downright a passive. Same goes with Saryn's Molt(2), Mag's Pull(1), Frost's Ice Wave(2), Nezha's Fire Walker(1) - All of these are confirmed afaik. They are picking the rather boring and straightforward abilities, and that's not a bad thing. When we'll get the full list, we'll know what combinations and synergies are likely to work so the whole "test everything" argument is honestly bull. You know how it's going to go down? Veterans with high MRs and a bajillion of resources will likely test everything for the community and create a "Tier list" to guide casual players on what feels and works better.
  2. I find it ironic they're releasing an "Infested" themed update during an actual pandemic.
  3. One way to limit the usage of one single weapon is to take the sortie modifier "x weapon archetype only" and slap it onto some more activities(relics, bounties, nightmare missions, syndicate missions etc. etc.) I'd actually like to be forced to come out of my comfort zone and try to build or use stuff I don't normally go for. I have at least one weapon built for each "class"(auto rifle, shotgun, sniper, bow, crossbow, explosive launcher etc.) and I'd like to use some of them more, hence why lately, me and a buddy are rolling a random.org before going into longer missions and choose weapons/frames from a list. It's actually pretty fun.
  4. Yet again we see specimens of players complaining about something unreleased yet. Back at its launch, the Bramma didn't seem like much on paper...but after I got it...bloody hell, it made the game too easy(not that it wasn't before), but it turned the "braindeadness" to 150%. And that's before the self damage removal. IT had a drawback initially; compared to the Lenz which has a very well visualy defined damage bubble which made using it really nice, Bramma had basically no warning mechanic. 7m blast radius, that's all we knew. It's hard to appreciate 7m so you'd end up blowing yourself up quite a lot of times. The same drawback made it quite tricky to use in small room maps, tunnels and such.(I'm not saying it should be, but it was enough of a hassle to qualify as a drawback) When self damage was removed, every drawback of the Bramma disappeared. The stagger was and still is absolutely a non issue. IMO, the solution to all the explosive weapons is to maybe think about a third weapon slot, a heavy/power weapon slot with limited ammo and ammo pickups and also unaffected by ammo pizzas and other stuff. That way, you can retain the monstruous AoE damage but introduce the "When should I use it?" question in the game. Bramma, Lenz, Ogris, Tonkor, Phantasma, Zarr and more to come would sit really well with 3-7 shots(depending on the weapon) in a power slot meant for when you want the BFG. Archguns on land missions are pretty bad IMO, they don't feel powerful enough, so I'd strongly suggest an internal test for this. That'd also bring more variety in arsenals, maybe resurrect some forgotten primaries who may not be top dog, but still good enough.
  5. Yep, my bet's on tomorrow too, though today would've made more sense from a PR standpoint.
  6. Tomorrow, Destiny 2 launches its next season or at least we believe so, bottom line is, there's gonna be a big reveal for the season to come and probably the next fall expansion. Saturday, they had a big world event(albeit a bit long) which was a pretty big technical success. I imagine DE won't sit on their asses and let Bungie claim all the hype, so I'd expect Deadlock to launch either later on this evening or even tomorrow to try and build their own hype.
  7. When did DE ever give a set release date for anything? For as long as I can remember, I specifically recall the use of the word "targeting". That's what DE has always said: "We're targeting a [insert month] release" with a possible [insert month] delay buffer". They never said "We're releasing [insert update name] on [insert specific dd/mm/yy - HH:mm:ss]" (or at least not that I remember, feel free to correct me) I understand the content drought issue, but the frustration you're talking about comes from entitlement. As long as DE doesn't say specifically when they plan to release something, I can't get mad at them for this reason alone. Ah, if you combine poor communication with content drought and unnecessary hype, then yeah, you have the recipe for frustration, otherwise, to me at least, all complains are invalid.
  8. This is PogChamp, the meme behind the derivatives, ”Poggers” ”Pog” ”Poggies”, however you want it. I don't know the exact origin either, it's some clip IIRC, but it is usually used when you're excited about something, mainly some RNG result as I see it mostly.
  9. If killing 10 goddamned glassed enemies in the span of a week, or maybe more(depending on how long an act goes for), is a grind...then I don't even know what to say...it speaks volumes on what type of players are left in the game.
  10. Why would they? It's their "pOliCy" to never give dates, since they might not make it in time for release. Understandable. Only this time...this is a complete misstep on their part. Intermisison means a bridging gap between two acts. I still can't understand why they ended it this week instead of ending it exactly when Glassmaker drops. It's not like people cared about getting something out of the current intermission (spare me the nitain complaints...), but everyone understood that Intermission II finishing on the 3rd of May meant that NW S3, Glassmaker would start MONDAY, ON 4TH...It made sense, you end the current NW on Sunday, before the reset, next seaon drops monday so that you have a season consisting of full weeks, instead of one being shorter. Why couldn't DE come out and say, "Glassmaker is not starting on the 4th of May" is beyond me...they're shooting themselves in the foot with each new thing they bring out. It's either broken, poorly relayed or not there at all. I thought we were on a good path with the recent revised stuff, but it seems we're back with the shenanigans. BTW, remember this?
  11. Okay, you made a really good step in the right direction with these changes, but you kinda missed the mark with the adjustments. Time-To-Kill on Railjack Enemies This feels far too low now or at least that was the first impression. I haven't played the game in a few months now so I might need to get readjusted and remember how it was before. I'm not saying it's bad, but it felt a bit too easy. This however might also be since my ship's maxed out and ran Gian Point. Overall Health and Damage of Enemies Needs small bumps up I'd say(if we're talking fighters and crewships), which in turn might solve the preceived lower TTK. Survivability of the Railjack Not an issue, never was. I actually drew quick conclusions. RJ had isssues with survivability early on. I haven't tested a lower config ship, but I suspect it's better now. Hazards though are...weird. I soloed about 3 GP runs(on public lobby but nobody joined) as I was interested in space combat and in all those I had no breach, no electric damage, only 4 fires from boarders. That's not...good in my book. I never found breaches and stuff annoying, it was the engineer's job to keep them in check and I liked juggling between fixing stuff, shooting the turrets and crafting ammo and flux in the forges. You might need to take a look at them, maybe increase the hazard chance a bit. Keep the "one of each type" limit though, that's a good change overall. Difficulty of Boarding Parties Really hit the mark with these, I can finally enter the room they board without them one shotting me if I don't throw something before the door opens or go invisible. They're still pretty strong, but not sponges. I will edit the post POST EDITED
  12. To all those who are still crying about disappeared avionics, YOU LOST NOTHING, READ THE PATCH NOTES. Now...to translate them for the masses. Everything you had, except battle and tactical avionics, got reverted to unranked. Every single piece of DIRAC you used to upgrade the previous versions HAS BEEN REFUNDED. Every avionic now only has one variant, the others were removed. To my understanding, if you had even a lesser variant( one that did not have the highest value of the three previously), you now have the one with the highest value(because that one is now the only one.) and it has been converted to whatever they did. P.S. For God's sake, STOP QUOTING THE ENTIRE FIRST POST, use a damn
  13. I know this is a feedback topic specific to the current changes, but I still think it's the best place to post it because it's still a revise idea and it links into the "solid foundation" goal you're chasing with these revisions. INTRINSICS. Specialization to me means a tree with multiple options on a row and only one, maybe two active choices. You missed the mark so hard with this it's not even funny. The entire intrinsic system needs a rework from the ground up. I haven't thought of the details, but in my mind here's how it should be in order to have the "specialization" feel you're going for: You have a passive power-up that you get every time you reach a tier in any intrinsic tree. Things like the recall warp, drift, forging(of all types), slingshot and ship warping should be passives, awarded to everyone who advances in intrinsic tiers. So: Tier 1 - You get "Forging"(all types, energy, ammo, dome charges, revolite) Tier 2 - You get "Warping (around the ship and back to it with the Omni) Tier 3 - You get "Archwing Singshot" Up to this tier ,which is easy enough to reach, you'll have all the base QoL in order to not be a hindrance to other crews. Tier 4 - You get "Drifting" Tier 5 - You get "Command perk, TBD" By the time you've reached rank 5 in any tree...you'll have all the base perks so that ANY member can at ANY TIME fill ANY OF THE ROLES in a mission. Tier 5-10, I haven't yet thought of it, although one idea that pops to my mind would be some avionic unlocks, special ones unobtainable as drops. Not sure about it though. Now...you might wonder, okay...where's the specialization? Coming right up: The intrinsics trees themeslves, should be choice based, I'm currently thinking if it should let you choose 2/4(eventually 5) or 1/5. I think it should be two though, so that you could maybe specialize in two categories. As for the unlockable tree perks themselves, they should be efficency boosters...so more CDR for abilities, less heat, more damage, more speed, etc. I just came up with the fundamental idea itself, so I don't have specific numbers. I could...start thinking of specific stuff, but the underlying point here is (i'll write it in caps to emphasize it, not yell). EVERY CREW MEMBER SHOULD BE ABLE TO FILL ANY ROLE. THE PERKES THEY CHOOSE AND TREES THEY "SPECIALIZE" IN SHOULD MAKE THEM BETTER OR THE BEST AT THAT SPECIFIC ROLE, WHILE NOT MAKING THEM COMPLETELY USELESS AT THE OTHERS.
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