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  1. What happen at Gara's quest when Teralyst supposed to spawn but the sun's out? Did they force it to spawn at day time or force you to enter night time plains? If it's the former then they can make eidolons also spawn at day only when you pick their bounty, if the latter then it should be possible to enter instanced night time.
  2. I can tolerate recoil that moves the reticle around, but zooming recoil... #*!% that thing, I think the worst offender is Kuva Ayanga, it's borderline nauseating firing it without holding aim button.
  3. I'm gonna miss that feeling when RJ anomaly was first released and that place actually feels threatening even though we're fighting like 3 enemies max at the same time.
  4. I had weapon stat glitch with Twin Grakatas and it had radial attack stat...... man, imagine if it's real.
  5. People never complain about exclusive armors for many frames and skins, why would calling syandana a syandana is a problem now?
  6. Awesome, now do the same for majority of rewards in every other gamemodes.
  7. Unfortunately, it most likely will, seeing how the next few primes before Hildryn have 2 signature weapons, except Garuda and Baruuk, which I just don't see how they might come with a primed archgun.
  8. Could also be players who refuse to buy palettes with plat or didn't bother/missed the chance to get the free ones.
  9. The end of service? No. The end of DE making big epic storyline quests? Possible, considering the development hell of New War, but there's still Duviri, so maybe after that. I don't mind Warframe returning to the old smaller event quests if it means we're getting more consistent updates, the long gaps of nothing between big ambitious content were one of the reason people keep screaming content drought, then when the updates dropped its usually full of bugs and horrendously balanced dampening the excitement people had for them.
  10. Please tell me the arms for Valkyr deluxe is an attachment, the normal sized arms looks amazing in the concept art, those out of place oversized buff arms sticking like a sore thumb completely ruined it.
  11. I like storm as an alternative when all available fissure take place on mission types I hate, like defense or interception.
  12. It's already fixed, at least on Switch, I just unbound Void Flow yesterday.
  13. Imagine people recruiting for eidolon then see that Harrow and Trinity they recruited are actually Sevagoth and Yareli.
  14. Still can't unbind Waybounds, nice to see it not getting fixed in this update.
  15. Mission failed stat in profile can stay, it's pretty much harmless and no one thoroughly check your statistic except yourself anyway. Mission failed result screen tho... #*!% that thing.
  16. It's not how Warframe "supposed" to be, it's how Warframe "used" to be.
  17. Like others said, most likely at the end of the year, and will be abandoned, full of bugs until DE come back from their vacation next year, like usual.
  18. Now imagine when they've released more Tenet weapons in the future, candidate farming gonna be even more hellish than larvling.
  19. It's still leagues better than the stupid alt fire mode that Kuva Quartakk, Tenet Diplos and Quatz has. Cyanex and Nagantaka, also Grakata, but it needs mod for that.
  20. Mirage with Cyanex, Kuva Drakgoon or Tenet Tetra in cramped areas, maximum fun.
  21. The best compromise I could think is give them an attachment tab for head hologram which lets you choose freely from any helmet in your inventory.
  22. Besides the default 0.5 dispo change, now we got Galvanized mods too, causing the value for damage and multishot stat dropped, making rivens even more undesireable.
  23. Solo'd 2 sisters so far with Wukong and I can beat them without any problem, give your Celestial Twin a Proboscis Cernos and it'll stunlock the sister while you chip her health down with melee, also bring a Vulpaphyla with Sharpened Claws and it'll completely strips her armor.
  24. This is my problem playing with Titania as well, zipping around as mini archwing is super fun and all, but hell, getting buffs with her 2 is annoying af, the precise targeting, repeated cycling, and occasional bug that wouldn't let you pick 'em.
  25. Kitguns are best for this I think, then Staticor, Prisma Angstrum, Sancti Castanas or Talons, the last two in particular might be better than expected if you can throw them while stationary then move to get the buff and detonate them.
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