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  1. Is the 1st batch of Tennogen 20 also gonna come with this update?
  2. Mag and Nova were the first unvault available in Switch, Mag is that rare over here because back then we were still new and no one farmed her relics, except the few players who transferred from PC maybe.
  3. Do we know if the new airborne crit passive is additive stacking to the mods, multiplicative, or flat increase? It might make her super strong depends how it is.
  4. Yeah, if you need 30 repaired wreckages in inventory don't call it "early adopter" rewards, it should be "platinum spender" rewards.
  5. Yes, intrinsic level is the easiest solution, real early adopters most likely already had their intrinsics maxed or at least high enough to be eligible for Tier 3 at his point, latecomers can still get it but need to do extra grind since the nerf to intrinsic point gain.
  6. As someone who still play RJ even now, I can just spam Earth Proxima missions and have enough to repair more than 30 T1 wreckages, but I still think this is a stupid requirement. Using intrinsic as the qualifier is more fitting, like some people said.
  7. Then at least valence fusion should count to this as well, most of my RJ resources are spent on maxing those stats.
  8. CO for guns is inevitable at this point since it already exist with Cedo, they just need to export the gimmick in mod form for other weapons.
  9. Ironically Zenith is better sniper than actual sniper rifles with how the game mostly take place on small rooms and hallways, I miss the glitch where you can stay on Semi-auto mode forever, dunno why they haven't make any sniper with similar gimmick.
  10. I bought Protea Mavv from NW, never saw Telema tho, so I'm not sure what they're trying to imply here.
  11. How many frames got reworked shortly before their prime again? I can only remember Titania, and that seems more like coincidence than DE actually planned to rework her because the prime is coming soon.
  12. They already broke it late 2019 when we had delayed Vauban and Ash unvault.
  13. The only thing I don't like is the mandachords on her thighs, that part on the normal version looks way cooler than the prime.
  14. They did the right thing not reworking Octavia and instead trying to fix the frame that actually need it more, which is Zephyr in this case.
  15. Until another enemy suddenly get in the way and you grab them instead, then watch your health rapidly dwindles as you stand right in front of the disco ball lol
  16. This is a good idea, I think I never use 70% of my arsenal and typing in the search bar on console is a pain, maybe an option to hide all those unowned weapons with plat price tags would be nice too. It's weird that we can register favorite color palette, but not weapons when we have hundreds of them.
  17. Rather than confirmation when clicking random, maybe asking to save change when exiting the appearance customization would be better. Sometimes I still spam that random button to see if I can get something good when I don't have any fashion idea and tweak it after I find a decent one, having to click confirm everytime gonna be tedious for this method.
  18. Only 2 frames with signature weapons have been primed so far, Atlas got his signature primed, while Mirage didn't. Tho I don't think DE even remember Mirage has one since Akzani is the only old signature weapon that didn't get updated with bonus effect.
  19. Since Octavia Prime is right around the corner let's hope Tenora Prime gets multiple barrel design with increased fire rate and magazine.
  20. No demand for other login prime mods and login weapons also made available earlier through other means? Just PSF? Okay then.
  21. I'm not surprised if they later release DPS increasing dual stats exilus for weapons, with "the main stat is utility" as excuse like Drift mods.
  22. I don't even try to avoid devstreams since usually takes place when I sleep on my timezone, and I'll just read or watch the quick summary later, which only gives info what's coming next without too much details. I guess I'm lucky my small community rarely mentions about future content, mostly just the usual playing together and random talks.
  23. Why are you spoiling yourself and look at PC discussions/guides if you want to discover things by yourself? I know nothing about the event except for we have to kill as many Orphix as possible and Scarlet Spear rewards are back, I don't know what kind of enemy Orphix is and how to kill them, what are the new rewards, even what Lavos' abilities do. Just learn some restraint, dude.
  24. I love how Atlas and Tekko are always forgotten whenever people talking about Prime frame and signature weapon.
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