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  1. I need an archgun that fires homing missiles in space and on land.
  2. Just doing my daily sortie for 15 minutes just to help DE with the player count then I'm off to playing other games. Played Wolcen, campaign was short and ended up in a cliff hanger. Played Daemon X Machina and Mechwarrior 5 because I love customizing mechs.
  3. Oh man, Fury just gave Wilder a boxing lesson and ended the fight on the 7th round with a TKO win. Dropping him on the 3rd and 5th round. This proves that technique will always be superior to brute strength. Loved seeing how Fury danced all over Wilder. I was kind of rooting for Wilder because I love seeing him KO his opponents the same way Earnie Shavers used to. I hope these boys still goes for a part 3.
  4. hOw dArE u mEnTiOn hiS nAmE hErE iN teH fOrUms! tHiS iS teH bEsT gAeM eVeR! teH cOmmUniTY iS sO wHoLesOme! ThE dEvs aR on ToP oF thEiR gAmE! WeRFreM is gEnRe-daefying! sTeVe iS thE Hidetaka Miyazaki of tHe wEsT! /s
  5. For a second I thought you were referring to Sen. Marco Rubio. 😂😂
  6. DE is not an indie company. It has 300+ people, a little more than FromSoftware's 288.
  7. And then we both squeal when New War is locked behind Railjack, hahaha I'm 0 0 4 4 baby...if this happens then I'm out, screw railjack.
  8. I don't know about you guys but I'm going to keep playing WF until it dies. I mean, all I need to do is get my daily login and sortie reward, done in 15mins and I helped DE by increasing the player count in Steam charts 😆😆😆
  9. My mistake, they've grown to 33 people and I don't play online since I already have PoE for that. It's a great filler until PoE2 / D4 and perhaps will get better once these two arrive.
  10. And made by 13 people. They focused on what really matters instead of hyping the game.
  11. In other news, Destiny 2 has been kicked out of Steam top 10 and a lot of people are playing Wolcen.
  12. This game has been stuck in early access for years and just want to share to you guys that it's been officially released! Key features: Free character development Wield a great variety of weapons and find your own playstyle thanks to their unique stances and combos. In Wolcen, there is no class, only your weapons set the rules for your skills types. Three types of resources Rage and Willpower interact with each other, using the Resource Opposition System. Stamina allows you to use a dodge-roll to avoid danger or travel faster. Item diversity Gear up according to your offensive and defensive choices with common, magical, rare and legendary items. Break the rules and unlock new possibilities with Unique items and rare affixes. Rotative Passive Skill Tree Make your own path throughout the 21 sub-class sections available in the Gate of Fates to customize your passives and make them fit to your play style. Skill customization Level up your skills with your character or alternative resources to gain modifier points and create your own unique combination of skill modifiers. Change your damage type, add new functionalities, grant buffs or debuffs, change the skill’s mechanics completely. The options are limitless. Strategic fights Wolcen’s creatures have complex patterns including deadly skills. Pay attention to various markers and to animation anticipation to avoid lethal attacks using your dodge roll ability. Aspects of Apocalypse All characters can shapeshift into one of the 4 Celestial incarnations available, each of them offering 4 different skills, and one devastating ultimate. Endless replayability Improve your gear by looting or crafting, gather resources to unlock rare missions, face advanced challenges for special rewards, experiment new builds, become the greatest achiever. Whether you like to play solo or with friends, there is always something to do. A taste for beauty Using the Cryengine technology makes Wolcen an immersive and beautiful game with highly detailed armors and weapons. In addition, 8 hours of epic orchestral music will accompany you during your journey. Unleash your fashion sense Customize your appearance by switching the visuals of your armors and weapons. Loot more than 100 different dyes and tune up your armor to have your very own unique style. The asymmetric armor system will also allow you to change your appearance for left and right shoulder and glove. Difficulty modes Choose how you want to make the campaign with 2 different difficulty settings: the Story mode and the Normal mode. The endgame is shaped to allow a progressive increase in the difficulty. Regular updates and seasonal events We’re committed to make Wolcen a long-term game with regular updates and additions, including features, Acts, gameplay content, Quality of Life, PvP, Housing, and seasonal events.
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