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  1. They ran out of juice and basically strip you of all your gear and call it a challenge. It's an annoying challenge.
  2. A gay fat man once said: "A game selling "time savers" is a game admitting it's bad. It's saying there's clear value on playing the game less, simple as that."
  3. I haven't kill a lich yet, is it really that bad huh? I'll probably farm them once all mainline updates are live. Perhaps they'll make changes once we are there.
  4. When I'm doing my daily solo survival arbitration and my 3rd world ISP suddenly lose connection, I'm not worried about getting disconnected and the game actually goes on and then I extract once I have my connection back after 1-2 minutes.
  5. Spiders made Greedfall with 50 people in 3 years. I'm expecting my mind to be blown when Empyrean, New War and the Duviri Paradox comes out.
  6. Wow, this looks promising. Hope every developer use this tech for their online games.
  7. I'm expecting the Tenno getting stuck in the void for years because the man in the wall did some space magic and oncd we're back, the sentients are all over the place, star chart gets reset and we start over.
  8. The cat could have been at least useful "IF" they give genetic codes when you scan them, to improve the grind but meh, couldn't care less about it now.
  9. Oh man, expectations are really high right now and the pressure is on DE not to make a [Primed Disappointment].
  10. Players are pissed because Condition Overload was introduced 3 years ago and they could have nerfed it a week or month later but they didn't.
  11. Is there anything else DE can do besides the grind? Asking for a friend.
  12. I think I know what you mean, I was probably doing something before that didn't cause me to stagger, I just couldn't remember it.
  13. I'm 100% sure its a bug, they did say something about melee movement being fluid, there's nothing fluid about a stagger during a combo and mind you, this stagger is not caused by enemy attacks.
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