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  1. We just ran a lith rescue mission and at the end of the mission we got the countdown timer but the reward options never showed up.
  2. I too have this problem where the lighting seems to suddenly get darker. It also translates over to missions. Dark areas suddenly go incredibly dark and light areas go super bright >.< For me it's been going on since they introduced the update to "metal" objects :s
  3. The energy color for the Syandana seems to be broken. When you go to the color picker it appears to change the color one way when you hover over the colors, However, once you actually select it, what shows is completely different. Please see reference below: When selecting color: When color is actually selected:
  4. Oh man, you might be on the better side of the RnG tables. I had a fairly easy time with Khora and Ivara, but there were some folks who couldn't get the pieces they needed for weeks. I'd feel really bad if they missed out on the opportunity to play because RnG wasn't on their side (don't even get me started on Kavat DNA XD). And ya, doesn't take long to level a frame if you have a "nuker" in your party for Sanctuary. Unfortunately, most nukers move to ESO for the focus. Also, there is the issue of frame slots. If a person cant put money into the game and isn't one for the market, they will be very selective with their frame slots. I was before I was able to finally purchase plat on one of those 75% off dealies. I dunno. I guess I just figured if part of the issue is players going in unprepared, if they have to play it to get to the harder mode, you'd be less likely to run into the person dying 20 times in the first 5 minutes XD
  5. I just saw the suggestion for Elite Arbitration haha I hadn't at the time of my post pretty cool to see it suggested by another....maybe it might be something more folks would want. I only suggest tiers for those folks who still want the opportunity to revive in case of an accidental death, a bug (there are a lot of bugs that have gotten me killed as others have mentioned falling through the floor), or ping/internet issues. And ye, the suggestion for debuffs was just to make it harder for those that really want to test themselves. They could see the debuff before going in and build accordingly maybe. I'm not sure I'd want to be forced into having to use other frames though. I can't play Titania to save my life! Some folks love her, but she's at the bottom of my list XD Also there are folks who can just buy the frames from the cash shop and still go in inexperienced. For those that need/want to get the frame by playing, there is also the problem of RnG frames like Ivara, Khora, etc. I've seen MR 20+ folks still trying to get Khora. I figured having a requirement for experience with previous arbitrations would at least ensure the person has some idea of what it's like...maybe XD
  6. Thank you for replying! I don understand what you are trying to say :) Yeah Arbys are definitely something to work toward. When I did my first Arby I was super lost, even after reading guides, watching videos, and spending time questioning clanmates. Once I was dropped in, it's amazing how fast things amp up and how quickly all my "knowledge" went to the birds! I thought I was prepared, but even with all the pre-prep work, I found I had to develop my own style. Arby's are a huge learning curve even with it taking a while to get there and just gaining access doesn't grant success. I think the will to improve comes from those folks who face plant the first match and don't want that to happen again. You can't get the rewards if everyone is dead and if they want the rewards for going longer, they have to learn to build up for it. Also, some new players may rush the star chart and have no clan/friends to pre-warn them and go in blind thinking its "just another game mode". It is definitely harder on the regulars to have to revive the dead player, but the alternative is to end up a person down when they could be helping. And when I've seen happen more often than not, is someone in the pug party goes off the wall at the person who died instead of giving them ideas on how to stay alive, better builds they can use, or better ways to handle the map, and the like. That alone makes me think the Pugs need the revives even more XD What if they created a "nightmare" mode for veterans (similar to nightmare on nodes) and it had greater rewards but no revives? Maybe it could have tiers so maybe tier one had 3 revives for the whole team, tier 2, only 2 revives, and tier 3, no revives. For an added challenge, modes can have negative debuffs (like low energy mode, etc). The rewards could be greater for the higher tiers but much harder to get. They could make it so only players who have say, 20 completed arbitrations can participate to try and cut down inexperienced players and whatnot.
  7. Congrats on finishing! I'm going further to collect the Catalysts/Reactors! They are too rare for me currently XD
  8. Hope it is okay to chime in here. I don't think removal of revives is the way to go. I've experienced this very scenario. I main Trinity, and she's very hard to kill when linked but even I've fallen victim to turning a corner right into a nullifier and gotten dropped almost immediately. And RiP if you don't catch an energy drain the middle of a crowd while trying to keep yourself and your party alive. I'd also like to throw out the slight problem of the bonus damage for a frame/weapon. I'm not saying it should be removed, but it can often prompt players to use frames or weapons they are unfamiliar with which results in "deaths". Seeing a 300% damage buff on Saryn in some maps immediately makes me nervous. I adore Saryn, but it isn't long in arbitrations before she can be overtaken by nullifers or energy leeches (a lot of people don;t spec for health when they are going for damage) and it isn't long before the revives begin (I'm not saying she is the only frame to go down just an example). Should they have brought a frame they were more comfortable with? Sure. Is it he end of the world because I had to revive them though? No. Thing is, when you pub...you get what you get. At least this game allows for selecting to only go with friends or you can just use recruiting chat to find a more dedicated group. That being said, even when I run with more experienced folks...we die XD and I personally wouldn't want anyone to miss out on a reward because of an accidental death. When someone dies, or most of us die, someone just rushes to the end and we do something else until the timer resets for a new Arby. I understand you are frustrated (toward OP) but the hard fact is, new players help keep games alive. We ALL had learning curves when we started playing this game. None of us came in as "pros" and it can be easy to forget that after months of tireless game play. No offense, but I don't get why folks are so quick to click the "punish" button on new players. I do hope they release some hardcore content for vets (especially with railjack coming) but I don't think limiting the new player experience or locking them out is the way to go either. I personally feel the best way to kill a game, is to gimp it's growth. Sadly, one day the "vets" will move on...then what?
  9. Looks like I jumped the gun on excitement. The extra pearls are individually rewarded. So now we have the added "benefit" of competing against each other >.< That's not exactly what we meant by extra pearls. Spent most of the time trying to not take my teammates kills from them while having other teammates take my kills >.< *sigh*
  10. Oh man, I just about died laughing when I saw that message! Thank you DE for the change!
  11. Agreed to this point too. The weapons have been heavily inconsistent and the enemies get some weird super speed or auto one hit kills.
  12. This ^ currently there is no reason to even try. Please make the pearls match the score or make it first to 50 so the game time can be shortened, The game mode is A LOT of fun. It's a nice change and I really enjoy playing it when I do...but being forced into 5 minutes of game play to only be given 50 pearls rather we have a score of 0 or 200 is.....disheartening.
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