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  1. Please.....PLEASE add a way to remove a lich. I use a controller and accidentally killed a lich while trying to take it down. It's aggravating to be forced to have to go through grinding out murmurs just to get rid of the thing. What I would suggest is if you don't finish the mission, you dont get the lich, even if you "killed" it.
  2. We're still being put into instances that are 0/100 and 100/100. On top of that the server list is incorrect. We click one that is 40/100 and we end up in one that is 0/100. The problem seems to happen most when we have a full party.
  3. We are playing Sanctuary Onslaught but when we leave and try to recreate the party, we get this message:
  4. Same issue, after missions. Mine: My bf:
  5. TYPE: In-Game - Railjack DESCRIPTION: No receiving scarlet tokens for completion of the railjack portion of the missions. Only some missions do it. In the mission below, none of my credits were saved. My credits should have been higher than my score as we went into mission already having had some credits. We did however, discover that my and my bf's mission showed 0 ships completed but our team captain showed 4 of them finished. We all finished with the same score, but for some odd reason our progress wasn't saved. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Unknown EXPECTED RESULT: Receive Credits for this mission OBSERVED RESULT: Received no credits REPRODUCTION RATE: No idea what triggered it.
  6. Same problem 😞 I have no idea what causes the bar to start shifting left. I use the controller and mouse to play.
  7. TYPE: In-Game - Fortuna DESCRIPTION: Deployment of archwing is unresponsive at times. I used to be able to jump and summon the archwing, but now it wont summon at all. Even when grounded the summon option doesn't always work. I use the xboxcontroller. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Unsure. We were running Profit Taker phase 2. EXPECTED RESULT: Archwing should deploy every time its summoned (minus obstacles) OBSERVED RESULT: Archwing doesnt summon. REPRODUCTION RATE: About a 40% failure to launch rate. Update: I got it to summon a bit more by rotating off archwing and then back to it. It seems to summon more often than not now, but its definitely not as sensitive to summoning as it was before the update >.<
  8. We were in the Plains of Eidolon doing bounties for our nightwave "catchup" and the client suddenly froze and crashed. We had completed three bounties up to that point. I sent in the error report and relogged and was asked to rejoin the session, which I did. We went in to save the progress and, of course, I lost all of my progress except for the last relic from completing the last stage of the mission. Upon checking my nightwave, I am also back to 0/3 bounties completed >.>
  9. Sorry, I didn't realize I didn't specify it is Orb Valis. We were doing the protect the target ones and even with three frost shields up, we were losing the bonus. The thing that seem to help was having ospreys as they helped keep the target shields at max.
  10. Yeah I was trying that but I ran into the problem of energy and when the target moves snowglobes are unhelpful XD
  11. Thank you all so much for your replies. Yeah we are trying the sentinel shields and they don't really compare to the ospreys so it seems 😞 We were hoping here was a mod that could replace having to have the ospreys. ....and so far we've only failed the bonus when the health gets damaged. and the Ospreys take the shield back up. Even with Frost, the target still takes damage from enemies getting inside the shield 😞 We're trying to minimize chances to fail since the secure area one still seems to be bugged to auto fail after so many missions *sigh*
  12. Quick question, are there any companions/companion mods that work like the shield of shield ospreys? They are great for protection missions that require no damage but they seem to be hard to get for me as I am not an ally for cephalon suda >.>
  13. I'm having this weird bug where mu character runs in place. So far I've noticed it happens in Fortuna/Orb Valis. It also makes my movement slowed. Play method: Controller (I tried unplugging the controller and it still does this) Edit: It seems to trigger after coming from the archwing. I seem to be able to duplicate it by using the skill where you fall from archwing and slam into the ground. Edit 2: Almost positive it's tied to the archwing. When I fly with speed and launch off the archwing I get stuck walking in place. However if I stop flyinf with speed and just drop off the archwing the animation stops.
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