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  1. Same issue 😞 Seems like folks have been reporting this for a while....
  2. Dearest DE, Now that we have more flishies in game, can we please have increased size for our orbiter fish tank or can we please PLEASE have a clan fish tank? I adore the fish designs and would love to showcase my favs! :) Sincerely, Me
  3. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: We are running an invasion in Charybdis (Sedna) for detonite injector. Upon reaching the midway junction (the part where you jump into a pod and "activate" it to be moved to another area of the map) we were moved into the new corpus map. Upon exit we were moved into a new corpus map section and had the Granum crown hands on the map. Upon activating one, it took the coin, but nothing happened. When we tried to activate it again, it now says that it has already been used but the hands are clearly facing toward us (it turns away when the void has been opened). We
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