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  1. You may not care, but technological advancements in the Burrito Industry is the only way that consumers can get more value out of said product. When a lack of competition happens, advancement slows which in turn hurts the consumer. Yes, you may not live in the USA, but the lack of advancement in Burrito Tech in the last years is hurting our wallets.
  2. Alright, just from a market standpoint, the burrito industry is pretty monoculture. Chipotle owns the burrito space (although local businesses do destroy Chipotle in some situations). What does this tell us about the USA's current restaurant interests? We want simple food. Food that can be modular. Cheap, filling food. Although why only Chipotle has really survived is the interesting part... Many news articles have been created on this topic, how the pepper-nicknamed business obliterated the competition and stole the market from competitors, removing any possibility of advanceme
  3. Arbitration Excavation. 45 minutes, I got like 20k endo I think. That's with sculptures and the base endo reward. Survival, Defense, Interception, and Defection all take 2x longer to farm, so avoid those modes, and wait patiently for an excavation, get a squad up that's willing to go for like 20+ digs, and get some endo.
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