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  1. Read comment directly above.
  2. I was talking broadly about how people respond to feedback generally with rude responses if they don't agree, instead of offering criticism. I wasn't saying that he shouldn't be a $&*^ to this OP in specificity, but rather be a little less rude in general.
  3. Rudeness at this level with a "deal with it" argument is the exact reason why a lot of feedback doesn't get read in the forums. Could you not be such a $&*^ dude?
  4. I completely agree with you. Whenever I try to make a point that the entire point of a Video Game is Entertainment, and by principle it's supposed to be designed to be fun, there will always be that one guy that's like "If you don't like the game not being fun, play something else" as if a game being not fun at many points is OK and should be accepted, and if you don't like it, leave. (Sounds similar to something said by a certain US politician) A game should be fun. And yeah, me and other like the grind Warframe offers, cause most of the time, it's fun. But stuff that literally impedes on you having fun in a game is never welcome.
  5. Strange. Most certainly strange. Perhaps we should submit this to PC bugs?
  6. OK, this is a bit of a niche question, but just recently (In the last 2 days) I've noticed that my Hydrolyst caps have been steadily decreasing at a rate of about 1/week. About a month ago I had 33+ Caps, then when I got back into the game after I was busy for that month, I saw that I had 29 caps. Figured I just remembered wrong or something. Then just yesterday I did a 4x3 with a friend, and a 4x3 today, and instead of being at 37 caps (29 + 4 + 4 = 37) I was at 36. Why and how is this happening? EDIT: I have been noticing this happening for about 4 months now, as I definitely remember doing more than 10 3x3's with my friend when I had 29 caps. I still figured I had just remembered wrong at the time, but now I'm not sure that that is the case. EDIT II: There are also a few other statistical issues, such as how I have far more teralyst captures than hydrolyst captures when I only remember at most 10 times when I was a low MR leeching cause I didn't understand how the teralyst fight worked. This whole thing just gets more weird as I read through my stats.
  7. Wrong, unless you're using Nezha. Bullet Jump + Jump + Roll is much, MUCH faster.
  8. That's a first.
  9. Why? It costs 11 mod slots and give a 30% boost in movement speed, something that is totally unnecessary considering bullet jumping exists.
  10. I don't know how many times people have to say it, But you had to watch a panel OTHER THAN TennoLive to receive the Lotus Ephemera. You couldn't just watch TennoLive for !necrosprime and get Lotus Ephemera as well. Read the original post about it.
  11. It's not like that. You can try and do something similar to this in the Void tileset, where there are a couple "choke points" that can be locked down by a Zenistar and a Zarr, still, this requires effort, it's not just a sit tight with your Zenistar without a care in the world kind of thing. If this did exist, on lower levels, yes it would be insanely easy and could be obliterated by a Zenistar. But if the level is balanced with the tile, it would be fine.
  12. damn this lad changing his name to GaussPrime before the normal Gauss even releases
  13. I'm hoping it's not permanent, as it would kinda ruin the whole metaphorical point of operators, for your true form to be meek and small while what you believe you are and what you want to be is big, strong, and destructive. Why should The Second Dream and The Sacrifice even exist if we're going to become able to do what our frames can do?
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