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  1. From what I can tell it uses the primary colour for the petals and your energy colour for a glow in the middle. Although, the wiki says petals are accent and stem is tertiary colour.
  2. Yes multiple people (including me) have experienced this and have reported it in the megathread. It seems if you have any non-max-rank guildable pets it thinks you haven't got any applicable pets. The current workaround is, if you have another pet(s) (e.g. a predasite or another vulpapyla) rank that to 30 as well and it will let you guild. Although the guilded pets dont seem to be giving MR at the moment. (when DE fixes that sort of bug you normally get the MR in the end though so I wouldn't worry about it too much)
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Trying to guild my crescent vuplaphyla. It says I do not have a max rank/unguilded pet but I do. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: I dont know if its just this companion yet, still leveling my other ones. EXPECTED RESULT: I should be able to guild this companion. I have the tokens ans standing needed to do so. OBSERVED RESULT: I cannot guild my companion. REPRODUCTION RATE: I dont know if its just this companion yet, still leveling my other ones.
  4. As long as they get a good slap from an infested they become a 'weakened' whether they spawned naturally or were force-spawned via tracking. The centipede projectiles seem to work too.
  5. Ive managed to get at least one weakened of each from just bumbling around and encountering them in a slap fight or downed. Having some infested aggroed on you when calling them (and using pheromones so you dont get a sly) tranking the target and walking the infested over will often end in them giving the target a slap and weakening them for you (in my experience).
  6. Hey, the jank is half the fun when its not making you kill yourself 😆
  7. Agreed. I don't want to 'throw the baby out with the bathwater'; the mechanic has potential. Its just that the current iteration is a bit janky.
  8. Yea, I know, I know. Guilty as charged I guess 😐. it just seems odd to implement this right after removing self damage. I can understand if they want self damage to have a place, but with years of discussion to draw on I'd hope they'd be mindful.
  9. It would be nice to share if you have some examples of well-implemented damage reflect. 😊 I cant say I have encountered it much in other games I've played (off the top of my head), so my earlier suggested tweaks are mostly based off my initial experience with the necramech. (i.e. before deliberately gearing specifically to fight him).
  10. Yea. That bothered me too. Its not really "as advertised" with regards to what we were set up to expect previously. My first death against the necramech went something like: "oh cool its using the shield snake had. Better not melee it or it'll electrocute me" *shoots gun, dies* "OH NO"
  11. Yes, this is certainly a mechanic that needs to be used carefully like a strong spice. Kinda funny how they added it after removing self damage from weapons. Mechanics like this create weird cases where you have abilities that don't work as expected and you end up having to learn all the interactions the hard way. I certainly wouldn't want to see it on anything more common than bosses and mini bosses.
  12. I feel you there. I see people complaining new stuff is too hard pretty much every mainline, but most of the time I just assume they aren't geared properly. I normally stay quiet but this is a weird case where good gear can make you kill yourself faster. I agree, challenge is good. One-shoting yourself without clear warning is likely an indicator something needs a lil work though. A wind-up animation for the shield could go a long way. I stand by my 'weak spots should still be vulnerable' stance though.
  13. Its not really hard, just a lot of running in a circle. It'd be nice if there was a way to distract him or something.
  14. I think the damage reflection could be OK if it reflected up to a maximum number per shot and/or didn't cause status effects (or at least problematic ones). Also/alternatively, I think the damage reflection shouldn't apply to the weak spots on the back and arm holes. They're weak spots. Spots that are weak. Spots that should be vulnerable. Reward me for aiming pls 🙂 But yea, the vault necramech is a pain solo since its facing you 90% of the time. Time spent waiting out the reflecto shield is time spent not getting behind it, watching the mech pick all its limbs back up and re-genni
  15. I think there are canisters that drop fish parts occasionally like on the orb vallis. I think that's where people are 'accidentally' getting them without realising where they picked them up. (after all its a new area so you just hit everything right?)
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