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  1. You know what, that might work since it gives a bit of utility (invis) as well as some extra damage. I'll have to try it and see how well it works in practice.
  2. At first I was just confused about the smeta debuffing me. If I was bragging I would've included the riven's full stats, not just the portion relevant to the 'issue' I was having. :v I guess this is just a discussion thread now rather than a bug one. I'd move it if I knew how lol. But, since the full stats might give some context, I'll list them anyway; The melee rework made one of the stats kind of redundant (110.9% crit on slide) and another just great (171.5% crit x2 on heavy attack). But its also got 141.1% melee dmg and -76.1 status duration. I'd roll the slide crit off it but I'm unlikely to get the other stats the same. Got it from a sortie ages ago. Prob going to get nerfed in the next riven balance patch (I'd bet more people are using it bc of empyrean sentient ship) . Omega void seems adamant that extra crit chance from Adarza wouldn't be wasted but I wonder if mathematically one extra teir of red cit would give me more than just improving the crit multiplier or whether a companion with more utility might round out the build more. In absence of a better idea they make a good argument though. TLDR; So I guess the question for this thread is now really 'what companion would you run with this and why?'
  3. I considered that but if I'm red critting permanently I need crit damage or some other buff, not crit chance. I think I'd go for something situational or just not worry about it too much. Might be a chance to more seriously consider some of the companions i originally just level foddered and sat on.
  4. The more important question is why is a "primed" gold and why the flip does it cost 3000 ducats. Classic :'D (edit) Apparently its because it was a super rare mod people paid a lot of plat for as there were only 100 of them. The rarity might have something to do with why its unlinkable (like to stop bragging or something idk)
  5. aaah that makes sense. Thanks. I guess its so smeta isn't a be-all end all. Might have to consider using another companion with this specific sword build.
  6. I'm lucky enough to have a Paracesis riven that gives 171.5% crit chance x2 on heavy attack. combined with 275% crit chance x2 on heavy attack from sacrificial steel I perma-red crit on heavy attack for a LOT of damage. However, in the process I have noticed something odd. When my smeta gives me a crit buff I start doing orange crits. It would appear the Smeta is giving me negative cit on my mele but works normally for my guns (which i have rivens for but i obviously can't heavy attack with them :v ) I would guess its either a bug with heavy attack or a result of just having TOO MUCH crit.
  7. I wanted to put all the floofs (12 POE, 21 OV, desert skate, 3 thumpers) on the railing behind the railjack research and config consoles as a nice display for my clan, but there's only enough capacity for about 20 of them. Its such a large room. It should really have more decoration capacity.
  8. I thought it looked really cool but missed the pre-order. Do these things ever come back for a second round?
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