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  1. Meh. Unveiled rivens sold in trade chat are not "gotcha" bags. You can see what you get before you buy. And it seems like bad plat trades get reversed. So if some has honest plat and they value an item to be that price, so be it. It's the buyers choice to do research, haggle price or wait for better deal. If you want my riven in which I put my effort pay me what I'm asking. No one ever thinks about the fact that it's a free market and players might not have posted certain rivens for sale if there was a set price limit? On average, trade chat is a short cut to avoid g
  2. Exactly this. She can stay in copter mode with augment and Balefire. Serves a great purpose when you play a frame for ability. On console, augment is buggy. It stops working and sometimes only works on headshots. you have to re-activate her 1st and 4th. But it's definitely a nice addition. I'm sure they will fix it for console
  3. Can you name the focus school you believe is dedicated to shields like the ones for health and energy? Finally, the truth. You don't use her kit. Any frame can melee forever. It's a crutch tactic. That's why they keep trying to slowly nerf melee. Obviously you can gain more shields than you spend because you are not using her abilities. Armor on shields would definitely not be OP. It doesnt add power of any kind to Hildryn. Close to half the frames on the game can reach higher armor than Hildryn. Plus they have additional damage mitigation or reduction which she d
  4. Doesn't seem like she keeps her 3sec invulnerability on partial shields. Maybe bugged on console, I'll have to pay more attention. Not sure which build allows Hildryn to cast Pillage without shields. You say it's possible, I'll look on YouTube and see if someone has the build. When you start playing Hildryn, you'll know more. I said other frames DON'T NEED outside sources. I also gave a list of outside sources all frames EXCEPT Hildryn can benefit from. Meaning that in both areas, Hildryn suffers greatly. Also, There are no focus schools dedicated to shield management like
  5. You just sound silly. Maybe go see what immunity means... Anyone using Hildryn knows she can be INFLICTED with various status effects while having overshields. BTW gas and slash DO NOT bypass ANY shields. Look it up. You don't use her against infested. Yet the main reason toxin is SUPPOSED to be stopped by overshields from affecting her health is to fight against infected. And a toxic Ancient's hook will one shot Hildryn past her Overshields and shields along with any shield gating like any other frame. Some augments (like Hildryn's) are just bandaids that take a much needed m
  6. Oooommmmggggg Frost players account for 99% of my abort missions. Seem like frost mains are the noobest players. Bubbles everywhere, protecting enemies as they destroy objective. Why bring Frost to infested excavation??? Put up bubble and run to next dig, WHILE ITS BEING DESTROYED. Happens everytime I play with a frost. Dumb. His bubble needs to be removed from the game. No rework, just removed. I'm like Limbo would have been better. He can hold a site by himself.
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