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  1. Those decisions dont come out of thin air. It's not as if they test a frame , release the frame then suddenly go "let's change it". It's from player feedback Because of "reasons". Like any nerf. A few players find excuse. If enough players magnify it, nerf happens. Again, I'm not one to say what it would be but my bones say it'll be something. I believe DE stated they didnt intend for players to be in "endless" missions for hours per mission. Protea's abilities fit perfect to play missions lasting under 1 hour. That's not to say she couldn't go longer.
  2. Imo pc players have it rough. Exactly this. Not hard to trade and get thousands of plat on console. Just like like on pc. Difference is all available Tenngen on console can be obtained with plat. No money needed. Prime access is like the only cash purchase. Which is basically buying an icon and maybe a cape for $80. Probably why cross save won't happen anytime soon. Trade for plat and get just about everything for free on console. Then port to pc. Major revenue loss
  3. I'm fine with the content. Im fine with every nerf or buff. At this moment, all frames have the ability to compete in all content. Some work a bit harder than others. The challenge is figuring out the mechanics of the mission you are doing. Once that new gloss wears off and you pretty much know what to do, it becomes a breeze. You can pay to quickly make a powerful build which makes it even easier. New players have the challenge. Old players have the routine. Not much can be done to change that. Warframe can't throw enough stuff at an older player to reignite the chall
  4. Yea but that not the only reason players yell nerf. She just so nice when well modded. People who don't have her yet may be the 1st to find something to pick at.
  5. Hey. Now you stop it. Cut it out. Don't be like that.
  6. Let's not act like players won't pull something from nothing. Also if I did feel there was something, I'm not the one to bring it up lmao.
  7. Sometimes the visual goes away but damage is still there. Happens when my cube procs gas. Often I see the procs happen with no visuals.
  8. Have your fun with her now. I'm loving her as is😏😘 No changes needed at all. Fantastic job DE. Thank you very much Tho I can feel the nerfs in the air when more players get her a ruin other players experience. But she my new main thing till then.
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