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  1. ??? What ??? Refund of resources? You a quarter on a string so you can pull it back out the vending machine or arcade game. Lmao People want the craziest things.
  2. Then you filter the name of the weapon attached to the riven that is being spammed. It takes like 7 seconds. I say spammed because I'm assuming seeing an item once or twice would be no big deal.
  3. Posts like these come up when players have a hard time trading. . . People see those big prices on rivens and get mad they don't have any worth that much. Just because you see a high price doesn't mean it sold for that much. Remove Rivens from trade because you tired of seeing them. Lmao Use the filters. They work for everyone but you huh? Send a ticket to support.
  4. ? My Helios always alive. . . Repair kit + healing return. If djinn dies, he revives shortly after. Carrier + prime regen + metal fiber + enhanced vitality. Shade cloaks... Rejuvenation on warframe helps. Remove sentinel weapon to reduce sentinel aggro. Sentinels take investment just like all the other companions. Example, without pack leader, your animal pet or moa pet will be D.O.A. . Animals/moas are utility only without heavy forma investment. Sentinels die fast without any forma invested.
  5. Good thing I void dash more often then bullet jump.
  6. How is it faster in a squad if people don't mercy thier lich so often that you had to make a thread about it? Seems like solo is the way to go. If a lich pops up, you know it's yours. Plus you save time not waiting for other players to kill thier lich right? No update for me, I'm on console. Just seems obvious.
  7. Update not on console yet... but I'll be damned if I get killed by lich and stay around. Host or not. Especially if I don't have mods to kill it. I don't mind it leveling up, just not by killing me. Hate me all you want, I'm out with that "Peace Ninjas".
  8. When my syndicate assassin comes for me, or stalker or wolf or the trio , everyone gets rewarded History states most people believed the world was flat. I guess they were right since it was more than 1 person.
  9. 1. DE stated long endurance runs are not intended gameplay. 2. If melee was the only option to compete extreme endurance, it should be obvious it was broken. No matter how long DE left it that way.
  10. Umm you have the option to not spam if that's what you want. Why force others to play like you? E in ESO means Elite. It's 1 game mode. You asking all of Warframe to be Elite... Apparently Grendel missions don't allow mod usage. So why not make the whole game to where you can't use mods? Smh, Lmao.
  11. It's been stated that disposition for kuva weapons is intentionally set lower than its regular version. Check some of the other post about this exact same issue.
  12. Exactly. Even if the content changes for console to be "better" console players won't know. We get the leftovers. Pc players still have the advantage of getting weapons now and actually experiencing the content as initially intended. It's likely thier feedback will mold future developments. Too bad console players are left out of this part of the update evolution.
  13. On xbox everyone is playin void fissures, invasions, sortie, arbitration, so/eso and such. Not many killing orb mother or profit taker. Eidolon hunts are usually packed tho. And when Baro shows up, you can see there are players. Not many are doing starchart missions outside of the 3 popular defense on Void, Saturn, Sedna and a few random survival. I started early this year. I had to grind void missions to trade those items for plat then buy stuff I needed to play solo. Frames, weapons, mods. Same time I bought every weapon available for purchase with credits so I could increase my MR for more trades per day. While also grinding my own Ghost clan research for items to level. I would have quit after I finished earth because the game seemed very dead. But I normally play 1 player game and I was able to solo everything so I didn't mind. But my clan stopped signing in after Earth
  14. Happy console players get a refined update after PC does the testing. Frowning that the wait for console update behind pc is crazy long. Console still waiting for Gauss rework and new arbitrations with rewards and the easier vitus grind for Grendel mission keys. Happy to see all the players giving pc feedback on the Old Blood update. Frowning that 90% of the posts and comments contain nothing but spoilers that are not labeled as spoilers. Maybe they belong in the feedback section? Happy DE has new content. Frowning that as a console player I'm not able to participate in the content along with the community. I'm not able to give feedback of my experience with new content until months later when it become less relevant. My enthusiasm to play new content on console gradually declines with the many " doom and gloom" posts. I know they do more quality checks and have long certifications for console. Still sucks tho. At least a small push to give console the updates pc had months ago and not have us wait for a collective, big package update.
  15. The main issue is desire versus player sale price. These haters want the power of rivens but they don't want to pay the price other players charge and they don't want to grind thier own rivens. On console, you can get any unrolled weapon riven under 200p and roll it yourself. You can buy any unveiled riven under 30p. But they refuse so they cry about rivens. Crazy because my riven don't effect others. The same would go for kuva weapons. These same players would want Kuva weapons they don't have or ones with better/different stats but they wouldn't want to pay other players prices. You don't have to grind for Baro prisma weapons , dera weapons, wraith weapons, prime weapons, wolf sledge, pathocyst, arcanes, primed/rare mods, or prime warframes. All tradable. You don't have to play the content. Unranked Kuva weapons should definitely be tradable.
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