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  1. Since it’s broken and made of different parts, I would love to see a kit with Void energy leaks and modularity. A multi-purpose hybrid between frame and operator. Passive: built in Adaptation. 1-Reallocate. Tap to instantly cycle power balance between systems: Mobility, strength or defense. Buffs/debuffs scale with power strength. 2-Jack of all Trades. Different power depending on Reallocation. Scales with strength, range and operator waybounds. Mobility - Void Dashes, sending outward waves of void energy in its path. Enemies crossed by the frame or shockwave are briefly stunned (no ragdoll). Strength - Opens up its chest, the operator void beams enemies in a quick 120° angle cone burst dealing Void + heat damage. Defense - Toggle. Hands emit radial healing pulses. Can’t attack in this state. 3-Leakage. Gives himself and allies bonus void damage in melee attacks and damage reduction. Operators get strength and damage reduction buffs. Scales with strength, duration and operator waybound (Zenurik). 4-Void explosion. Frame goes into void feedback and explodes, dealing void+slash burst and DoT dmg. Operator is ejected for cooldown and reassembly. Scales with range (radius), strength (damage), efficiency (cooldown timer), duration (damage ticks). That’s it. Thanks!
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