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  1. lol whole reddit complained. and now they chaged their mind and started complaining about mods being moved to arbitrations🤡 this community in a nutshell🤡
  2. warframe rivens slowly becoming truth so far it's random and temporary, but who knows
  3. even after nerfing melee i asking myself why would i bother with all this crap mods like why would i trying to stack multishot with galvanized chamber on by tiberon when i can press melee button and kill pack of enemies with ease? because you know even with 120 extra multishot from galvanized chamber my tiberon won't be able kill more then one enemy per click ( or even multiple clicks lol) unless there will be two enemies staying in line close to each other
  4. so since we can get these buffs permanently from helminth maybe it is time to delete arbitrations?
  5. please consider nerfing subsumed gloom interaction. especially with frames like saryn
  6. people argued that farming him from manics is so hard. so DE changed it, enjoy :)
  7. here we go. another useless suggestion that won't bring any gameplay wise addition yep DE sure need to waste their time on this
  8. why anyone would bother with it then? just start a new account on said platform
  9. jeez those casual players every month they become worse and worse
  10. if only these casuals knew how much plat they can milk out of extra endo lol
  11. the only thing DE might need to do is reduce murmurs needed on 3rd stage so it would be equal with 1st and 2nd stages. that all, everything else is fine imo
  12. its is funny that you are saying me to grow up in a thread dedicated for people who still have not played enough with dressing up dolls
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