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  1. an average run for 20k points on pc is the same as ->
  2. I don't want to upset you, but on a pc for an average run you get the same 20-22k points
  3. or you bought first one and got as a reward from OV second one so it shows your spare bp with check mark
  4. you know you you can avoid opening the door by going through the tunnel that is on the opposite side of the door?
  5. i don't think 3 random people with random warframes will finish it faster then me solo flying on wukong
  6. what gameplay are you expecting from extermination mission?
  7. because the faster you clear the map, the faster you can start a new one and thus open more relics, etc. if you don't like it you can play solo and waste 20 minutes using your sniper rifle and precision for 5 waves of defence
  8. you won't be able to buy main blueprint until you reach rank 5
  9. then implement your prototype of the riven system and test how people will use it and what drawbacks will immediately appear. because what you advise and what the results may be is clearly not how the DEs designed their system
  10. no one will pick random riven. in result according to your points 1 and 2 we will end up with a S#&$ ton of vectis/rubico rivens and 0 veldt rivens for example. same for pistols (99% nukor, 1% else)and melee. zaw kitgun etc rivens provably will stop to exist and with statlocking 99% of rivens will be with locked cc, cd or ms - in other words people just want a way to get god roll rivens almost for free sure you as a game developer knows for sure what are you talking about
  11. stat lock not gonna happen because all those whiners will lock multishot, cd, cc in 99cases out of 100 it wont balance anything
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