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  1. of course giving away free rj resources or something like this
  2. yeah yeah yeah thats why they reduced resource costs 3-4 times from the original
  3. because items that affect gameplay should not be locked by the login system or any other time-gated system. cosmetics are ok
  4. but i am pretty sure DE said that they fixed it
  5. the thing is they didn't changed anything about cryotic, but reduced cost of resources that were much easier to farm than cryotic
  6. the system was usable even before the update lol
  7. well , DE just did it with bile, so why can't they do it with those 4 mods? i don't see a problem
  8. yea i think bile resources should cost 0 because why not
  9. warframe is a game all about grind and farm. if you don't have free time then don't play it? problem solved
  10. you don't need people to farm rj resources you know? it is the most trivial content in the game
  11. if people do not want to play railjack, then this is their problem that they do not have the resources they need for helminth, and not a reason to turn warframe into some kind of casual mobile game
  12. or you can pick frost and nuke low lvl map
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