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  1. eidolons are fine. if you don't like earth cycles - orphix available 24/7 and waiting for you
  2. if not, then I will be strongly against the introduction of all this cross-crap
  3. pretty sure only crossplay will happen and nothing else (approximately before (during) the next tennocon )
  4. wow 5 pages in topic, created by a troll account this community never disappoints me
  5. yeah i got it long ago that this community can't suggest anything useful but only "for memes" garbage btw archwing exists and it will be superior compared to your crappy saw
  6. so did the script run? and if so, I have bad news for you: it didn't work
  7. idk ,just picked limbo into public game and done it just picked limbo in to public and did it. ezpz
  8. idk why people still comenting in this thread. there always will be people who will demand to "nerf melee" and then "nerf aoe weapons". after their goal is achieved they will shift to another section of a people favorite weapons and will again start demand to "nerf glaives" , after that they will demand to nerf assault rifles because, you know, they outperfrom their bows, and then same will happen with beam weapons etc etc. all that will continue in a loop. just stop bringing attention to those people and their threads
  9. getting harrow parts (literally 15k credits or so) after spending 20 mins in survival will be very pleasant experience /s
  10. remember all these who whined "de always ruins fun" about bramma, nukor etc nerfs? now threads like this make me thinking who is truly ruining all the fun in warframe
  11. they decided to dilute the rewards on Kuva survival (where the only useful drop is relics) with parts of Harrow that nobody needs there
  12. you can easily down him 3 times and lich will disappear
  13. OR you can go solo so no one will block your lich from spawning 😉
  14. okay from reading posts here i see one solution: make lich/sister farming SOLO only. boom, problem solved: no one will "slow down" your murmur farming because they don't want to stab it right now and, also, no one will be leeching murmurs from your stabs
  15. ehh because i built it for myself?
  16. everytime i see topics like this i ask myself how i was able to get through all of this without all these "new player experience", "daily standing cap increase" etc.
  17. i can answer you in a symetric way: if you don't like slow murmur farming then you can stop playing in public games and make a squad for fast efficient murmur farming also "this statement is laughable in my honest opinion" (c)
  18. and i'm actually killing it the way i prefer if you don't like that people don't give your free murmurs then it is your own problem
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