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  1. Also loading in to a game that is awful DE my ship looks squished thanks
  2. Cant buy anything from the market example grendel collection
  3. Probs something to do with my personal hotspot
  4. Chats gone AWOL tried restarting playing a mission still nothing thanks
  5. Finally thanks DE I'm fiending a plat spend looking forward to it
  6. 2 weeks on since old blood was released on PC do any of you think it will arrive today I hope so I need some new content! And something to do in warfame because there is nothing to doooo
  7. Cant go back or anything thought it was fixed not happened in a while but yea it was a nova prime set
  8. This games slow content releases are making stop playing the game I love Like where is arb rework and tennogen PC got it at end of September I'm still here waiting.. weekly updates lol
  9. You would of got the reward what ever it was and it wont mess your streak its impossible to do so
  10. Thought it was but just check a rifle riven mod in trade an still says it
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