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  1. Same as everybody else. Watched on Twitch, no drops at all. First time this happened.
  2. At least most of you guys can get to the event.
  3. So apparently clicking the "Infestation?" in the Konzu dialogue screen locks you in listening to some kind of story, and is unskipable and uninteruptable in any way. Had to ALT+F4 to stop it.
  4. I haven't done any disruption since I got to 4k. This def ain't gonna make me do it. 🤣
  5. It's a bug. A few patches ago we could literally follow a thumper, while he was bunny hopping around the map and none disappeared.
  6. Why is there options to buy items with plat in the cred offerings? I almost fell for that trick. It's dirty and unnecessary.
  7. Why does every endless screen say 'void fissure' in the top left? This is from hydron regular.
  8. First invisible flydolons, than invisibility for everyone!
  9. I've had this happen multiple times in the past, mostly on Corpus missions and I've posted about it, but it seems nothing will change, as it still happens regularly. Don't remember all missions, but it happened multiple times while farming Alad V solo.
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