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  1. If you like collecting stuff, than I understand you. However I see no point in collecting all weapons and maxing them, since 99% of them are just MR fodder. Frames - I already have all primes and the ones that still don't have a prime version. The idea wasn't that it's a hard challenge. It just doesn't bear any meaning for people that have their main items maxed. I literally have to throw away 3 forma just for the NW challenge. There is nothing hard in this game and that's the main problem. It's a collection-of-cosmetics game, for those that like collecting stuff, but for serious players, that want an endgame challenge, it offers nothing. Just the fact that almost everyone use the phrase "fashionframe is endgame" is the single most sad fact about the game I've ever heard. It shows how much it is focused on exploiting cosmetic sales over having actual endgame.
  2. I don't see a point in spending time forma-ing gear I would never use. I already have all the gear I will ever use maxed. The modular one I don't mind, since I just build the cheapest zaw, put it on my melee slot and forget about it. Just doing the sorties and some higher level missions usually maxes it in no time.
  3. If I skip all challenges I don't enjoy, I will never get to 30 NW, since at least 50% of NW challenges are boring and repetitive. And if there was another way to get Umbra forma I would never even bother with NW. This is easily the shttiest "force ppl into mindless repetition" mechanic any F2P game has ever used. At least the 60 survival missions actually have some action in them and you don't 'fail' them just because the wind decided to change direction. If the challenge was to just 'finish 6 captures' /read as in NOT perfect/, there wouldn't be such a problem as you could just speedrun through the captures, not caring about the outcome, since you only care about getting the NW challenge.
  4. Fastest and easiest way to get rep, you say? And what about the people that already have that maxed? (Also, tell that to my 2000 fish). I'm glad that you never had problems with darts not hitting, however every time I'm forced to do conservation for the NW rep, around 50% of the darts I fire never register a hit. I use Loki and stand literally almost next to the targets. And always solo, so there's no ping problems. Every animal I try to tranq I have to aim at the feet. If I aim near the top of their body, the tranq just doesn't register the hit. Yes, I know about the one with the armored hide. (Not even to mention Sawgaws and their fckd up hitboxes). Yeah thanks. It's not enough that you have to switch to the tranq after entering Vallis to see the spots, on top of that you have to manually WP the spot to see it on the map, while in Archwing, but now you want me to switch to a lure... That's what's wrong with it, it's many levels of annoying. Why wouldn't you want to enter transference? A. You have default invisibility while in void mode. B. You can use Zenurik to recharge your energy for invis. C. You can recharge your archwing energy when jumping from spot to spot. I have nothing against the whole idea. It's a cool little addition in the game for people that like it. The problem is that NW forces us to do it, otherwise we loose 4,5k XP. Ask the people that can't play every day why that would be a problem. And on top of that we got an XP reduction per challenge... Not really, because those modes/missions have actual rewards. Conservation gives nothing more than XP, which is useless if you've already maxed it. I didn't say it was hard. Everything in this game is easy. It's just mind-numbingly boring, repetitive and not enjoyable at all. And has no reward. It's literally pointless to do at max MR and max rep.
  5. First off, worst mechanic in game. A lot of players agree. Would've been better if it was working properly, but anyway... Second, half the time the tranq hits don't register. Third, NPC hitboxes are screwed and most of the time you have to fire below them to actually hit them. Fourth, you have no identification on different types of captures on the map, you have to jump from capture to capture to find the one you need. Fifth, you can't enter transference when you have a tranq rifle equipped, which makes it incredibly annoying, having to hit F to switch weapons, to be able to use transference. Sixth, don't... just don't... put challenges in Nightwave that require 'PERFECT' captures or 'USE X FORMAS', that's just a waste of time and resources. Leave conservation for the people that enjoy it, don't force it on every one. IMO that's the worst game mode, worse than conclave and I never want to do it again. But the damn NW is forcing me to do it. p.s. Seventh, after finishing the damn challenge, my NW XP DROPPED from 9,5k to 8,5k. That's right, I didn't get the next tier reward, it actually dropped my XP by 1k.
  6. ZeroBladeTV

    Nice game

    Like the last 1000 threads and tickets I posted and DE just ignored? Yeah, no need for that. They won't do anything about anything, as we've already seen, but I hoped for one last time there is a chance for the game to exit beta.
  7. ZeroBladeTV

    Nice game

    Scroll to 1h 5m 40s if it doesn't auto scroll. This is the reason most people leave DE, you just don't want to make the game playable. :edit: also, your embeding on the forum is broken, here's the link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/447185623?t=1h5m40s
  8. You should mod Paracesys better. Mine kills lvl 100-200 enemies in 3-4 hits. Aaand I haven't even modded it optimally, just threw a few good mods on it.
  9. Same. I stopped running Index because of that map. Index maps need to be like Quake maps, small and packed of action, not running 3/4 of the match looking for enemies.
  10. Just use DMZ. Choose an IP in the DMZ option, put same IP on PC manually. Done. No more problems. Ever.
  11. It's similar to plat/pack coupons on PC. After you claim it, it immediately activates for the next purchase. There is no option to choose when or how to use it. Kinda bs.
  12. You should practice the tests before taking them. Go to any relay, fast travel to Cephalon Simaris and turn right just after spawning. Take the staircase. You have all mastery tests there, ready for practice, which doesn't actually lock you out with a timer if you happen to fail one.
  13. Don't farm toroids for XP. Only get the amount required for ranking up. Also, don't use PT toroids for XP, use Exploiter ones. PT toroids give 6k xp a pop, Exploiter are double that. With a drop booster, you get 24k xp per run. The only reason to farm regular toroids is crafting, thankfully there aren't that many things (yet) that require toroids. Also, with a good squad and drop boosters you can get around 20 toroids per 30 min (if RNGesus decides to be helpful) with Nekros.
  14. Hard? And here I am running Index with a non-modded, non-potatoed Rhino. 🤣
  15. Try this, you won't be disappointed. Melts everything in sight (and out of sight) 😛 p.s. Oh, yeah, just switch Rejuvenation to w/e you like
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