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  1. I think it would be better to do non-wraith/vandal stuff first, since those are just copies, also that takes away from the accomplishment for those that worked hard to earn those weapons in events, a badge alone is not enough
  2. I would love some shutters for the front window, something like the Normandy had in ME3 ( I think)
  3. Personally the only frame I don't use all skills on is Trinity so I say NO to this
  4. The corpus is waist deep in a console panel if you can't see it
  5. They stated that it would be disorienting if they added that in, mainly cause of coptering in last stream it was towards the end when steve joined in
  6. Wish I could get my clan bigger but every time someone just ends up never getting back on >:L Good luck with this clan, love the emblem
  7. the death of Dakra Prime is what broke me from trading, went from 40( i think) to not even 10 I just buy my plat on the Blue Moon 75%off
  8. I also don't approve of the reverse credits for plat, that would really make DE broke
  9. and there lies a problem, finding a spot between rich veterans and poor recruits as you said turtle, the best way of imputting this would be to limit this to slots and maybe profile pics. Color pallets and all cosmetics would still need to be buyable or gotten from alerts(my triton helm where are you? ;~;) but that still is taking from a chunk of income for DE though
  10. I like this system idea, even thought of something along these lines, but that credit price would have to be WAY higher to really balance out. players that have been playing awile like me have more credits than we know to do with. My credits are about 4mil after my serrartion max and I know for sure there are people with probably 3x that
  11. @Varzy Goodbye livers everyone
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