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  1. Every time I updated my game it's always slow (I am in Asia region), https://ibb.co/RQ8cWpy 400B/s - 2KB/s ... For some reason its always like this, I already enabled my VPN too. I need to wait till dawn at 2am-3am to download the game update/hotfix 😆 I tried to test download some video at same time.. it run at 200kb/s - 1MB/s at least for the video download. So idk what is wrong here
  2. Very exciting :3 Can't wait for dual nikana to be available for the Tenno. PS: When will the Revenant Deluxe be released?
  3. "Oh, woe me... The wait is killing me" 🙃 I am wondering when will this Revenant Deluxe skin will be released. https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-151-overview Well the Ember Pyraxis certainly already released, also the Zephyr Harrier. I kind of expected that the Revenant's Deluxe skin also going to be released at the same time with Ember, but sadly its not. Hope in the near update that skin going to be released. 👋
  4. Finally Thank you Still waiting for Saturn Six Armor Set and Saturn Six Syandana.. missed that one when I am not playing, guess waiting till next year
  5. After 5 hours of update Launcher https://ibb.co/jTtWq5T Now I wait for another 3-4 hours https://ibb.co/S0RGHkv
  6. Please give me solution for this. Fyi I'm in SEA region. TYPE: LauncherDESCRIPTION: Very very very slow update, tried bunch of solutions I could find (I left it update entire night and I woke up seeing this (check visual)), my connection is fine, tried downloading some videos and it goes 1mb/s download speed at least.VISUAL: https://ibb.co/f22dvnFREPRODUCTION: N/AEXPECTED RESULT: At least not in Bytes or 1-10kb/s update speedOBSERVED RESULT: very slow update speedREPRODUCTION RATE: (I don't know) Edit 1 : After 5 hours of download https://ibb.co/jTtWq5T Edit 2 : Now I wait for another 3-4 hours https://ibb.co/S0RGHkv
  7. Hi Just want to say that this update is been the slowest in my entire time playing this game 1-4kb/s I left it update entire night and this is what I got when I saw it after I woke up https://ibb.co/5MPf9hj Give me solution, I tried 'run as admin', 'anti virus disable', 'firewall disable' Nothing works. Thanks in advance 👋 EDIT 1 : Now it's update in BYTES https://ibb.co/f22dvnF
  8. Hmmm... Does the enemy already in 'Alerted' state? he aiming his guns n stuffs.. If he does, then you can't stealth kill.
  9. The 'ammo' loots is the ones usually taking most of the 'loot amount' from the 50 cap, cause when using Khora many players don't use primary and secondary weapon as to make Charm aff/resource buff have more chances to appear. Wish DE make the 'ammo' separate from resource drop or make it so the 'ammo' have timers like 30sec or something to disappears when its not picked up.
  10. Well this MR 9 test is hard for new players, BUT not impossible. When I complete this (iirc) I use Ember Prime with Glaive (no exploding gimmick at that time), I just throw glaive at the enemy while carefully not to alert the others closest to it. OR, if you have one, you can use Skiajati (this umbra nikana have stealth-on-finisher/stealth-kill) to get few seconds of stealth. 👋
  11. Tested the Magus Lockdown 'stuck', it does make the lures stuck from the tether-lock. Well there is that, so I'll just make sure I'm not tether-locking the Lures in-case it stuck while in PoE
  12. Hello, it's me again 👋 Just to report another bug, I don't know if this happens only to me though. I am doing Eidolon hunt earlier, BUT had to get out after capturing Terry, cause all the other lures except 1-2 that follows normally are STUCK in their place. I don't 'Hold Position' them, they are stuck, tried to make them 'Follow' few times but still stuck. (the image/vid I put later (if I remember :3 )) Thanks in advance Edit 1 : - Just found out that the 'stuck' bug is caused by Magus Lockdown tether-lock 🤔 (I will test later when its night again)
  13. Hi, Just want to report some visual bug here. 1. https://ibb.co/wNmr8zc - CHEST PLATE VISUAL BUG - Some of the smaller Chest Plate placement when put on Khora is bit weird, they sink on her torso area. 2. https://ibb.co/fNg9wfd - SHOULDER PLATE PLACEMENT VISUAL BUG - The shoulder placement is not at the center from the side view, also you can try shoulder plates like Galvanik, Mulciber, etc.. they look like it just put on top of the shoulder so its a bit weird to look at. Thanks in advance 👋
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