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  1. Problem is, if you need Fleeting in every build, build diversity goes out the window as Sevagoth REALLY wants a bit of every stat as it stands right now, but really needs more of everything in general, especially efficiency. Most frames have fairly decent build diversity and Can function across multiple levels of efficiency. Also lvl 80 enemies in ESO is not really a benchmark worth mentioning when most people here are talking about Steel path or lvl 150+ generally. Any frame will really deal with lvl 100s fairly easily. His damage was never a complain from anyone; it’s the fact th
  2. First of: Design of the warframe aesthetically is amazing, good job. I'm now quite a few formas deep on Sevagoth, more notably: 5 on Sevagoth 8 on Sevagoth's Shadow 7 on His claws The couple of hours i've spent playing him now has been with mixed feelings, i see the idea behind him with you spending abilities to fuel his shadow,, but there are things that i think should be looked at. First, Sevagoth himself. 1. Reap I think reap should be changed to more actively seek out targets to reduce some of the ability spam that we currently have to do to
  3. I have personally experienced the same thing. Would love to see this fixed.
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