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  1. Polarizing 10+ enemies will give you a pretty big boost to your shiled recharge speed (100%+) and will lower your delay before shield recharge almost to 0s.This buff makes your shileds really op. And you won`t need to recast it a couple of times(energy economy)
  2. Magnetize itself will just lock the enemy in its place. But crushed and magnetized enemies will be slowed down a bit(broken bones and all of that stuff)
  3. Hello Tenno! Take 2) Released in 2012 and reworked in 2016, Mag has always been a shield-based warframe. But when Hyldryn was released in 2019, Mag`s abilities and synergies felt really old. So I`ve decided to start this thread and try to give Mag some buffs to make her more relevant to Warframe 2019! Statistic Changes: - No changes! NEW passive: Picking up shield/armor shards restores 10 shields and 3 energy ( + 3m shard vacuum). Reasons for change: most of the time warframe`s passives complement their abilities(atlas, nidus, wukong etc.). With that change Mag receives a little synergy. Ability One: Pull -No Changes. Ability Two: Magnetize -No changes. Ability Three: Polarize Now it restores only a half of your shields (50% out of max), but it`ll give you a temporary shield recharge buff. Armor stripping formula is the same. OLD NEW Ability Four: Crush (same old Crush, but with a twist) Magnetize nearby enemies, creating a magnetic field around them.Magnetized enemies are slowed down. OLD NEW No changes to her augments are needed! I hope that these changes will create a more interesting and engaging playing experience for Mag mains and casual players! Good Luck, Tenno!
  4. What About Lanka Redesign? (WIP) and some sketches. Hope they will be useful.
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