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  1. As a follow up, in a later mission we found out if the globe detaches it opens up a hole in the wall, but in our mission the globe never detached.
  2. While doing a lua exterminate mission, we were looking for 3 caches. However, the third one took us a while to find, so our total mission ended up taking 43 min. When we were finally extracting, the mission immediately failed, despite the fact that we had completed the objective already.
  3. While looking for caches in Lua exterminate, I noticed I had missed some caches because I was not at the same relative height as the cache so it wasn't showing up on my radar. I have a fairly large loot radar (Primed Animal Instinct + Loot Radar aura), so even if I'm above/below the cache it should still show up on the map, but it's not. Sitting above the bridge (below is the cache, but no indicator). And below the bridge (where cache shows up)
  4. As I was farming lua exterminate missions for the 3 caches, I found there was (too often) cases where the third cache just isn't around. Icons would appear off the map sometimes, or not at all, but one particularly infuriating cache was one we could hear and see on the map, but could not reach due to boundary issues (or it's in a wall).
  5. I invite people to my dojo for trading, but ever since I finished building my railjack I have had issues with people spawning inside of it, instead of in spawn. This also makes it so I can't trade with them unless they exit the railjack first. If it makes a difference, my clan is currently on the Featured Clans list.
  6. When I was trying to post images on a forum post for the dojo contest, I used the "Insert Image from URL" button inside the Spoiler tags to insert the images. Everything looked fine until I would preview the post (and in the final post itself), then suddenly a giant space was created between the spoiler tag top and the first image. The white space seemed to be proportional to the size of the images themselves, so when I had 10 or so images in one spoiler tag, this created quite a large white space. I tried it again today and still had the same issues. I tried creating a spoiler tag within another tag, inserting text before inserting the image, and dragging the image into the spoiler tag, but nothing worked. Finally I copied the image's address and pasted it directly into the spoiler tag (without using the "Insert image from URL" button), and I finally got it to not insert a giant white space. Image inserted using "Insert image from URL" Image inserted without using "Insert image from URL"
  7. The facial accessories usually have the metallic portions of the piece set as the secondary color, but the Sofren Diadem has its secondary set to the main "plastic" part, which makes it very difficult to match metallic accessories with it. Is there any way to fix this?
  8. Congrats to all the dojo contest winners! And thanks to my fellow decorators in Syndicate Succession for helping us win 2nd place!
  9. I think those dark spots are the actual bounding boxes of the skybox, so it's not really a lighting issue so much as a "you're not supposed to be here for real this time" thing
  10. Observatories in the dojo, thanks to the skyboxes, are some of the best areas to decorate because their open-air, large setup allow you to spend less time masking and there is more creative freedom. However, currently observatories only have a decoration capacity of 800, much less than the 1400 capacity of an inspiration hall despite being approximately the same size (if you account for the skybox). Considering the effect of skybox decorating, could we get an increase in the observatory capacity, ideally matching the inspiration hall's capacity of 1400?
  11. Clan Name: Syndicate Succession Clan Tier: Moon Platform: PC Clan Role: Architect Feature Image Video Tour: Would You Kindly Review This Post: (https://imgur.com/gallery/pvExSvC) Inspired by Bioshock, this temple features Big Daddy himself, a lab where a scientist attempts to perfect the grineer, various underwater features, a theater for Shawzin enthusiasts, vending machines (for weapons), and a strange message... A Tenno Chooses, A Warframe Obeys. Would you kindly follow the storyline of Warframe? Kill Vor, find out the origin of the infested, protect the reservoir, discover your inner Tenno, find Umbra, would you kindly? The Research Facility (https://imgur.com/gallery/D8ozjht) The clan hall attached to the four main labs is part of a larger research facility, each lab has a section in the clan hall. The upstairs features a conference room and cubicles for the hard-working scientists. On the top floor, three different biodomes are setup, but one lab has been overgrown with infested and is thus shut down. Bio Lab: (https://imgur.com/gallery/DK1v4IA) The Bio lab features experiments on infested, with an upstairs lobby and separate lab area for the more massive projects. An elevator can take you to the upper floor. Chem Lab: (https://imgur.com/gallery/Id1mQOm) No chem lab is complete without a Bunsen burner. The upstairs area also features dioramas of Orb Vallis and Lua, with a small garden sitting above the hologram. Energy Lab: (https://imgur.com/gallery/ftgd231) The Energy lab is mostly a technological lab with many server-side tech, experiments on the Corpus, and energy studies. A break room sits upstairs for the scientists who want to eat their lunch on-campus. Just remember to label your food! Tenno Lab: (https://imgur.com/gallery/59KgpGd) A small museum dedicated to the Tenno and the universe they inhabit. The upstairs features a small art display. Seed of Creation: (https://imgur.com/gallery/Anqh0l1) Long ago, a mysterious asteroid blasted a hole in this area, and since then some mysterious things have appeared... Succession Castle: (https://imgur.com/gallery/fPgGCjA) Inside the gates, a small marketplace offering various goods sits next to the looming walls of the castle. To the right, a tower holds a two-story library. The Royal tower is on the left, and connects to the library via a bridge. A small passageway also connects the bedroom to a treasure room, which loops around to the back of the throne room. Observe the kingdom by taking the stairs up to the balcony that sits on top of the castle. Downstairs, the servant's quarters are conveniently located next to the kitchen. Whale Senate: (https://imgur.com/gallery/aSfexYr) I am the Senate. Cold Fusion Room: (https://imgur.com/gallery/tRe8jQK) Downstairs the main fusion core draws energy. Surrounded by ice and rock, the conditions of the room are inhospitable to life. Climbing the rocks to the second floor reveals the center of the core. Corpus vs Grineer: (https://imgur.com/gallery/MhDCSNu) One side: the Grineer, the other side: the Corpus. Who will win the ultimate dojo duel? Climbing the orokin platforms reveals a secret upstairs alcove with various artwork, trading posts, and gardens. Floof Sanctuary: (https://imgur.com/gallery/z8eHEhv) How many floofs can you find? While most dwell in the deep caves, some floofs seek refuge on the mountain sides. The Garage: (https://imgur.com/gallery/7Lfbob8) Vehicle in need of repair? Bring it on over. Even ships dock here in preparation for railjack. Alien Invasion: (https://imgur.com/gallery/xfzNYbp) An Orokin Observatory found a little more than they bargained for. Descending from the heavens, an ominous foe establishes a base in the depths of what used to be the observatory. Crawling through obsidian tunnels will reveal the main room they setup in, as well as a breeding ground for new aliens. Orokin Teleporter: (https://imgur.com/gallery/oUGqJU1) Succession is not responsible for any tenno or body parts caught in the time-space continuum. North Observatory: (https://imgur.com/gallery/IWv7Ebc) Sit back and relax, enjoy the stars. Mission Complete: (https://imgur.com/gallery/oqLq5bW) What happens after the Tenno extract from their mission? What have they left behind? South Garden: (https://imgur.com/gallery/ImANqgE) A secluded alcove of waterfalls and bamboo.
  12. My trading posts don't work either, but we have two Crimson Branches in our dojo (both completely built) and trading works in them. There is currently nothing in the room with the trading post that is in the process of building, either.
  13. Can you please reverse some of the changes you made to the arsenal by combining the Warframe and Companion tabs again? Out-of-sight-out-of-mind is doing a real number on mission preparation and companions change sometimes just as frequently as Warframes.
  14. Kuva lich shows excal helmet on shoulder even though I was using Khora
  15. UI/movement lockup and worse when going to navigation in dojo Whenever you check someone's profile before moving after getting to your orbiter or the dojo, after exiting the profile you can no longer move or open the Esc menu except by clicking on your profile image to open the Esc menu that way. I tried to fix it while in the dojo by going to Navigation but that made it worse because now I can't even click the profile image to open the Esc menu.
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