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  1. Replaced, sorry that GIF was the one that kept coming up when I searched for Larva.
  2. I don't know about you but I want one of these guys as a plush toy or squishy rubber toy.
  3. Look out here comes the critics of a post they misunderstood....................This is why I hate e-mail and texts. If you are an HP fan then you know this is taken directly from their lore. There are creators who have been sued for the mere inference of someone else's IP. I am not attacking him/her nor am I making fun of their post. The idea is sound but the name needs to change. There is no doubt it was taken directly from HP. There is no way the game studio would use that name.
  4. I think you would get sued by J.K. Rowling and the Movie networks in a heartbeat. It's too close to Salazar Slytherin...........
  5. Possibly, I like that idea too. I just didn't want to copy the shield ability from the Odanata is all. But that 'Iron Skin' ability sounds good. We just have to make it sound infested. I drew up another sketch that I will be posting here soon. It's looks a little more aerodynamic. The Engineer in me was screaming at me when I drew the first one, LOL. I have another Archwing I am calling the 'Wraith'. It has a Cloaking ability and an EMP pulse ability with defensive Void cannons (think WWII 20mm guns) and a void Bomb (suck in everything within 10, 20, 30m respective to rank 10, 20, and 30.
  6. LMAO, the troll is now trying to backpedal and save face by pretending he wasn't trying to troll and tell me to calm down. I will do no such thing. I will always call trolls out. Stop faking the funk.
  7. I second this motion. I found out early on that you cannot launch a Phase and Force Specter at the same time. I think we should be able too since they are different ranks and AI intelligence levels. The Ancient Healer and MOA's just don't cut it. The Chargers, do okay but not great. I would like to see ROE's put into specters where you can command them to hold fire unless fired upon. I really hate when I'm about to head shot a Warden with my bow and they start shooting before I do setting off alarms, LOL.
  8. I like this, I just hope it will have the same colors and textures as the Exergis. The metallic blue and gold.
  9. I'd like some small SMG's along the lines of an MP5. I know we have the Bazaa however visually it looking more like an SBR than an SMG. Now the Viper is a machine pistol muck like the MP5K is. I think a Viper with a folding stock and a barrel double the length would be pretty cool.
  10. Oh look another worthless scum sucking troll who could have just moved on but wanted to show us all how small his infested maggot was...………………..
  11. UPDATES: Abilities have been implemented in purple text. New renders coming soon, design is changing.
  12. No, this is an Archwing System. I'll be making another concept later tonight along with the spore missiles. ****NOTE: The two 'Canards' the look like they are being extending appear that way when you come out off afterburner and hols 'S' to slow down.
  13. So, I have come up with a crude concept for an Archwing made for Nidus. I think this is the finishing touch for him. This may not be the final form, just a first concept. Specifications: Health: 400 (1000 at rank 30) Shield: 200 (800 at rank 30) Armor: 90 Energy: 250 (300 at rank 30) Flight Speed: 1.2 (UPDATED) Abilities: Cocoon: The Archwing cocoons the frame when an incoming missile is about to hit them or you just want to block bullets (held button ability with energy drain, rechargeable). Warp: Give a speed buff of 2.00 for 3 seconds (quick get away, 30sec cool down) Spore Missiles: Press 3 ability button to lock onto an airborne enemy (Dargyn, drop ships ect) enemy and click your fire button when ready. You can lock on to 2 enemies at lvl 20 and 3 at lvl 30on your frame. Lvl 10, 20, 30 = 2 volley, 3 volley, volley. Ravenous Larva Guided Bomb: drop a cursor guided bomb with a blast radius for ground targets of 10m at first. Unlocked at lvl 20 on Archwing. At LvL 30 on AW, blast radius is 20m. Drops a bomb with ravenous larva that eat everything like Piranha's. Lvl 1 - 40 enemies die instantly (3 second animation for the whole thing), lvl 41 - 80 lose 70% of health/shields, anything higher loses 40% of health/shields.
  14. I Spy solo with Ivara either with my Baza or my Mutalist Cernos together withe Hikou Prime Stars and Tatsu.
  15. Oh I was responding to his post in terms of prime weapons I'd like to see, not really for Ivara. =o)
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