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  1. If you do not already own the Frost Harka skin you should go and buy it now. The images on the market place or the website do not do that skin Justice. I am kind of fortunate since I am able to play at full 4K with all settings maxed out. And let me tell you, the artist did an amazing job. If I was forced to pick something I do not like, it would be the 'dingle berries' on his horns. He has so much metal on him he looks like a Prime too. I have mine all painted up in the white and olive with gold armor. I'm telling you guys it is so damn beautiful in person! If you are watching Tenno and you do an update I beg, I mean I HUMBLY beg that you make his eye have emissive energy kind of like smoke the flows out and away and whisps when he runs. I'll post mine here when I get home. I'm at work and we have secret squirrel stuff here so no image sites work.
  2. This game has been crashing more and more with each update.
  3. Wow thanks guys that really makes it more clear. I do have an Aura Sprint mod that is red and now I know why I am not as fast as the other guys. I do have an Aura Forma so I think I will switch the polarity. I am always the last to the extraction point, LOL.
  4. If you have one of those uber frames can you screen shot a build?
  5. I'll pay 35pl for Chroma Prime Systems or Mesa Prime BP.
  6. Hey Tenno, I am starting to build a team of Warframes and I have had Frost Prime for quite a while now. He has been forma'd once. When we forma does it increase the specs of the Warframe exponentially or just a few points. I noticed that when I put MOD's into forma'd slots they turn green. Does that mean now they are twice as powerful than they were before? I have seen people withstand onslaughts of up to Lvl 95 NPC's and laugh in their faces. And I have seen some guy with a single shot rifle take out a drop ship in one trigger pull. If I forma'd all my slots in my weapons in Warframe will I be a God among other players too? I'm just have trouble on what I should do first? Which Polarities are the strongest? Frames I have so far: Frost Prime - 30 x 2 Forma Main, Valis and Eidolon, Defense Missions Equinox Prime - 30 Max Loki Prime - 0, Want to use for Capture? Volt Prime - 27 Currently leveling up, building as another tank Vauban - 0 Excalibur - 0 Ivara - 3 Limbo - 30 x 2 Forma Max, Extraction Missions Oberon - 18 but Forma'd once already Chroma Prime, need Systems Mesa Prime, need Blueprint What should I be using these frames for? BTW, The cinematic of "The Second Dream", the Lotus has it going on for sure =o)~
  7. I just don't like the farming to farm other parts to farm the components. And you're tied to Solaris standing in order to BUY the blueprints in order to get her parts that you have to farm a tertiary component to get the secondary to get the primary. Then you're at the mercy of odds in getting those pesky taxman Familial Debt Bonds. Play 11 of the same bounty in a row and NONE! So I can't advance to the next standing jus to have to buy a blue print for a gem that is locked by a time gate.
  8. I have scanned three of those mine layer drones on Uranus on a submersible mission. The Natah mission won't activate. I clicked on the Natah mission thinking it would take me to the mission location like all the other missions before it, nope. What am I doing wrong, or is this mission bugged?
  9. Frost Manta helmet! But why on Earth didn't the Jotunheim make it in?
  10. Beast Mode - Marshawn Lynch Approves this massage:
  11. Wolf cred should be converted to Platinum. I say 1pl per 10wc?
  12. I wish I had one Relic.
  13. Yeah pretty disheartening when an Uber Frame comes in 'one-shooting' everything in site making it next to impossible to rank up your weapons or other items. I did a mission where we had to crack the relic by sabotaging. The one guy was able to sprint almost 20 x faster than the rest of us and he finished made it to the end. I t literally took 5min. I think anyone above Rank 30 (MOD's On) and MR 12 or higher should be put in with like players on Relic hunts and Infestations. Plus if they are there Bigger, Badder enemies spawn and f----you if you have a lower ranked frame that is not a tank.
  14. Hello, I recently picked up the Helminth Charger skin for my Kubrow. I noticed that it says nowhere in the description that if you cure the pink Cyst on your neck you cannot ever again become infected. Thus nulling the purchased you made. Can you add text to the description of the Helminth Charger skin in the Marketplace explaining this so we can avoid further disappointment? Also have you add a Pop-Up box that informs you that if you pop that pink zit, you cannot ever, ever, ever incubate the Helminth Charger for your Kubro. And when we buy the Skin can you have ORTIS tell us we have to incubate the skin or just make this a Side Quest in the Codex? Or....to really fix it just make a Platinum purchase.
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