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  1. I have seen quite a number of people has some disdain for using Archwings in a space fight with giant ships one shooting them. What if they gave us Fighters like the enemy has? Would you all be opposed to that? I know we all have our Orbiters but those are too kinda big to be fighters. I'm talking like TIE Fighter or X-Wing sized birds. Fighters that have MOD slots and weapon slots. Maybe your Rail Jack can have a Hangar Module with fighters that you can launch like Specters or fly yourself and board an enemy vessel? Just thoughts.
  2. I sold mine for 500pl. Got Hunhows gift. I am much happier now. I could care less for this MOD.
  3. A sensible answer, you have my respect.
  4. Yes And you are? Are you keeping tabs on me or something? Every three months with me? I think I am free to post what ever it is I like. I also feel it is a valid question.
  5. I think they should release Excalibur Prime as a Prime Access Pack. I was here in 2012 - 2013 so technically a Founder. I do not feel I should had to activate my account to another level just to get a Prime frame. Primes are normal in Warframe now and as such Excal Prime should be made to be as well. Artificial exclusivity is just dumb. I mean heck they released Primed chamber after all. Why not give the rest of us a chance to own this frame at least one more time. To APPEASE the current owners, make him look different. Just change the helmet and accent locations. *cue the whining and flaming in 3, 2, 1 go!
  6. [3] [Clicked ability] Gift of Fire Prometheus distributes the 'Gift of Fire' to all squamate's within the zone. Ability Strength: Gives all weapons in the squad Heat Damage and Status Duration. Ability Duration: Clicked ability; Reduces energy consumption per block. Modifies damage and status chance duration to squadmate weapons. At rank 0: 20% & 5%. At rank 15: 35% & 15%. At rank 30: 50% & 30% of Heat Damage and Status Duration respectively. The bodies of the squad also emit glowing embers that fall slowly while active. Ability lasts for 5 seconds at rank 0. At rank 15, 7seconds and at rank 30, 15 seconds. Ability Range: At rank 0, 5m. At rank 15, 15m. At rank 30 25m (This is before mods are applied)
  7. I like this, I like it a lot. If I was not already committed to someone else's project, I'd work on this one.
  8. I think Prime accessories like Syandanas' and Armor be purchasable with Platinum IF you own the Prime Warframe. Or make them drops from Arbitrations, Survivals, Excavations.
  9. Too bad the time kinda takes a dump on all of the people who have jobs who are still at work on the West Coast. How is this fair to the entire player base?
  10. Hello, Please forgive my ignorance. I was under the impression that once you knock down a Lich Larvling would walk up and press 'X' to spawn your Lich? No such icon appears when I get up to it. I walked all the way around it. I held the 'X' key down for the whole time until it died. What am I doing wrong.
  11. PM Price for Dual Kamas Prime.
  12. I need Dual Kamas and the Kubro Collar. I really wish they would release a Kavat Prime Collar or Armor like they did for the Kubro.
  13. Just rip off the Band-Aid and pour salt in the wound why dont'cha. =o)~ j/k bro.
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