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  1. Yeah. The GT is already an upgrade from Stock. I could honestly run better. Maybe even a new Processor at some point. Everything's at the lowest presets already. And I even take a while to load into the Vallis and the Plains regardless of whether or not I'm alone. It'll even have occasional freeze-ups when playing. It's weird, but on rare occasion other missions will do that. So I'm thinking it might be something on my end.
  2. Okay. So Orb Vallis absolutely murders my computer whenever I leave it. And now the Plains of Eidolon is starting to do the same. And this is worrying to me, as the new update is coming soon, and it'll have a new "open world". So I'm wondering if my specs are the issue, or if it's an Internet Connectivity problem. Here are the specs, for reference: OS: Win10 Home 64bit (10.0, Build 17134) Processor: Intel i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz (4 CPUs) Memory: 8192MB RAM DirectX: 12 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 GPU Memory: 5056 MB Display Memory (VRAM): 984 MB EDIT: I just did Performance tab on Task Manager. Here are the results with my settings. Graphics Quality Settings: Preset Low Display Settings: Windowed, 1920x1017, scaled, refresh rate/max frame-rate 60 hz locked Online Status: Solo I logged into Cetus 3 and Fortuna 4 before going into either world, just to get the full experience. I went through the doors and into the open worlds. After spending about 30 minutes in each just goofing off while keeping an eye on my performance window (dual screen ftw), I can tell that it's most certainly hardware related. My GPU rarely went over 50%. But my CPU and HD usage would frequently max out, even if I didn't always feel it, and my RAM would get uncomfortably close. And when closing the program, it would hang out as a background process for a few minutes before finally turning off. The whole time, Warframe would take up the vast majority of my computer's resources. The Power Usage columns remained in the red for just about the whole time. Though because it's a tower, that's not something I feel like I should be worried about. So I'm getting the feeling I need to either upgrade my CPU, RAM, and HD, or get a new comp altogether.
  3. First people complained about Conclave not being worth it. Now people are complaining that Steel Path isn't worth it. It may just be me, but I feel like, in general, Teshin's high point was his involvement during Natah and War Within, and that's it. Poor guy is always drawing the short straw.
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