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  1. And how many times do you even use that guy or any of the unlockable ones in the Vallis? I know I rarely do. Plus, the Plains consoles are too spread out, and the Mother pods are too well blended in with their environment. If I had it my way, I'd just be able to press the ~ key when in the OWs and pull up coms with one of the mission givers without any fuss. Seeking convenience does not equate to being lazy. I know mockery when I see it.
  2. Kind of a random idea, but I thought it might be interesting to have the capacity to take on Open World missions directly from your Syndicate Console; seeing as we can already bypass the towns to get to the OW areas from Navigation.
  3. I can think of five reasons why people don't use Protea. Vauban just has better balls pre-modding. Wukong, Khora, and Umbra exist. Trinity, Wisp, and Operator exist. Nobody can wrap their heads around manually exiting the time travel mode to get full restoration. The grind just isn't worth it. I would love to see her around more, but there's just no reason to atm.
  4. For the most part I agree, but I think the Pilots could do with a little more work. Last time I had a Pilot, they never went towards the objective.
  5. If you want more Standing, there's tons of ways to bank it for later. Relay Syndicates have these little totems called "Medallions" that look like their base faction sigil but in 3D. They're found scattered throughout most Syndicate Missions, and there are 8 in total per mission that has them (normally, arena missions like Defense and Interception won't have them). You have three different tiers of these, and each tier gives set amounts of Standing. And you don't have to turn them all in at once. You can go a week or a month without turning them in, then spam them out as you go shopping. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to go on a scavenger hunt with Randoms. So you'll have to either go solo or put together a group with that goal in mind. Cetus and Fortuna have multiple vendors that can give you Standing for resources. Hai-luk and Biz will accept live fish, Suumbaat and Smokefinger will accept raw gemstones, Hok will take fully ranked Zaws, Ruud Zuud will take fully ranked Kitguns, and Legs will take fully ranked MOA companions. Additionally, Fortuna and Necralisk will give you tokens you can save up. Eudico's SU Bounties will sometimes award Debt Bonds, which you can also buy from Ticker for Vallis resources. Ticker will then exchange those Debt Bonds for Standing. At Necralisk, Daughter, Grandmother, and Otak will give you tokens for resources, Son will give tokens for fully ranked Infested Companions, Father will give Tokens for fully ranked Kitguns, and Mother gives you tokens instead of Standing as you complete her Bounties. All of these can be traded to Grandmother for Standing. Similarly to Hok, Zuud, Legs, Father, and Son, the Ventkids will accept fully ranked K-Drives for Standing. And just the process of ranking a K-Drive by doing things like performing tricks and running races will get you tons of Ventkid Standing anyway. Simaris Standing is gained literally every time you scan something, so having Helios and a fully kitted Synthesis Scanner is a must. And you get more Standing for scanning Daily and Personal Targets. Conclave...well, Conclave is Conclave. And you really need to do some launch window trickery to get to a healthy Conclave server. There's an item called a Universal Medallion that you can get from high level content such as Sorties and Arbitrations, and every Syndicate will accept them and give 1,000 Standing in return. It's really not that hard to save Standing for later. It just takes a little patience, like everything else in this game. I recommend listening to some music while you grind; assuming you're not voice-chatting with a team.
  6. Here's my thoughts on each of the points you bring up. Keep in mind that everything assumes the Operators are kept their current size and aren't sized up to adult size. Also, with how the post is written, I'm going to assume that English isn't your first language. So if I mistake anything, I'm going to automatically assume language barrier issues. YES. I know they're just kids, but they're SO SLOOOOOOW. A base damage buff is for sure needed. This is the first point where I get what you're saying, but kinda disagree. Having a slight increase to jump height or jump length would be nice, but Void Dash already takes care of both of those. I have a better option, but I'll get into it when I talk about Focus Schools. Eh. Like, it'd be neat to get one instance of a Wall Jump or Wall Run, but I think that free running and parkour should stay with the Warframes. Assuming we don't get something like the Adult Operator from the old Duviri Paradox trailer. This is for sure something we do actually need on Operators. A better way to dodge than just the silly slide. Because you can't go intangible if you're out of energy. That would be a funny thing to see, but it makes sense that the kids wouldn't be able to do that without making it a specific Focus Tree perk. Just imagine the levels of muscle atrophy they must have gone through during their second dream. Making already existing maneuvers more reliable is always a good thing. If this was a part of a specific mission type somewhere into The New War Arc, I would be 100% down for it. But I don't know if they'd go through the trouble of putting it in already existing tilesets without another massive rework. And we just had one not too long ago. This is another move I think should stick to the Warframes unless it's a tree perk. It feels silly to expect these short kids to be able to vault over the fully grown adults without some kind of Void trick. Again, making existing things more reliable is always a good idea. In general, I think this whole system could do with a change, but I think mine would be different than yours: Madurai: Phoenix Talons/Phoenix Spirit & Inner Gaze/Eternal Gaze should be innate to every Operator|Void Radiance/Void Strike, Flame Blast/Rising Blast, & Blazing Dash/Meteoric Dash can stay as Tree-Exclusive. Vazarin: Mending Unity/Mending Soul & Enduring Tides/Rejuvenating Tides should be innate to every Operator|Void Regen/Void Aegis, Protective Dash/Sonic Dash, & Guardian Shell/Guardian Blast can stay as Tree-Exclusive. Naramon: Affinity Spike/Power Spike & Mind Step/Mind Sprint should be innate to every Operator|Void Stalker/Void Hunter, Surging Dash/Executing Dash, & Disorienting Blast/Disarming Blast can stay as Tree-Exclusive. Unairu: Void Spines/Stone Skin & Basilisk Scales/Basilisk Gaze should be innate to every Operator|Void Shadow/Void Chrysalis, Sundering Dash/Crippling Dash, Magnetic Blast/Unairu Wisp can stay as Tree-Exclusive. Zenurik: Energy Pulse/Inner Might, Void Siphon/Void Flow, & Energizing Dash (simply for QoL) should be innate to every Operator|Lightning Dash, Void Static/Void Singularity, & Temporal Blast/Voltaic Blast can stay as Tree-Exclusive. In general, everything I say should be innate to Operators would have its own menu where you can dump Focus/Void traces/whatever resource to level up the stats. Then everything else acts the same as it does right now. And the Tree-Exclusive nodes could easily be translated into Abilities on the "1", "2", "3", and "4" keys. It'd be nice to have the power to toggle these energy-hogging effects instead of having to be mindful of them. This too. Like, advanced stuff stuff is locked behind simpler stuff, but after the unlock there's no connection BS. That, or just get rid of the power points system and make it a strict "on-off" system that doesn't rely on "having enough points". I love the idea of giving the Operators more versatility than they have at the moment, and it makes lore sense that they would start picking up on their Warframes' combat abilities over time. However, I don't think they should have access to all weapon types. Rather, sticking to Daggers, Dual Daggers, Machetes, and Staffs would be fine, because you can make "Hammers" in the Machete class (Zaws prove that). Again, this goes back to the physical limitations of the fleshy organic body that doesn't have some form of techno-organic enhancements done to it. I highly doubt an Operator could even pick up some of these weapons, let alone swing them around. Many of them (especially the heavier weapon types) are specifically made with augmented beings like Warframes in mind. But you have more to say, so I'll look at it. Interesting ideas here, for sure. Lemme tackle them one at a time. If they visually look like Exalted Weapon summoning, then how would it be any different from Excal's Exalted Blade or Wukong's Iron Staff? At that point, you might as well just replace them with the Void Beam from pre-War Within Operators. That's a nice aesthetic choice. EEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH.....I think they should work in their own unique way. If they function like normal Melee...then what's the point? Similarly, if they use existing Stances, then what's the point? Plus, it'd be literally impossible for the Operators to pull off a lot of the flippy-spinny-crap that the Warframes do. The survivability option is good, if you're in a situation where you're out of Void Mode energy. But it should probably take the form of a shield instead of using the weapon to reflect bullets Jedi-style. If the weapons are made of the same stuff that gets shot out of an Amp, then I think they should be either pure Void Energy (the easy option) or "Void Variants" of the IPS stats that have similar proc effects as normal IPS but do Void-based Damage instead. Exiting a Warframe to pull a Jedi Blaster Reflect would be bad@, ngl. Though the devs might just add that to the Warframes themselves. Heck, I think it's already a thing, in some way. I think Void Melee should be treated like Amps, as a separate weapon you have to equip. If it's just an "E" press, we once again stray too close to the Warframes. That would be cool, but again, separate weapon issue. Finishers in Void Mode makes some kinda sense I think. While that makes sense, I don't think an Operator (even one fully buffed by every Way-Bound Passive and using all the Unairu defense stats) could fight against a Sentient. That was kinda the literal point of the Warframes coming into existence, after all. Okay. I like the idea. Whatcha got? Okay, okay, I've heard enough. So, FUNCTIONALLY, you want Operators to be better than Warframes in every single way. I'm all for giving the Operators more usability. I'm all for making them viable to run in a mission. But what you've proposed is basically a player character for an entirely new game. If the Operators can act exactly like - or even better than the Warframes, then what's even the point of having the Warframes? At this point, you're describing a sequel game, not an extension to the currently existing game. Though talks of a sequel could go on forever and likely require their own thread. I'm not sure if I even want to continue reading, but I will for the sake of a complete discussion. I'm barely even into this section and already I think this is the only statement I agree with. Oh no...here we go again... If you're going to make the Warframe abilities a factor, limit it to the Helminth Subsume Abilities. Because if you start using every single ability, it again leads to my point about removing Warframes in favor of Operators. I'd make a joke about the Sonic '06 inspiration, but the entire section on Void Melee legitimately drained my capacity to be sarcastic and snarky. Why only 7? Why not an even number like 4, 6, or 8? Also, how does the revive thing work? Is it normal revive rules? Because it sounds a lot like normal revive rules. I mean...Operator parkour sounds fun, but it's janky enough on the Warframes. Just let me use Void Dash. If we're altering Operator abilities, then what's even the point of that entire section you had on Focus Tree changes? The story premise is neat. I could see it being a Sentient plot to overwhelm the civilians with numbers, and we're trying to prevent that from happening. Okay. So we're essentially using Ivara to snag important items to unlock a door that the rest of the team needs to enter before it closes again. And a Naramon Operator is given bonuses to this mission. That sounds cool, but it makes me wonder why the door is on a time limit. Why not have a countdown until all the Operators get to a safe zone that triggers a cutscene of the kids entering the building? Also, how would the other Operators be able to get there without being spotted if larger Void Mode energy pools are locked behind one specific tree? So Heist, but with a timer, and if enemies see you they'll slow you down. Okay, that makes sense for a special challenge. With the Zenurik Operator's special buffs, I can't help but think that could get overwhelming for just one person. And what would all the other Operators do? Sit there and play tiddlywinks? Oh hey, I got my snark energy back! Nice! I think this one needs a little more thought into how enemies are dealt with. Because if it's solely up to one player (and by having the buffs, you're essentially saying that only one player can do this objective) then they need to have a way to avoid getting overwhelmed. Okay! This is better! A mixture of Defense and Survival with a unique mechanic! That's cool! And this also gives the other players something to do while they wait! Also cool! AND the Operator with bonuses doesn't feel like they're playing a solo mission! Great! Now you gotta keep it up for the rest of the Trial (because that's basically what you're describing. The old Trial system that people called "raids" because that's what this type of mission is called in other games). And ya fumbled. Ya had it, and then ya fumbled. Okay, that's too mean. You didn't fumble completely. Enemies that can see you even while in Void Mode? That screams "Natah" and lends credence to this being a plot by the Sentients. Timed Exterminate, and the amount of enemies that remain being the amount of mooks in an upcoming boss fight, that's cool stuff! I like that a lot! And it'd be a great chance to utilize more Amalgam enemies! Unairu players finally having a chance to use their abilities? I love that! (I play Unairu) Where I feel like you dropped the ball is the Drones. There would need to be a very good explanation as to why the Drones are immune to Void Damage. Because the whole point of Void Damage is that it's not resisted by any enemy faction currently in the game. Other than that, we're picking up steam! Okay, that's interesting. It's similar to the missions with Void Gates, but with the added element of the enemies trying to block your way, and there's a special way to clear a lot of it at once if you have the right setup. This is another situation where I'm left asking what the other players are doing. But I guess they're shooting the gate?? And I'm not sure I fully understand what you're talking about with the switch. Okay, this is a bit hard to understand, but I'll try to break it down. There are two paths, and two teams of three go down each path while Player #7 gets left behind to fend off a hoard of enemies (jerk move, but whatever). On Path A, you have to get through an obstacle course, which leads to Room A1 and Room A2. One of the three opens the doors, and the other two go into the rooms to get their macguffins. On Path B, you have to fight through enemies to get to a mirrored area, Rooms B1 and B2 with a terminal to open their doors. When all four rooms are open and all four items are returned to the initial terminal, they're all used together to open the final door. There are seven optional balls to grab for a mystery bonus. Okay. I like encouraging the cooperation, but there's some problems. Without more than 7 players, you're basically telling someone to hold off enemies on their own. That needs to be a very appropriate number of enemies. You're reusing the keycard thing from Mission 1, and this step could easily be replaced by a laser switch to toggle the laser gates like in Corpus Spy vaults. Why even have the laser gate switches or keycards if the drone is just going to open the door anyway? People don't talk in Warframe. And people won't even go grab Syndicate totems without first getting over their need to stay silent with randoms. Without telling people why they're grabbing the orbs, they'll just ignore them. Heck, they'll likely ignore them anyway. Escape "The Worm"? What worm? Is it the mechanical worm-looking things from The War Within? Is it a new form of Infested similar to Faas and Vome? Is it an earthworm and the kids are just freaking out for no reason? Your nouns need to have an associated entity to go with them. Other than that, I like how you have an escape scene as the facility collapses, and how you tried to include all the Operator abilities in it. Makes for a nice climax. And you could have easily ended it there, with the Operators evacuating into a Railjack for that dramatic "jump into the helicopter" trope. But we still have a boss fight. Alright, this is cool. I like everything I'm seeing here. IDK if every player would be down for it, but I know it'd make for a fun as hek Clan activity. If there's one thing I'd change, it's this: Instead of 7 stages, make it 5 stages and a climax moment (the chase or the boss, but not both). Make it upwards of ten players (you'll see why). In each stage, two players of matching Focus Schools will have a challenge based around that school, and the other eight will watch in spectator mode. Then, while in the climax (either as the chase or the boss fight) four players will be in Operator mode doing the main thing, and the other six will be some form of support based on what bonuses were unlocked. It's not perfect, but I think it'd be fun. So in the first example, you play an entire standard mission with only Operator. In the second...it's the same, but sometimes there's challenges. IDK. I think there's a way to make that work, but I'm not sure how. But I do agree that we need more ways of grinding Focus. Operator PvP challenges? Sounds neat for people who're into that. What you suggested? There are no words for the level of hatred that would create within me. Oh boy. Um...I like the idea, but someone would really need to rebalance those abilities. "But I’m not satisfied I WANT MORE!" If you give a mouse a cookie, am I right? I think the reason that the kids can't wear the same kinds of cosmetics that Warframes and crewmembers can is because they're kids and the cosmetics would literally be too big. I like the concept. But adding three versions of each "resource armor" would be too much. TL,DR: You're pointing in the right direction, but you're going to too large of an extreme with it. If Operators are going to continue to be as important in the game as they are in the main quest, then they do need something more than "pop out, activate Zenurik's energy bubble, pop in". But a lot of what you've described could just be applied to the Warframes themselvse, and some of it already exists in the game in one form or another. We need something that can exist alongside the Warframes, not usurp them entirely.
  7. If they were to implement it, as an experimental thing, I'd prefer if it was a side-mode (I've suggested using the Decoration Camera as a way to control Sentinels as one form this could take). Then, if that receives enough positive attention, I could see them implementing it for the main game. Because I think we'd all rather it start in something that's its own little corner just in case something does end up breaking. Imagine trying to experiment with the new camera view while playing a mission, and all of a sudden you get some horrible camera glitch that completely throws the mission for you. Starting off small, like a Mesa Ludoplex game where it's FPP and you have to shoot targets carnival style, is probably a better thing than dropping it into the deep end right off the bat. I think that's already an option in the settings. I was literally just in them today, and I thought I saw something along those lines.
  8. It's not that I don't have faith in them or that I wouldn't appreciate the option. It's more that I'd rather not have the vocal minority spewing more venom than they already do every. Single. Update. It's gotten to the point where DE can seemingly do nothing right and it literally sickens me and makes me legitimately wish they'd nuke the forums. In my opinion, if getting the people who are loudest (the toxic people that don't even play anymore) to shut up means I didn't get an option that honestly I personally would only experiment with on the odd occasion, I'd rather the loudmouths get silenced.
  9. Visual/Pathing Bug: Domestic Drones getting stuck on Railjack entry arms in Orbiter (Related [not pictured]: Drones/pets becoming stuck under ramp to Landing Craft if you exit while they attempt to enter) Don't even know what type of bug this is: Condor Dropship trying to infiltrate Fortuna via the freight elevator Visual Bug: Floating Corn Cob of Skelemenz DISCLAIMER: The third picture may just be my potato comp being fussy after a rather long play session.
  10. I thought I'd give my two bits based on my own experiences. While I do think that the idea is cool, and while I do believe that - as a general rule - having more options is not inherently a bad thing, I don't know if a First-Person Perspective is right for Warframe specifically. Now, DE could do it. They certainly have the manpower now, and could easily start after The New War begins. But, while I usually give them the benefit of the doubt, I will admit that their track record with such sweeping changes isn't exactly received well by the vocal public. And I saw a Condor Dropship try to shove itself down the Fortuna Elevator only yesterday. Two other users can corroborate that. So...yeah, they got some work to do still. And, while I will agree to the extent that some games have done similar or better freerunning/parkour movement in First-Person Perspective video games, most if not all of those games were built from the ground up to have such movement with that specific camera placement. Warframe was not. And someone mentioned VR. I really don't think Warframe is suited for VR. Not the main game, at least. I'm not by any means a game developer (my storytelling prowess is more in the written word), but I do know this much: You need to make sure that what you set as your foundation is what you really want from your game. Because once you get to a certain point (and I'd say that Warframe is well past this point) it'll be too late to go back and change it without potentially breaking something intrinsic to the rest of the game. Now, I could easily see this for something like the Necramechs or a Grineer/Corpus side-mode, as they're not being as acrobatic as the Warframes themselves. Maybe even a mode where you play as a Sentinel with a more combat-focused version of the Decoration Camera. But for the main game, I don't think it would fit what DE is going for. But all this is just my own personal opinion, and anyone who wants a FPP option is free to disagree.
  11. I don't feel like it's very well explained. At least changing the usage icon from "Oh, is that some new Polarity type?" to the standard "circling arrows" that they use on the initial icon would help. I thought I was getting into something more advanced than it actually is with that unique symbol that's used nowhere else.
  12. Once more, I come upon an example of Warframe not giving a proper tutorial. There's an option under "Actions" called "Swap Polarity". I tried the wiki, and it has no answers. Can someone explain it to me? I'd like to know exactly what it is before I mess with it.
  13. Right. But this is for those Frames that do not have a quest tied to them. Instead of a Credit-sink (the Foundry is enough of a Credit sink, imo) you earn it. Like, you know how they made the Grendel locators as Arbitration rewards, and you used the locator and it unlocked a one-time mission where you went in and earned Grendel's comp bps? Like that, but for the main bps you have to buy on the market. Leverian is an extension of the Codex. Where the blue hek did you get the idea that I was talking about Leverian???? You want to know an example of "DE creates the mechanic around lore before player experience"? Look at the Relay Syndicates and how they work, then look at literally every other Syndicate. That's how DE crafts things for lore first. You need to purchase Plat through the official website. And supposedly you can make good Plat by trading. So ACTUAL PLAT SALES will be uneffected. And practically everyone knows (or quickly figures out) that you can skip the grind by Spending Plat in the market. I'm talking about a way to to make the grind more enjoyable. Like the Grendel locators from Arbitration. You buy/earn the locator, play a mission of varying length, then get the BP. Wrong raids. I know that if you hover over the "BLUEPRINT" button on most things, it'll tell you where to find it/the parts for it. But not every player knows that. So having away to bring it more readily to their attention without them needing to leave the game to look it up would be great. YES! ^^^^THIS!^^^^ That would be so cool! And like I've been saying, you could tie that to Teshin, and then afterwords he gives you the BP and the farm hint as a reward! If I'm reading this right, you agree that it should be a little more lore-friendly and should bring attention to drop locations a little more readily, but not be as complex as I made it out to be. That's cool. Granted, it was getting late, so I wasn't thinking straight. But I still like the ide aof near-seamlessly chaining a Railjack mission into a standard mission into an Archwing mission, or something of the sort. Wait. The Wiki said that the Raid Mission Type was removed in U10 in favor of the Survival Mission Type. Was that wrong?
  14. No, I'm not talking about the Trials. I'm talking about the Raid Mission Type. Look it up. I have a link in bold italics to what I'm talking about. Oh for....I UNDERSTAND THE NEED FOR PLAT SALES. I wouldn't even have a lot of the latest Frames if it weren't for Plat! At no point did I ever suggest getting rid of the market! What I want, is a way, to get the Blueprints, without going onto the space equivalent of craigslist. Because some of us actually want to pretend like we actually live in the world of the game from time to time! And if DE is going to base other important mechanics off of Lore Display instead of player function, why not something that's actually useful?!
  15. You mention Titania and Mirage. And, while those are fun quests, I'm talking about something a little more generic for those Frames without a Side Quest dedicated to them yet. Possibly as a placeholder until we get a proper Side Quest with a story. The Leverian, from what I can tell, is more like an extension of the Codex. When you hear about Gauss, for example, Drusus is likely talking about one specific Gauss user. Because (at least as far as I'm aware), there's no lore confirming or denying that a Tenno could only use one Warframe prior to The Fall.
  16. Bro, I'm talking about the Mission Type that was removed in U10, not the Trials that everybody just called "Raids" because that's what they're called in WoW. And if you want a less convoluted version: Go to Teshin Play a mission featuring a rental version of the Frame Get the BP and the grind hint Anything would be more interesting than "lemme go on SpaceEbay and find the blueprints of an ancient war machine that most people thought were merely fairy tales". But it'd need a special reward if it was its own mission, otherwise it'd just be a 1-Vault Spy. Someone gave the idea of it being a Railjack side objective.
  17. No, I mean a guaranteed reward or series of rewards, not a drop chance. Not if you make it a little more involved, like a miniature story. Imagine, if you will, that each Junction clears you for a number of Raid Missions (Depending on what the Devs consider useful for the upcoming planet that doesn't already have a Story Quest). When you get it, it proceeds in this order: First, either Lotus or some random Tenno Operative sends a message telling you that X Faction is closing in on a Warframe, and gives you a "go investigate" button. Then, the Raid begins with a Spy mission, with a number of vaults ranging from 1 to 4 (depending on if the Frame has any special weapons) and any detection at all fails the mission so you have to start over (a special case where you can't just cheese it, you actually have to play the level and figure out the puzzle). After the Hard Mode Spy, you have to do, for example, a Railjack Exterminate to catch up to a Grineer/Corpus ship, then a Mobile Defense on that enemy ship to gain the data for the BP, then an Archwing Exterminate for extraction (with the excuse that Cy and your Railjack crew are keeping larger ships busy while you escape to your Landing Craft). After reaching your Orbiter again, Teshin or Lotus congratulate you on a successful mission, and give you a hint as to where to grind the components for that Warframe you just got the BP of. Wouldn't that be more interesting than "lemme dump the credits to buy this BP on the market, now lemme check the wiki for grind locations"? Plus, it would keep the entire experience in-game; which is something that any dev should strive to do.
  18. For a while now, I've been championing an alternate way to earn Warframe Main Blueprints; namely by completing a mission! Turns out, that was in the game at one point! (WIKI LINK >>>)It was called the Raid Mission Type!(<<< WIKI LINK) This is exactly what I want to do in the game to earn Warframes and possibly even their signature weapons (if they have any)! You could even tie it to Teshin, where he notifies you of your chance to get the Frame (or you pay him Creds to get directions), and afterwards he hints where to grind the Component BPs! This would be so much cooler than just buying it in the market! EDIT: Some people don't quite get what I mean, so here's an example. Imagine, if you will, that each Junction clears you for a number of Raid Missions (Depending on what Frame the Devs consider useful for the upcoming planet that doesn't already have a Story Quest). When you get it, it proceeds in this order: First, either Lotus or some random Tenno Ally sends a message telling you that X Faction is closing in on a Warframe, and gives you a "go investigate" button. Then, the Raid begins with a Spy mission, with a number of vaults ranging from 1 to 4 (depending on if the Frame has any special weapons) and any detection at all fails the mission so you have to start over (a special case where you can't just cheese it, you actually have to play the level and figure out the puzzle). After the Hard Mode Spy, you have to do, for example, a Railjack Exterminate to catch up to a Grineer/Corpus ship, then a Mobile Defense on that enemy ship to gain the data for the BP, then an Archwing Exterminate for extraction (with the excuse that Cy and your Railjack crew are keeping larger ships busy while you escape to your Landing Craft). After reaching your Orbiter again, Teshin or Lotus congratulate you on a successful mission, and give you a hint as to where to grind the components for that Warframe you just got the BP of. Wouldn't that be more interesting than "lemme dump the credits to buy this BP on the market, now lemme check the wiki for grind locations"? Plus, it would keep the entire experience in-game; which is something that any dev should strive to do. EDIT 2: Because some people are incapable of figuring things out: I UNDERSTAND THE NEED FOR PLAT SALES!!! I wouldn't even have a lot of the latest Frames if it weren't for Plat! At no point did I ever suggest getting rid of the market!!! What I want, is a way, to get the Blueprints, without going onto the space equivalent of craigslist. Because some of us actually want to pretend like we actually live in the world of the game from time to time! And if DE is going to base other important mechanics off of Lore Display instead of player function, why not something that's actually useful?!
  19. To my current knowledge, that's how it works with the current Hall of Mastery (in Simaris' room, to the right of the entry). The only problem is that if you have access to Warframe, you have the Internet. And with the Internet, you can go look up exactly how to beat each Mastery Rank Test on the Wiki, with tips on how to potentially cheese it if you're good enough to pull it off. The case as I see it is that, for a lot of players drawn to Warframe, they don't want just the 'cheevo. They want a more tangible reward than a plaque on the wall that they'll rarely look at (though I like having mine in a nice little row in my Operator room ^w^). Something that they can proudly wear or use to show "I did it! I conquered this step of the mountain! I proved myself worthy of the next level of power!" And in a way, I can respect that. I myself even enjoy those dumb mobile games where you level up cities and whatnot, just because I like seeing the progression of rooms or buildings becoming more and more fancy as they get higher in level. It's a more simple pleasure of mine. And I feel like, at the core of it, that's what a lot of the current players feel, too. So, while I can certainly respect ye olde Achievement Hunters and their Gamer Scores, I feel like Warframe would benefit from having something more tangible alongside an achievement like reaching the next MR.
  20. Right?? We've made allies of both the prodigal son and former pupil of Frohd Bek! We're perfectly set up for a quest that gives us more interaction with the Corpus BoD! Someone else has mentioned that DE has "forgotten" about a lot of things. I don't think they've necessarily forgotten, I think such details have slipped their minds while they work on the larger story arcs (Worm Queen, Parvos Granum, and The New War). The Kuva Liches, the Sisters of Parvos, and the looming Sentient threat seem to be leading to some big big things down the line, thus putting family drama by the wayside for the time being. I'm sure they have a document of all the plot threads they've had ideas for, or have left unresolved because they weren't that important to the overall narrative at the time. That's actually the current model they use. All Warframes and Companions (minus a few Prime Frames) are MR0 requirement, all Weapons are scattered throughout up to MR15, and Rivens are basically locked behind MR16 (that's when you get access to a bigger Riven Inventory). Past that, it's just for the achievement until MR30, which is when they hit you with a Galleon-load of bonuses on top of the prestige. Indeed. I currently plan to do some Fanfic-y stuff in the background regarding that. I really hope people like them!
  21. Then in that case, I humbly retract and apologize for my hasty reply. I've dealt with enough people so eager to take others down in General Discussion that it became my basic impulse. Please forgive my aggressive response. Though, as it stands, the only thing I can offer to help in regards to the bug is to submit it into bug reports everywhere you can, and talk about it long enough for someone to take notice and address the issue. It may not be immediate, and you may not see any acknowledgement for a while, but I've seen enough of the devs to know that they will consider something when they hear about it. It's a slow, patient campaign that you must wage, but I have hope you'll make it there.
  22. @VoidArkhangel Finally, someone constructive and polite! I applaud you for being a decent human being, my fellow Tenno! I would be delighted to converse with you! I believe that is correct. Because the grunts of the Veil heard Rell lashing out due to Void Madness, they interpreted that as a call from their god to start slaying everything. It's only thanks to Palladino that the Veil didn't wreck havoc on the Origin System. The way I'm coming at it is from the people that like to earn things themselves. While I like the idea of the different factions having differing ideals with the occasional conflict or team-ups of through similar interests, what they do is they take the Tenno as one of their own instead of treating the Tenno like what they really are: 3rd Party Mercenaries. If there was a way to opt-out of the fluctuating rep while suffering a penalty, such as the Sigils not granting additional Standing, I'd take that option in a heartbeat. As it stands currently, though....I really hope the new armors and emotes are tradable. I actually really like that idea! It would provide a more even playing field, and it would give you something else to think about than "spin to win" or "gotta recast 2, gotta recast 2". When I heard you mention difficulty of balance, I had the idea to treat it similar to how Dog Days works: No Mods, no Abilities, only a handful of Passives (which I think is a bug), everyone has 100 in each stat, and everyone has the exact same weapon. But I like your version more! And it would also help it it was more easily accessible. Right now, you kinda have to jump through hoops in the launcher to get onto an active Conclave server. If they used your idea and made it as easy to access as the Ludoplex games, that'd be amazing. I would still like a bit more to do with Darvo than just Clem and "is that a weapon for sale? Do I have it? I do. Bye, Darvo!" I still feel that giving him Weapon BPs would be a cool thing, but I agree that keeping it simple is probably for the best. Maybe rename the market to "Call Darvo" or something. I'm afraid that's the best option I could think of for giving Mastery Rank some importance past MR16. It follows typical game conventions of a steady progression curve, and provides a hard check to make sure that you're ready for what's coming next. But, if others had better options, I'd love to hear them! Right?! The Codex is such an underutilized form of storytelling! Even little things like the Servofish can tell you a lot about where you find them just from their short entries! I love the Codex, and I want to see it fleshed out more! Spaaaace Mooooom!! Where have you gooooone?! TToTT But for real. Once we get access to Operator, let someone, anyone, comment on it! Ordis doesn't even comment on it after the quest!
  23. That's not constructive criticism, that's just complaining. Obviously DE felt that it was too powerful for normal gameplay. You gotta remember that Eidolons are technically a side objective. You can get along just fine without grinding them. Most players don't even use their Operator for much more than the Energy Bubble and a small chip at Profit-Taker anyway. If you have a way to balance it so it's effective against Eidolons while not being OP in normal gameplay, you should advocate for it instead of just whining.
  24. Nah, man. It’s cool. I can respect the memes.
  25. So, I'm sure some of you have seen these three posts floating about the forum. I won't go too much into the initial post, since it really seems more like someone venting their salt, to me. But the other two (which seem very rational and well thought out, props to them) got me thinking. What do I want out of Warframe? I've put in over 1k hours, but I haven't done much to really think about what I desire most from it. So here, I'll try to do that. If anyone has some similar points to add that I didn't think up, feel free. Additionally, feel free to clarify where I may be wrong and give some alternatives in a helpful manner like a civilized person. Because if you start tearing my post apart like some bile-spewing Infested, you're just going straight to the ignore list. This is a feedback piece based on my own experience, not a hate invitation. Under the Hood I don't have a huge understanding of how things work behind the curtain. Big long equation chains just make my head spin. But I do know one basic thing: if I wanted to play through the entire game again, front to back, with only Standard Excalibur, Standard Braton, Standard Lato, and Standard Skana, I could - but it wouldn't get me very far. At some point, I would need to swap my kit. And that bugs me. Some days, I want to run a themed loadout of a Warframe and all their signature/thematically appropriate weapons. Like, every anniversary I run a full Dexcalibur loadout. But that's not going to get me too far into the game before I either hit a wall and need to stop, or get unlucky enough to run into a long-time salt-veteran and get yelled at for not using the meta. Like, I've literally had people trash-talk me for using Sybarus and Sicarus. I'd like to see the game become such that I could play with whatever I wanted and still be able to complete high-level content. I want to be that random Dexcalibur ripping it up in a Sortie, I want to be that melee-only Palatine Rhino smashing everything with his hammer. But there are always going to be far better alternatives at later stages. I would need to test it, or converse with those who have, but I feel like there are certain weapons that could be used as a base-line to center the balancing around. For example: the weapons you can pick up during the beginner quest chain and shortly after with a "MK-1" prefix. Those weapons (not the MK-1 variants, but the standard versions), along with Skana and Lato, could be used as the baseline; because that's what new players are expected to experience first. And then you could balance everything around those stats. But again, I'd need to get in touch with people who know this stuff better than I do. Another thing: Don't make important high level Mods have a <1% chance to drop. It just makes acquisition annoying and a waste of all our time. If you really need to, have the "beginner Mods" or the copper Mods as a whole be something you can buy from Darvo for reasonable Credits. Or ­at the very least, let us have a mob tracker so we know where to go for the best spawn chances. I had this problem before Corpus Empyrean with Ash parts (they used to be dropped from the rare Grineer Manics at a low drop rate), and I really hate that certain important mods for high-level builds are behind 0.0303% or lower odds. If something becomes too common, then just remove it from the drop tables and give it to Darvo to sell for Credits. Mastery lock some of them if you have to, I don't care. Just no more <1% drops. Gameplay Mechanics Time and time again, I encounter gameplay systems that are very obviously from a long time ago, and definitely feel old. Here's some of that, plus extra stuff I thought up. Faction Syndicates. I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it until it's changed. The whole Love-Hate relation system feels out of place to me; especially considering that Steel Meridian and Red Veil should hate each other post-Chains of Harrow. Like, either open them all up or lock us to one Faction. This wishy-washy reputation system just isn't viable, in my completely honest opinion. Not when we have nine other factions where this isn't a problem. Additionally, make the Syndicate Medallions something better than a scavenger hunt. Like, make it so you have secondary objectives related to each of the goals of the factions, and each completed objective give you a number of Medallions in a certain quality. The higher tier the mission (based on Faction Rank), the better your chances at getting the glowing Medallions. Also, seeing as time and again on the Devstreams it's been said that they want to make Railjack feel normal, in addition to the three normal Syndicate missions each day, make a daily Syndicate Railjack mission; but instead of your Railjack, it's a Syndicate Railjack with its own loadout to help add to the challenge. It'd also give an excuse to make Syndicate-themed Railjack skins (for like, 75k Standing in the final rank of Offerings, and tradable). The "predetermined loadout" thing is a concept I'd like to see throughout the game, but I'll go into that in the next point. The Conclave. Speaking of factions, Teshin's Conclave. I'll go over PvP in its own point, because this is about how to make Conclave better. Teshin's whole thing is to make the Tenno stronger, right? So make the main Conclave thing mission based like everything else. But instead of PvP (or make this the main thing with PvP on the side), have Teshin's missions be PvE and set you up with a preset loadout. Predetermined Warframe, Weapons, Companion, Mods, and maybe even Gear. And once a day/once a week/as challenges are unlocked, you have to complete a series of objectives with only Teshin's chosen loadout. And if you don't have it, it's "rented" to you for the sake of the challenge. And in the case of Non-Mod items like Frames, Companions, and Weapons, the "rented" item is in a Conclave Skin/Armor set. Then, as you complete these missions, he gets a PvE store where you can buy things that you've used. For example: instead of getting the main Rhino Blueprint from the Market Console, you get it from Teshin's store, and he gives you the hint of grinding the Venus boss to get the components. More on that blueprint idea later. Player versus Player. I get that PvP is important to have for those that want it. But I can't help but feel like that could be a system associated with Clans. Like, imagine Clans setting up Lunaro matches between themselves, or DE setting up entire tournaments of a PvP Game Mode for each Clan Tier every Tennocon. Imagine the Team Deathmatch/CTF matches being held in custom arenas built by players! If the players are the ones to drive it, they'll be more likely to engage with it! And imagine if TDM or TCTF could be done either on foot or in an Archwing! Pets. With the Nutrio Incubator Upgrade, the health degradation meter is effectively worthless. Plus, the Kavats, Vulpaphyla, and Robotic Companions don't utilize the Loyalty meter. Only the Kubrows and Predasites do. You could really just do away with the entire thing, and nobody would notice. Especially because most Meta Players use one of the Kavats anyway. This kind of folds back into what I said about everything being viable and useful. I found out the hard way that people love Smeeta and don't care about anything else. Apothics. Just...everything regarding Apothics. Especially the Earth Day/Night cycle that's completely separate from the Plains' Day/Night cycle. A 4 hour wait instead of just 1. Just let me enter the Grove and have everything available to scan all at once. Even if it should be on another tileset. It'd be so much easier to deal with that grind, especially because there are Mods you can only get from each of the Grove Specters. The Market Console. I understand the need for Plat Sales. That's not what I'm here to talk about. What I want to talk about is the stuff you can buy for Credits. Instead of using the Market for that, why not, oh I dunno, actually go to Darvo - the Weapon's Dealer that you rescue solely for the purpose of buying weapons from him. Instead of just a Plat sink, have each region's Darvo Shop contain blueprints for Weapons that the developers expect you to have when you reach that point, and more are unlocked the higher in Mastery Rank you go (and MR will have its own point). Clem could even lead you to a "Trial Range" where you can try a Weapon out first to see if you like it or not. Y'know, assuming you're not a player like me that wants one of everything. And maybe, in each region, have an NPC-run "Micro Dojo" where you can go to research certain weapons. Like, Darvo sells you the prerequisite, and then the Micro Dojo has a limited Lab where you can research the BPs to other weapons up to a certain Mastery Rank. Most would be themed around which faction is dominant in the area, plus Infestation because Dark Sectors. The ones at Ceres, Europa, Pluto, and Sedna could include Relic purchasing locations for Orokin (Prime) weapons. Nothing too big, just whatever Lith and/or Meso Relics are currently in rotation. Mastery Rank. In play, I've noticed a lot of MR16 players. In the aforementioned forum posts, one mentions that MR16 is really the only required MR to unlock everything in the game. So I looked, and it's true. There are no tangible rewards/unlocks between MR16 and MR30. It's just for the Achievement. When looking at the benefits, you don't even need to grow past MR15 if you don't care about Rivens! So how do we fix this? I have an idea, but some may not like it. People already complain about "content islands", but...I feel like that's the key to making MR worth something. Say you've just started out on Earth as a fresh sign-up. All you have access to at that point is the path to Venus, a Micro Dojo, and the Relay. In order to advance to Venus, Cetus, Mars, and the rest of Earth, you need a certain MR. In order to get certain equipment (Warframes included), you need a certain MR. This helps guide players not only in a steady growth curve, but it also gives importance to MR, because it denotes what the Devs expect you to have access to by the time you hit certain checkpoints on the Star Chart. Then hosting for Empyrean and Steel Path are unlocked at later stages (but you can still join if invited). Say, MR 20 for Empyrean and MR30 for Steel Path. Archwing. There's not much to Archwing anymore. And, while I understand that we're expected to do Railjack missions in order to level Archwing stuff now, that's kinda hard to do when your AI crew can't even dismount from the guns to repel borders without being told to. So it'd be great to have more Archwing-only missions so we can do stuff like that, or have the ability to use our Archwing Melee weapons on our Necramechs. Railjack. The only thing that I personally want from Railjack is the ability to store Specters there that can deploy to repel borders, help you as an away-crew, or even occasionally spawn in to help in Defense/Interception/Disruption missions (without needing to be manually parked next to the objective). This would all be subject to your Intrinsics, of course. Maybe as part of the Tactical tree. Something that I think would be cool is this ability to have a Jordas Golem-style fight, but with your Railjack. Maybe this will be part of the Sisters update, maybe it can happen whenever Infestation Proxima happens, but wouldn't it be cool to hunt down a ship that's similar in scope to yours and have a proper fight? And after you beat that, then it turns into a standard Assassination mission. Like, the ship blows up, but the target takes an escape pod to a nearby Capital Ship, where the final confrontation happens. And a minor nitpick: I can't for the life of me get close enough to these fighters in order to Astral Autopsy them. Can you just have Helios scan them from the Railjack if you're the host? That'd be so much more helpful. Orokin Dojo Lab. Other than the Vault Keys, what's the point? I know there used to be a point (look up the Solar Rails on the Wiki), but there's not anymore. Nothing to do with Relics (you could have Clan-contributed mass Relic popping), there's a Kubrow in a tube but you can't do anything with him (you could have us research specific pet breeds and fur patterns there if we don't want to leave things to chance), there's some kind of energy thing on the side but there's nothing to it anymore (mass Specter Blueprints for use in the Open Worlds?). Warframe Quests. Why do we stumble upon some Blueprints in the Market? For mere Credits? Who put it there? Why didn't they just hand it over to the Tenno instead of risking a Tenno raid? If you can make a good story for a Frame (Mirage, Limbo, Titania), then do that. Otherwise, make it a series of Mastery Rank-appropriate missions, where you get the first mission off the market, and it's not that expensive. Like, 100 Credits buy-in, and from there you earn the BP. Or, like I mentioned earlier, make it something to do with Teshin. That's kind of his whole thing. Operator when? When is Operator going to be useful outside Eidolon and Orphix? Teshin sending you on Operator-only missions would be nice. Maybe he narrates a story, talks about the Old War, or gives some wisdom related to your active Tenno School while you do it. Maybe it can be a more reliable source of Focus Grinding. Lich Elements. Liches are going to be somewhat faster to farm now with the Sisters update, which is a nice convenience, but I'd like to ask about Lich Elements. We have the four Base Elemental damage types, and we even have two Advanced Elements. But why only Impact? And why does Garuda generate a RADIATION Lich? You'd think she'd create a SLASH Lich, right? So, if it's not too complicated, each Warframe could have a 50/50 shot of generating a Lich of either an associated Physical Damage type OR a Lich of an associated Elemental damage type. Though, I'm not sure about the Advanced Elements. Not sure how balanced that would be. Maybe make another 50/50 check on an Element flip to make it an associated Basic or one Associated Advanced. I'm not sure. Modding & Damage Guides. There's not much in the game itself about how the Modding System and Damage System actually work. In order to get that, you have to go to the Wiki, and even then you have to be able to understand rather detailed and long equation chains just to understand how this supposedly high-level mod loadout effects your item of choice. And I'm lucky, because I play on Steam and have access to the Steam Overlay's web browser. Some people may not have that. It would be nice if there was a middle ground that was actually in the game and noticeably available for those that need help or wanted a quick reminder. I say this about movies, and I'll say something similar about Warframe: If I have to go to unaffiliated and unofficial third-party material to understand your game, you're doing it wrong. Not as a knock at the Wiki, just as a general rule. The App. I really just want the App to get more love. Specifically, let me do everything I can do in my Orbiter, but from my phone. You know, aside from Navigation and Decoration. Basically, what I want the most from DE on the gameplay side of things is to take a step back from the new stuff for a while, and revisit all the old stuff to make sure that it's up to their current standards. I really wouldn't mind waiting longer for New War if it meant that I didn't have to deal with outdated mechanics anymore. As you may have noticed, a lot of my wishes for gameplay stem from how these things are represented in the Story and Lore of the game. Because it really feels like that's the intention of DE when they design things: they go for the Lore Integration and Theming first and go for the Player Experience second. And while I LOVE the lore of this game, I don't think that's a good approach. I feel it should be the other way around. Craft it with a good Player Experience first, then you can implement it into the Lore. There is a balance here. We just need to work together to find it. Story and Lore Speaking of the Story and Lore and Theming, I don't have that much issue with it. Just a few things that most people would consider nitpicky. Better Codex entries. There are some (Excalibur, Ember Prime, Rhino Prime) where the entries are amazing. But the majority of them? The majority of them come from Captain Obvious and the No-Duh Squad. Most Primes? "It's better and has different Polarities." A lot of weapons? "It's a gun/sword/other." Most enemies? "It's an enemy and this is where you find it." This isn't even something that you have to devote a lot of time to. If a spare writer has free time in their work schedule, let 'em write up a fun new Codex Entry. Like silly misadventures of the Grineer, Corpus sales pitches, creepy and macabre Infested tales, heartless Corrupted possession, cold and sinister Sentient logs that maybe give hints at either the New War or the Old War. I plan on doing some fanfiction-type stuff to give my own take on detailed Codex Entries, but I'd like to see some work on that on the official side. Even if it's just a footnote in each update. Levarian-type stories about matching cosmetics. This is by no means mandatory, and it's on-par with the Codex point, but it'd be a cool fit for The Levarian. Every time you complete a certain aesthetic set (Tigris/Akjagara/Redeemer/Euphrates Pet Armor, Boltor/Bolto/Akbolto/Boltace, etc) you get a small picture/diorama of the items and a short narration about the origins of the aesthetic from Drusus. This is another thing I plan on doing in some form of fanfiction, but I'd love to see it officially. Who's this kid? When we get the Operator accessed, nobody addresses us any differently. You'd think they'd be confused as to why there's this random kid hanging around. Obviously, some people would know who we are (Teshin, Onkko, Little Duck, Eudico and Biz, maybe even Simaris, Suda, and the Arbitors), but not everyone would immediately get the connection between Operator and Warframe. Operations. If you're like me, then you likely missed an Operation when it came out. And I don't want the old Operations to return, exactly. Instead, I'd like to see a version of those events come out either as a playable story mission, or as pre-obtained Fragments with Ordis Narration. Maybe, if they're mission-style, you can visit Simaris to start them, as a Simulacrum simulation of the events that transpired, but only as they happened. No changing history, just a fun way to recap the events for those that missed out (it'd also maybe provide a way to finaly get Ceti Lacera/Carmine Penta/Mara Detron without dedicating every waking moment to an Operation when they roll around, just sayin'). As I said, very minor stuff. Other than wishing the main quests could pick up steam a little faster (which I know they cannot, in order to preserve quality), that's about it. Conclusion These are just my opinions based on my experiences with the game after having time to process and refine my thoughts. Of course, nothing should be implemented exactly as I envision. That's impractical. But these are general ideas of the direction that I personally hope Warframe takes. Most of it's on the gameplay side, and everything that's not is relatively minor. Except the Mod farming. That's a major gripe.
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