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  1. That’s why it should not be removed, but have the option to disable it. What where it’s useful leave on and turn it off on weapon where hit heavy attack by accident is a problem. Make everyone happy.
  2. How? You still would need to make builds. If anything it would increase people using different builds, since you can maximize for each build, instead of have a slotted Forma either increasing your cost, or limiting your options. It would also Encourage experimenting with them. Since if you want to test one and slot needs a different polarity, you have to ReForma and Relevel before you can test.
  3. Please add the ability to map additional functions on the abilities menu. Specifically gear hit keys. Also with the new melee changes hold button for heavy attack this should be optional and have the ability to toggle it off , like reload and the interact button
  4. DE please fix this. Add back lethal damage to stealth kill only. Daggers should be the best stealth kill weapons and they were with this mod. How can you justify having Hammers be the best stealth kill weapon. Mod is almost useless now. 100% is not enough, too make up having the lowest stealth kill multiplier and initial combo counter does this even serve much of a purpose if it’s not enough to hit even x2. Now Dagger only niche is attack speed and with they are not that much faster than all other weapons to make up there poor attack strength..
  5. You know it’s not just getting no useful or duplicate rewards. It’s that there is no way to get rid of them and they are treated as a separate item no mater how many you have. So they clog up the select screen and it’s just going to keep getting worse if they do this every intermission. Really everything not quest related should be sellable and there should be an option to lock sellable items so they can’t be sold without removing the lock.
  6. It’s Forma going from 3 to 1. Not Ayatan filling they were already reduced to 3 started at 5.
  7. It’s not “we already have them”. It’s “we are being forced to get a 2nd set and there are actually negatives for getting another” They are treated as a new item, taking up a slot , that you will always have to scroll through since there is no way to get rid of them. And if we aren’t vocal Now and get it fixed Now it is only going to get worse we when they repeat again, with us having x3,x5,x10, etc. No one is complaining that they did not want other people to get these rewards anymore. Though some are complaining about having to level the rank while getting basically no reward. Fewer people would be complaining, if these empty rank rewards were replaced with creds and then offered in shop to be purchased for the same amount of creds.
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