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  1. That’s weird considering that Defection missions are supposed to be turned into Extermination mission in lich grounds
  2. ESTRADA GENDER: MALE PROGENITOR ELEMENT: IMPACT The Commando Warframe. Able to buff allies and himself and have an advantage on the field with help of his Allies. 1: Divine Command: Estrada will buff all his allies with extra health and shield as well as Their weapons for 25 seconds. The time limit can be extended by applying ability duration mods 2: Sense: Able to locate enemies through the Walls within a 30 Meter Radius. Radar range can be changed by Ability Range. 3: Aerial Boost: Estrada activates his jet pack Which is located in his back and is able to fly around as long as there is fuel. The fuel meter is found above the abilities list next to the companion cycle. If you have run out of Fuel, you will exit Aerial Boost and you will exit aerial boost and you have to wait for the fuel to recharge 4: Just Like Ivara’s quiver, you are able to Cycle through Three companions and able to choose which one to summon Aurantia Sentry: Deploys a Mobile Quadruped Turret that has an Alloy Armor Value of 150 and Shield Factor of 300 and a Robotics health value of 500. These can be raised by ability Durability. These turrets fire bullets that do Puncture Damage and Slash. The base damage can be raised by Strength. If the Turret is destroyed, it will be disabled for 3 seconds before blowing up, damaging enemies within a 5 Meter radius of it inflicting blast damage to the enemies as well. You are able to tell the drone to hold position or Deactivate by dissapearing by Two Aurantia Sentries can be summoned at the same time. Koel Drone: An airborne Drone that Excels at Aerial Bombardment. Each Explosive Dropped by the Koel deals blast damage. However, The Koel has a Alloy Armor Value of 100, a shield Value of 300 and a Robotics Health Value of 425. These can be raised by applying Ability Duration Mods. When the Koel is destroyed, it will explode, damaging Enemies caught in the 10 meter blast. You are able to deactivate the drone by going up to it and deactivate it like telling a specter to hold position. No explosion is caused by deactivation and it will dissapear. Only One Koel Drone can be summoned at a time. Yarrow Medical Drone 6 Yarrow Medical Drones are spawned and they are made to follow any player, specter, or shadows of the dead with Missing health and heal them over time. If there are no players with missing health, the drones will follow the Estrada player who summoned the drones. The drones have an Ferrite Armor value of 500, a shield value of 200 and a Robotics Heath Value of 600. Only 6 of these drones can be active at a time. PASSIVE: Receives 10%+ Reload speed, and 10%Damage whenever he uses a primary Weapon. 20%+ Reload speed, 20%+ Damage, and 15% Status chance when he uses any Type of Rifle. SIGNATURE WEAPONS Primary: an Tenno Assault Rifle that acts like an normal AR. When Estrada Uses it, The magazine size is increased as well as the Fire Rate by 25%+ Secondary: A tenno Side Arm that acts like a Tenno M9. When Estrada uses it, it gains a 30%+ Damage Bonus, 90%+ When Downed. Drawings will be added when I edit this
  3. Many people do not kill the two elite lancers manning the turrets meaning that they will still fire on players leaving the Gokstad.
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