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  1. Oh lol. I thought we had to make/screenshot a login diorama only..

    If thats the case well then.. I would say, having an Excalibur In the slash dash stance and have some grinnear sliced in 2? Oh oh and an explosion in the end....

    Brb. Gona make some sexy amazing artwork the likes of which mortal eyes have never dared to see...

    y1UR3th.pngPERFECT! You guys at DE should really think about hiring me to do your artwork...


    Wenn sowas im Login steht, hör ich auf mit Warframe, sowas ist echt nur Lächerlich.

  2. Fastest run with Loki - 38.90s

    Fastest run with Rhino - 43.72s

    Who said Rhino is slow :)

    (video uploading)

    I guess i can run faster with DecoyCode's path, If anyone can run faster than 38.90s i will post a new one :)

    (3 seconds one doesn't count lol)

    KnaveSkye your video was awesome.

    00:31 this is a bug, also a exploite to finish the run


    The Parkour, needs, Checkpoints!!!

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