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  1. Since I started playing in January AFAIK, I have been waiting 6 months for a Sola Toroid so that I can access VS. The idea that this poor balancing wasn't apparent to DE is laughable.
  2. I hope we can get the palette without having to watch Twitch again as it looked lovely. I'm happy watching Tactical Potato and friends for an hour or two but after a whole afternoon of different partner streams, de/relinking accounts, relogging and running the web, UWP and mobile apps I've had enough Twitch for 2019. The streamers caught it in the neck a little too.
  3. I made the massive mistake of buying one of these T-shirts, paying the astronomical shipping costs and then finding I can't afford the customs (which adds 75% to the cost of the product). I won't be making that mistake again, I've ripped the image and will print out my own T-shirt, considering I've paid £40 for a £20 tee I'll never get to wear.
  4. You'd have to, Defence doesn't end until everyone is dead, including Wolf and dogs. I keep moving and trying to find high spots to obstruct his charges, whilst not going too far so my squad don't have to chase him too much. At least it allows them to have a clear shot on him. I have the head BP and a stance mod I already own, I'm not really that fussed about what he drops.
  5. You should take me there as a decoy. Without fail, whenever Wolf appears he and his dogs chase me round the map ad infinitum, ignoring the mission objectives and any other player. Not sure how he prioritises targets, but it's ALWAYS me lol.
  6. I think there's a difference between listening and accepting, just because DE haven't implemented suggestions doesn't mean they didn't listen to them. From a development POV tweaking a few stats on a single weapon (and then rolling back those tweaks) is not comparable to reworking an entire mission type and then rolling back some aspects whilst keeping others and implementing new ones.
  7. NOPE. I spent 10 years wasting my money on PS+, not going to do the same on PC.
  8. Totally agreed, I didn't see one at all last night but I'll usually get one a day on average.
  9. It's easy to get Ayatan sculptures. Ignore Maroo's mission if you find it difficult (I have yet to finish one on PC, I have better things to do with my time than looting an entire Void mission only to fail at the last hurdle because I don't have a maxed out speed frame). I've found the best way to get them is to run missions solo with max loot radar and collect everything. I've also been told that a max range Limbo is also good because his cataclysm will break all crates in a 45m radius. Syndicate missions are good for looting (getting all of the medallions really boosts Syndicate rank, which I then use to buy relic packs), but avoid Defence, Rescue, Interception/Excavation as it's too difficult to balance looting with the mission objective. Doing it in public isn't effective, because you can't trust everyone to take their time searching and I find them distracting.
  10. Thanks, the endorsement thing sounds great and an official Discord server will be something I look forward to joining
  11. The pet changes are great, I have a mature Kubrow in stasis and an adolescent charger running about, but kept getting warnings about loyalty etc.
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